Chapter 183

The weekend was crazy from Saturday morning on. There was a lot of work to do after the last two weeks. Each college contract resulted in a separate loan to Mid-West bank for the equipment from East Coast Security. It took two hours to sign all the paperwork. Jeanna and both her secretaries were there to make sure all the T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted.

The same issue was there for East Coast. There were 6 more contracts to sign. Luckily each contract had been coordinated with the sales and installation department by our sales contact Robert Bradberry with firm dates for the installs.

Marcy ordered more cars from both Hendrick and Charlotte Ford Nissan. We needed six new Suburban’s, one for each safety director at each site, plus seventy patrol cars. Ten of those cars needed to be in Rochester in ten days. Chevy’s were my choice for patrol cars; for some reason I thought they looked better with the decals and lights. Marcy flagged 10 to make their way to BWI or be picked up where they were. The North six would be on the road again. There was also the need for 20 more cars for the new Lewisburg site.

I had a copy of the security decal design that Rochester wanted us to use on the cars we assigned there. The light kits and the decals would be ordered on Monday. Another thing that would be ordered on Monday was all the equipment needed for the turnkey office at Rochester. Some of the office equipment for Tri State had already come in; it was going to be scavenged.

We still could not come to a final decision on what to do for the manpower that we needed at Rochester in 10 days. We talked about a dozen different scenarios and finally decided to think on it over for a day.

I reluctantly gave in to have Lorrie leasing a multi-passenger plane. With the number of requests she was getting for large charter flights and with the numbers of people needing to come here for interviews and training, it made sense. The sad part was it would have to be kept at a different airport than the island airport. It would have to be leased for at least 3 flights a month to break even.

The cost was horrendous but as with everything the girls did, she had plenty of documentation to back up her needs. We would lease it for 6 months as a trial period. The plane of her choice – based on potential leases – was a Bombardier CRJ 200 ER 50 passenger.

The good news for Lorrie’s division was there were four large retail stores that were interested in renting the entire shopping center. All were scheduled to come next week to take a tour of it.

Lowes had no retail outlet in QA County. The nearest one was in Easton, Dover De., Middletown De, or Annapolis. Walmart had stores in Dover, Camden, Middletown and Easton and none in QA County. Home Depot had stores in Annapolis, Dover and none in QA County. The last was BJ Markets; they had a store in Dover and Annapolis.

All were good candidates, in my opinion. Lowes and Walmart both had tried to build in the county before, only to be rejected because of the size of the store they wanted. With our shopping center being grandfathered on the size, they were very interested.

Marcy, Lorrie and Jenny wanted to have a group session with Ching Lee, Vicky and me about the attempted robbery. On Friday morning Marcy had used the internet to record all the news programs from the Rochester area. She did manage to get several different live clips from the scene. One of them showed us surrounded by police officers.

Mark, Cindy and Mary Ann had called Marcy – as I told them to do – and were quite shaken up. Marcy wanted to have a group session with them, Ching Lee and Vicky sometime Monday morning. Jenny wanted to have legal consultation about what to say and what not to say and to whom, in case anyone called.

We ended the meetings in time to spend several hours working out. I had only been able to work out one day this week and felt it.

Time with Jenny Saturday night was especially warm and tender. Her period should have started on Friday. I knew it had not but I did not say anything. It could have been stress that caused it not to start or it just may be late. With the new job plus all that was going on with JBG the last two weeks, there was enough to stress anyone out.

At two Jenny woke me up by giggling in her sleep. The other girls said that she had done that with them; this was the first time with me. I pulled her close, rubbed her tummy and went back to sleep.

In the middle of the night, in a deep sleep, the answers to the immediate manpower problem came to me in a flash. An early meeting in the morning was on tap.

We were all slow getting moving Sunday but the smell of frying bacon, eggs and potatoes with onion soon had everyone at the table. After the dishes were cleared I said, “Let’s have a table meeting.” It was 7:30.

I looked at Marcy, “Do you have a cell number for your sales contact at Hendrick? I want to know how many of the cars you have ordered are sitting on his lot right now.” Marcy had a startled look as she dialed the phone. We were getting a shipment of cars once, sometimes twice a month.

Marcy responded, “He thinks there are 15 cars and 1 Suburban there.”

“Tell him to have someone there put temp tags on 10 cars and the Suburban and we will have people there to pick them up around 10:30 this morning,” I replied.

I looked at Lorrie, “See if you can find a pilot that can fly 11people down there to drive the cars back.”

I looked at Ching Lee, “Call the North six, see if they want to fly and drive back. Then call Mischief, Mayhem and Wendy and see if they are interested as well. That will leave two spots to fill.”

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