Chapter 176

I was the first one up. I quietly showered and dressed. Mark soon followed as did Dan and Ellie. I was wondering what changes I would see in Mark after last night’s fun. I worked on emails as the others dressed and packed.

We decided to go to breakfast in the hotel restaurant as a group. I gave both Dan and Ellie each one of my business cards and asked that they keep in touch as I put their information in my contact list. I wanted to know if she got the teaching job and their other plans worked out.

I put breakfast on my corporate card. We said our goodbyes to Dan and Ellie and headed to an office store to print out 15 copies of the contract. I had been texting to Marcy and was on a conference call while we were in the parking lot waiting for the office store to open.

Mark and I talked about the contract and the question of whether we would get it or not and then the possible changes to the structure of the security division. The security division had gone from one to possibly three clients in less than a week and from 11 to possibly 50 full-time employees with part-time employees pushing the numbers to double that.

One thing was going to happen for sure. Cindy was going to be getting some help and possibly a promotion to administrator level. The research and the bid packets she was putting together for me were first rate. Marcy and Jenny both had noticed and had sent me a private text suggesting some kind of promotion for her.

It took 30 minutes for the office store to run all the copies and put them into a presentable binder. Mark and I each took one and went through it page by page to make sure they were in order and perfect. Mark paid the bill with his corporate card.

We spent the next three hours with the ten member board of directors going over the contract line by line before signatures were applied to twelve sets of the documents. Marcy, Jenny, Jason, our corporate legal contractor and Midwest Bank would have copies; I would have originals in our files. Midwest was going to finance the equipment again.

During the final hour in Warrington, Mark and I, along with the college’s maintenance chief, spent it in the building that was going to be the security office. Joe Banger had a copy of the blueprints along with a tape measure.

We were going to be in the building for 10 years. I wanted a counter installed along with a few other changes that would make it close to the other sites. As with our other sites the gun safe would be in the director’s office and there was to be a secure room for the servers we were going to use. Keeping them the same made our ability to swap personal between sites in a emergency much easier.

The final task was to set up a meeting with Joe and Robert Bradberry to install the security equipment. It was a three way call ending with the time and dates written in stone.

With the contracts in my briefcase, Mark and I returned the car to the MAAR Warrington municipal airport site. We had an hour to kill before the jet to pick us up arrived. The King Air we had flown down on yesterday had made several round robin flights for Lorrie’s rental houses and was in the process of doing one more.

One of the leased Cessna Citation X class had made its delivery of renters to Naples, was returning empty and had been diverted to pick us up. We were flying home in expensive style.

While we were waiting there were more phone calls, emails and updates. The hotel house – as the Horsey property was being affectionately being called – was nearly complete. A walkthrough final inspection was on tap for tonight when I returned.

Marcy, Lorrie, Jason and Jack Slocum had been to the County Airport authority meeting this afternoon. Jack was the senior pilot for Lorries Flight charter business. He was also the senior instructor and able recertify all the pilots. When he was not flying for Lorrie he was an IFR instructor. Even though he was in his late forty’s he had thousands of hours of pilot in command time in just about everything with wings.

There had been an on going effort to expand the airport runways for several years. As in all airport expansions, it was hot topic. The only problem was – how?

One was to move a mile of the major roadway that went to the south end of the island or to build a cofferdam extension 1500 feet into the bay. That was the most sensible one. Drive steel sheeting then pump out the sediment and refill it with scrap concrete and fill dirt then do a blacktop extension.

There were developers that eyed the fifty acres of the airport as high dollar waterfront property and retail property and wanted the airport closed any way they could. The airport had taken Federal Airport Improvement funds that locked it as an airport for years but there were exceptions.

The JBG Florida Vacation Rental and Flight Charters that were under Lorrie made us the Airports biggest and only remaining large commercial venture. Lorrie had leased all of the large hangers that were available. Not only were our planes based there but so was the maintenance shop we were required to have in order to be a fixed base operator, as per FAA regs. There were several mechanics on the payroll now.

Lorrie was scheduling 10 flights a day out of the airport. The short runway was a serious handicap to further business expansion. The county was making 50 cents a gallon on jet fuel and we were using a lot. The smallest turbine engine plane we had held 600 gallons and the G550 LR held 6000 gallons.

Lorrie was getting requests for larger charter plane flights several times a week. If she leased the larger planes they would have to be kept at a different airport. The closest one was 30 minutes away on a good day and on a bad traffic day, an hour or longer.

Lorrie had told the commissioners in a private meeting that time and space was running out at the Island airport. They needed to make a decision and soon. Lorrie was growing a pair and not afraid anymore to show it when it came to her side of the business.

The next thing that was on the agenda was the parking lot expansion on the south side of the gym on the former Horsey property. When we first planned it we had decided not to cover it. Now after the foul winter predictions for this year, putting a roof over it looked like a good move.

With the gym property zoned as commercial and the Horsey property zoned light commercial / residential the permitting process went much faster than we expected. The legal group that Jason put us on to represent JBG at the zoning hearings had things flying through. The permit was going to be approved as either a covered or open parking lot.

Bob’s construction already had a sub-contractor ready to go as soon as everything was signed. I was sure the meeting tonight would approve it as covered parking.

With so many suit and tie office people working upstairs and the gym still gaining membership, covered parking may be a necessity. The men’s night shift was growing by leaps and bounds and would soon rival daytime use. Ching Lee and Vicky were pushing the gym hard in the advertising.

The few times I had to go over there late to work out, it was filled with hulks. I had a feeling the “I can’t tell you what I do” trainers they had hired were bring friends from all kinds of agencies.

I had seen several of the men at the FBI inquisition of the bus demonstration in the gym working out, including both of the black ops guys that had held my clothes. One of them even came to me and asked if I needed anyone to hold my clothes again; he would volunteer any time.

Marcy’s meeting lasted until very late. There were a lot of business decisions to be made and we let the paid help leave at their normal time. We were all antsy by the finish. I had been away from my mates all week and tonight was orgy night, no matter what.

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