Chapter 177

Friday night’s orgy after our work meeting was refreshing and recharged the body and soul. Saturday and Sunday I divided my time up between my five mates. I had been gone all week. I felt they and I had been short changed out of our private intimate times together. I reinforced how much I loved them and missed them. We spent time together at home and over at the gym working out as a team.

I made sure that all of us stayed proficient in the self defense training and the offensive skills I had taught them. The strategy was that in an emergency we could go as a response team to one of the colleges.

I planned to expand the concept to include the North six and any of the administrators who wanted the complete training security module. That module would include the defense training, weapons training, the nationwide carry permits and identification badges of the security division.

In those private conversations during the weekend, we decided that from now on two of them would accompany me on all trips. They had cross trained each other and the administrators enough that the business should run like clockwork. If there were problems there was instant electronic communications.

I was going to be gone most of next week to finish up the college audits and make any more proposals, if the opportunity was there. Marcy and Lorrie were going with me and Mark on Monday and Tuesday. Vicky and Ching Lee, Cindy and Mark were going on Thursday and Friday.

The following week I needed to be at KCC because Patti was taking a weeks vacation, plus I has several meetings to attend. Then there were more interviews to bring the KCC security staff up to the needs of next year. They were scheduled for four days.

The weekend was over way to fast. It was Monday morning; Mark, Lorrie, Marcy and I were boarding the King Air, headed to Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Our flight ended at Lewisburg Municipal Airport. We had to rent one of our competitor’s cars there. Just to prevent a YouTube moment the pilot was going to rent the car and chaffer us around. Marcy did a tour of the airport making notes and writing down phone numbers.

As with all my plans, we arrived early enough to make a tour of the grounds with Cindy’s map. We even looked inside any building that was open, including all the dorms. By the time the tour was finished the map was full of notes for us to work with. Marcy was crunching the numbers as usual while Lorrie was putting together the PowerPoint presentation.

I sent a picture of the dorm locks to Robert Bradberry so his engineers could evaluate them to see if they could be updated or would need to be replaced. East Coast security had just patented a new door lock they were anxious to put out for field test. Each lock had a data collection chip and a mini transmitter. One receiver on each floor of a dorm would collect the data from all the locks on the floor. The who and when were recorded for posterity, if needed. The card access to a room could be changed instantly from the security console.

Cindy had put together a standard PowerPoint that highlighted all the services and options that JBG security offered. That would allow the board to have lots of things to think about: it covered everything from tag scanners to a rapid response team for special events. The final file to be displayed on the PowerPoint was new. “Are you ready for your College grounds to be covered by the JBG security blanket?”

The introductions were at 10 sharp. With Lewisburg’s known problems I began the presentation with a prepared speech. Then the video ran showing the security options available.

The next PowerPoint was Lorrie’s. It was based on Cindy’s map and pinpointed locations where cameras would be placed and why, the tag scanners, the data they collected, how it would be used, how long it would be kept.

The next presentation went to Marcy and me. She had just finished updating the numbers from Robert and East Coast. The cost for everything was laid out. The cost of cameras, the servers, the cars, the locks and installation, and the tag scanners was presented. Then I put out the proposed manpower plan by shift: full time and part time.

I passed around the security division manuals. I explained our mission statement, our code of ethics, and the background checks that all full-time employees must pass before a job offer. I explained the training modules and the reoccurring training they would get.

Marcy put out the final numbers for the complete package to be installed and fully functional by the fall startup date. She had both prices by 7 or 10 year contracts.

Next was the open question period. It lasted more than an hour. They were satisfied and agreed to the ten year contract. Lorrie and Marcy began to put the official contract together. They had a standard contract on the laptop. For them it was just cut, copy, and paste the information where it was needed to be, plus the special terms and limitations, and the stipulations for the needed office space. We had seen it in the tour and with minor changes it was acceptable.

When the final version was done a copy of the contract was sent to Jenny, Jason, Jeanna at Midwest and our corporate attorney for immediate review. Within 15 minutes all those had reported back.

The file was sent to a printer where all of us could look at it on paper and the college’s legal team could look at it. I read the contract out loud, line for line. When I had finished their legal team had signed off.

A round of signatures, congratulations, hand shakes and pack up and we could head to the airport and be at Altoona Pa. tonight.

Marcy called the Airport administrator trying to get a quick meeting with him when we arrived at the airport. He met with us for an hour before we flew out. Marcy had a folder and a proposal to look over.

“We are not renting a competitor’s car every time we come into town,” she said.

I just shook my head as I thought, “There is another group of employees and 30 more cars; 10 for the college and 20 for the rental site.”

That is 12 new MAAR sites, the NASCAR team lease this year plus she had been adding cars to the growing sites; there would be almost 500 new cars in service. Then I remembered that Marcy was meeting with Southern Utility Coop about taking over their vehicle leasing program on Thursday and Friday. It was a good thing Jenna was loaning us money at the federal rate; that fixed it for all these ventures.

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