Chapter 184

Monday morning when I left for KCC, the 11 vehicles were in the parking lot at the gym. Mark, Bob and two of his engineers were already boarding the King Air for Altoona, Pa.

The vehicles were going to the up fitters for the light and decal package. They promised to have all of them ready in the ten days we had left. A week from Saturday, they needed to drive through the gate at Rochester.

Marcy’s Thursday and Friday meeting with the Utility Coop had been postponed and was happening today and tomorrow. Lorrie and Jason had four days of meetings with prospective lessees for the shopping center.

After I finished the morning routine at KCC I started making calls. First I called Courtney and told her of our problem. I instructed her to try to find three of her full time people that would accompany her to Rochester and have 3 part time people work full time in their place. She would do additional training at Rochester for two weeks to help get everyone up to speed.

I had just interviewed 20 people in order to hire five for KCC to start with the fall semester at the end of August. Most of them were working part time jobs or were self employed; even the ones I hired were disappointed that they could not start sooner.

I called all of them, explained I had an alternate job offer and set a 2 PM meeting. I was going to offer them a short term full time job at Rochester. The college had agreed that we could use rooms in one dorm until August 15, as long as JBG paid for it to be commercially cleaned and repaired any damage before students arrived.

All of them had passed the background checks and done well on the interview session. It was a mix of men and women. I would offer bonus pay to stay at Rochester and they would get six weeks of benefits. Who knows, maybe some of them may want to move up there for a full time job – only time would tell.

We had a week to get a lot of things done. We were going to Uncle John’s summer cottage next week at Chincoteague, VA for a well deserved vacation. We were leaving Saturday and coming midweek. I had originally planned for us to stay the whole week but Rochester had changed all that.

I dealt with KCC and JGB problems for the rest of the morning. A little after lunch Bob Jackson and Howard Nobles came in. They were the two top people at KCC now.

“I hear you have been a busy-bee,” he said as he slid the New York week-end paper onto the counter, “and staying in shape.” In the local changes section there was a full page story of the attack and JBG Security as the Rochester College new Security Contractor.

“I work out every day if I can. You never know when it may come in handy,” I replied.

“Do you think that the girls are going to be able to handle one more college?” he asked.

“So you do not know about the other five colleges then?” I replied.

“The other five that would make you have seven, oh my?” he said.

“You under-estimate the quality of the business education KCC supplies, the girls are doing great,” I replied. “Plus, we have hired a lot of people with good business experience and are going to hire a lot more.”

We talked about a variety of topics for over an hour before they left. Then I had a meeting with Richard Bozman, the construction auditor and inspector for the new college dorms. He reported that the contractor had finally corrected the inspection rejections on the first dorm and it was now ready for a final state inspection.

At quarter of 2 the people I had called started filtering in and by 2 all of them were there.

I went in and started explaining.

“I told you when I called that I had an immediate alternative job to offer you. I need to explain a few things. The jobs I am going to offer you are not connected to KCC in any way, and do not change the interviews or the jobs that some of you received from KCC,” I stated.

“Some of you may know that my job here is only a part of the things I do. I am part owner of Jones Business Groups and I am president of the corporation. One of the things that JBG does is have a security division that offers security to colleges. We now have seven under contract,” I said.

“JBG signed a contract on Friday that has immediate temporary and permanent manpower needs. Rochester State College is five hours from here. The pay is $750 a week plus $250 a week for out of state expense allotment,” I said

“I have arranged to use the dorms until August 15th for temp housing so the only expense you would incur would be food and laundry. The temporary jobs end on August 15 or you could transfer to the full time security force, if you wanted to move there,” I said.

“Your wife or girlfriend can join you in the dorm; unfortunately, no children are allowed.” I said. Then I added “You can look at it as a summer job, or a permanent one if you want to move there. We are flexible with the schedule. You could work 5 days and travel back for the weekend or work 10 straight with 4 days off.”

“If you are interested I will take questions,” I said to finish my offer. I took questions for almost an hour. I gave them a business card with my cell number, “Call me if you have any more questions. I only have a day or two, and then I have to put the jobs in the paper in Rochester.”

I went home to sit in on Marcy’s meeting and update. Jeanna was in one of the offices waiting for Marcy to finish up today’s meeting with Southern Co-op.

We had a chance to talk about business and it was all good. Jenna was very pleased that Marcy was expanding MAAR so quickly and that the rental ratios were so good. I asked for an honest opinion on the loans for security equipment that Midwest Bank was giving us. Again she was pleased, one that they were all backed by solid long term contracts with the colleges and two that we had gone after more than one college with that part of the business. I told her that I felt I was contributing more to the business now that the security division had grown.

I asked if she knew about the larger plane that we wanted to lease. “I have known that it was a possibility for several months. I also know that you were resisting the leasing until the demand was better,” she replied. “Sometimes Marcy thinks you are too cautious, and that is a good thing.”

“No, I just want every move to be positive and a step forward. I hate to retreat and then go over the same ground again. I don’t want us to take a financial hit because we grow too fast,” I replied.

Marcy and Jenny had finished the meeting and introduced us to Carl Massey and Clyde Simplier, Vice Presidents of Southern Co-op. Every one seemed happy. Marcy asked if I could change my schedule to be here for the signing of the letter of intent on the leasing. Of course I could, without question!

Lorrie was still meeting with Jason and the representatives from BJ’s wholesale; the first of the potential leasers for the shopping center.

Mark, Bob and his engineers were not due back from Altoona until 8 tonight. From the text Mark had sent me the day had been productive. I excused myself from the general conversation to take a cell call in my office from someone in the group who I had offered the jobs to today. I then spent another hour returning calls that had left voice mails.

Cindy had left me a list on my desk. We had 75% of the items needed for the office in Rochester and the rest would be in before next Wednesday.

We had a great meeting, then a light supper and finished out the night with a workout in the gym.

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