Chapter 192

Saturday went close to plan. East Coast personal worked 16 hour days installing the camera in the critical areas and updating the door locks. The maintenance department moved things around to suit our equipment needs.

The night in the dorm room brought back old memories. They were very similar to some of the rooms I had stayed in while in the service. They were small, musty, and dusty with worn out hinges and rickety bathrooms. I wondered how the 4 couples were going to survive for six weeks in them.

We had pizza delivered on Saturday night. I walked a beat with two of my officers for the exercise. They were to walk as a pair after dark for a while. I had been sitting or standing most of the day; it felt good to stretch the legs.

I knew my partners appreciated the company. They were not afraid of the dark, just unsure how to deal with the city distractions. As we walked and talked I kept pointing out things to notice and be aware of, such as how shadows allow people to hide in them as well as bushes and other placed distractions.

It was on this walk that we passed over the spot where I had killed the attacker. There was still a painted outline of the corpse on the sidewalk. I knew they had seen the copy of the story from the Rochester paper. It had been cut out and laminated, along with other news stories about JBG and our personal, and was in the pile in the meeting room table.

I stopped for a moment and looked around. Across the highway, there was a group of three or four gathered under a street light at one of those foul weather bus stops shelters. The two with me noticed where I had stopped and then realized why.

I pointed out more things to look for in this area. I explained that a fence was going to be put up to eliminate public access to the college from this area in order to force everyone to use the controlled entrances.

I spent a while in the new office with the new night shift supervisor. I knew my being there made him nervous. I also know on slow nights it was a boring job. I talked with him for a while until one of the patrols reached one of the check points and called in. I emphasized how to note in the night log each time they had reached a check point. If things ever went sour the time logs could be important. I also showed how to do other work and still keep an eye on the camera monitors.

At 11 Jenny, Vicky, Marcy, Ching Lee and I met in the meeting room for a general discussion about today and a sample of coffee from the new office sized coffee maker we had purchased.

We called it a night and all of us gathered into my and Jenny’s room. We always showered together. We were still able to pair up in the small showers. Some blankets on the floor would have to serve in the place of mats for some intimate time together tonight.

We hugged, kissed, and made out. With the toy box at home, we did the best we could with what nature provided. We finished in a tangle of legs and arms, all crossed up.

Pleased, exhausted, and relaxed we separated from the tangle and went to bed with our partners. Ching Lee and Marcy to one room, Lorrie and Vicky to another and Jenny and I together. Monday thru Thursday we slept with a different mate. Friday was group orgy night and after the orgy I slept with whoever wanted me. Saturday and Sunday was with our first mates.

The small beds in the dorm made it a close night but we always held each other close. It was something that we both seemed to need and tonight was no different. We cuddled with my right arm under her head, my breast against her back and my left over her middle.

When Jenny and I were together we slept most of the time like this. Tonight I woke up when I felt the flutter in Jenny’s stomach, before she started giggling in her sleep. I rubbed her tummy, kissed the side of her neck, pulled her close and we went back to sleep.

Sunday we fine tuned the operation, double checked all the video and security computer systems and evaluated the personal on the job. Jason left early in one of the unmarked cars to check out the commercial hunting guide service. He was to be back late Monday.

We did the same thing on Monday between video meetings. I went on line and approved the KCC pay roll and checked my KCC emails. The rest of the executive staff was doing the same thing with the JBG accounts.

Cindy and Mark were fine tuning the turnkey office materials list. There were a few things that needed to be added for Warrenton College. The interviews for there were next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We were going to have to open a college security office every two weeks to have them all in place and operating by the middle of August.

Roseanne would have folders of applications for her and Jason to review when he returned on Tuesday. There were help wanted adds to approve before they were posted on our web site and sent to the local papers in the respective area.

Lorrie has narrowed the mega businesses that wanted to rent the shopping center down to two. Tomorrow night in our meeting we would decide whose offer we were going to accept. Both were very good, in fact better than we anticipated. It boiled down to which one wanted us to spend less in improvements.

The airport fiasco was growing, according to the texts from the clerks. Several groups of federal investigators from different agencies had been to the gym already today wanting Lorrie, Jason, Jenny, or me. They had all made appointments for tomorrow afternoon. The county attorney and the sheriff department had made several frantic calls wanting an appointment.

Lorrie had called an independent fuel truck and fuel supplier last thing Friday evening. They responded first thing Monday morning and had a small rental Jet A fuel truck and two tankers of Jet A coming to the island on Tuesday morning

The fuel truck was going to be operated by our jet mechanics to refuel our planes. The tankers were going to be parked in the open lot between the new covered parking area and the hotel house. When one was empty the company would bring another full one and pickup the empty one.

The delivery drivers were going to do OJT training of our guys.

The two tankers and fuel truck were going to be full when they were delivered; a total of 18000 gallons. We had to pay them when they arrived for the fuel. The price was a dollar and a half cheaper per gallon than the Island Airport. That was one more reason we were flying home Monday evening instead of on Tuesday; I needed to write the check and I wanted to be there to inspect the trucks and sit in on the training.

The jet was going to be waiting for us at Rochester International at 7:30 PM to carry us home. It was a quiet flight home. We were all deep in thought or sleeping.

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