Chapter 191

Saturday morning at 5 – things were humming. The 20 were in the meeting room getting the handouts with the directions and GPS units. Marcy issued the company credit cards that had arrived by special messenger yesterday and explained the record keeping that was required.

The four couples who were going to stay in Rochester each took a personal car while their mate drove one of the company marked cars.

The North six had left yesterday at noon, each driving an unmarked MAAR rental car that had just came from the up-fitters. They had everything that an unmarked police car had, including the 900 MHz radios; they could talk car to car while driving. Marcy had pulled the cars from our DC sites and they had DC tags. All but one would come back with the North six. Each site would have one unmarked car.

They had met up with Courtney and her group at Harrisburg and spent the night in Hazleton. They were leaving first thing this morning and were going to pick us up at the Rochester airport.

Mark and Cindy were piloting the rental truck with all the office equipment.

The North six were going to stay indefinitely. The six of us, plus Mark and Cindy, were flying back on Tuesday.

Courtney insisted that she wanted them there as long as she was, but recommended that they stay as long as possible to help train the new office people. They had become whizzes at the computer systems, including the tough time keeping system. They were going to get the same pay package as the twenty employees, and also the out of town allowance.

We saw the caravan off then I made breakfast for Jenny, Vicky, Ching Lee, Marcy, Jason and myself. Jason was going to help set up the office then he was going to check out a hunting lodge and commercial hunt group for a moose hunt in the fall. If it was up to his expectations he was booking a hunt for himself, Dad, the Judge and Joey.

I never expected that Joey would get the hunting bug. She had been going to the gun club with Jason since the weather had warmed up and had gotten very good a busting clay targets with ease with a 12 gage.

The first time she had practice shooting with a rifle big enough for moose and elk, she came in with the side of her face bruised from the recoil but she was smiling and proud of it, and especially proud of the targets with hits in the bull’s eye.

Joey also had a fish at a taxidermist being mounted. Her first rock fish out of the bay was a keeper. Dad, Mom and Judge Slaughter were doing more fishing than ever since Joey had moved in with them. They went every weekend and one night a week after dad got home from work.

By the time Dad got home, the boat was already in the water, fueled, bait was cut and waiting on him with a cooler full of drinks and beer and if it was on Wednesday the Judge would be there too.

I sat and watched Jenny go back for second helping of bacon and scrambled eggs. Jason noticed also, the expression on his face. Jenny caught the exchange of expressions. “I can’t help it; I’m hungry, besides BJ makes the best scrambled eggs. I will work if off in the gym later.”

Two hours later we were in the air and arrived at Rochester at 10:30. The North girls were on time and in security uniforms; it was easy to see that they had vests on under their short sleeved shirts. They had on very little makeup and their hair was in a pony tail under one of our security baseball caps.

Even though they were not old enough to be issued a hand gun, they had a tazer and pepper spray in its place and a pair of cuffs. I had to admit they looked sharp. I was glad they had agreed to take the defensive training course.

At exactly noon we drove all 27 security vehicles onto the college grounds. East Coast arrived a few minutes later. Their 10 people started to install cameras based on the list we had worked up for them.

The maintenance group helped us unload the truck with the office equipment. The North six helped Marcy, Vicky, Ching Lee, and Jenny do the plug and play. They would be taking the rest of the afternoon getting everything hooked up and running. As soon as the servers were running, getting the cameras running on the monitors was the first priority.

Courtney, her three people from Frost Borough and I divided up the 20 and made a complete tour of the campus. It was a heads up training tour on where and what to be looking for when patrolling an assigned beat.

We drew the beats out on paper and timed the route. We also assigned check off points that the officer was to call in at reaching. Normally I would not have done that but after I had killed the attacker I felt it was necessary with inexperienced people. I hope Courtney and her people would drive the procedure into a working routine while they were there.

The spouses that were staying were over to the dorm setting up their living quarters for the next two months. After the beat walks were done I was going to break the groups up to allow everyone the chance to do the same before dark. Those that were going to work the 11 to 7 shift were going to be sent to nap or at least rest.

Jason and Jenny were meeting with the college HR group to finishing touches on the paper work.

The local district police chief and several in his command structure made an appearance. I called Courtney, Mark and Cindy and Jenny in to sit in on the meeting where we discussed protocol on when and what needed to be turned over to the local law enforcement and enforcement guidelines.

He and I were both happy when they left. He was happy that the college had finally gotten a security group that was serious about security.

I was happy that he had said that his department would work with us in any way they could or we needed.

Edit by Alfmeister

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