Chapter 201

I was already reaching for my go-bag and the computer case. So were Jenny and the others.

“I am not sure yet; I am just now getting the information.” A police officer interrupted the conversation, “I will call you back in a few minutes.”

“G5 N10255 just landed. The mechanics are fueling it now. Max Grover will wait and fly us,” Lorrie yelled as we ran to two different cars.

Robbie was winding up the fuel hose as we ran towards the plane. He gave me the thumbs up as I waited at the steps for the girls to get on board.

Max followed me and closed the door.

The turbines fired up and as soon as they leveled off and went through the check list, the plane started rolling on the taxiway towards the end of the runway.  At the end of the of the taxiway Max did his run up and checks while talking to the BWI control tower, giving them the flight plan. He had left the cabin speakers on. Max asked the tower if there were any planes in the air below 10000 within 2 miles of the Island airport.

Max made the normal takeoff announcement on the Island frequency and the plane rolled onto the runway as he added some throttle. As soon as the G5 was straight on the runway I could tell by the way the plane lunged – he had added balls to the wall throttle.

From where I was sitting I watched the tachometer for the shaft speed and the exhaust temperature peg the red line and the gear doors close before he started pulling the fuel back. The jet banked to the right and over the bay bridge.

We were banking plenty because I could look out the right side window and see cars on the bridge. I knew we were leaving a trail of black exhaust the way the turbines were screaming.  Max was talking to the controller as the altimeter was climbing past 10000 feet. They were giving him positions of other planes. At 30000 we leveled off and Max pulled the throttles back to maximum cruise speed.

I was getting antsy waiting for Kelly to call back. The girls were on their laptops looking at the various cameras at Rochester. There were plenty of them; East coast had finished the installation. They each took 50 and started by backing the recording back an hour, then fast forwarding the video.

All exterior cameras were numbered clockwise based on a circle with number one at true north. All interior cameras were by building number.

I did a group search by Janice, Glenda and Erica’s ID card number. “Search cameras 70 to 110,” I said. “They were in a group there for a while and started about an hour ago.”

“I got it. Camera 105 at 1900 is when the fight started.” Lorrie said as she connected to the flat screen. “I will back it up to 1845 and play it.

Janice, Erica, and Glenda were doing a foot patrol on the same street that I had killed my attacker on. I had made it policy that all patrols on that street were to be with 2 or more individuals. Once the fence was up we were not going to patrol on the street, only inside the fence.

They were halfway down the street when a car pulled to a stop on the shoulder of the road; three men jumped out and ran at the girls from behind them. They tried to grab the girls and the fight went from there. We watched as the girls defended themselves.

Erica went down twice but still was able to subdue her attacker. The camera was to far away we could only see the large image and not really what the hands and feet were hitting. The girls held their own.

I saw when Janice started using only one hand. Her guy hit the sidewalk about the same time and stayed there. The car sped off leaving his three friends.

Erica and Glenda finished off the third guy. It was tough to see but it looked as if they cuffed the men.

A couple of minutes later they were surrounded by other security people. A few minutes more and police were at the scene. We tried but could not improve the image.

We called ahead to get three rental cars. By the time we finished we were in the landing mode. I had Lorrie copy the half hour of video to a DVD.

It had been three hours since the first call. I called Courtney and asked for an update and where she was.

“We have left the hospital and are on the way back to the college. Kelly, Erica and Glenda have left the Doc’s in the Medical building and are on their way back. The police detectives are waiting to interview the girls in our office. As soon as we get back there we will do a video conference with you before the police interview,” she said.

I simply replied, “Ok.”

We drove to the college and had to stop at the new security gate to identify ourselves. I simply showed my ID to the attendant as he looked into the car and said nothing.

We parked beside several police cars that were running with several occupants still inside.

Inside the office there were two police officers giving Andy Scott – the night duty person – a hard time with unnecessary demands and BS. I could assume the cameras were not being monitored and had not been for a while.

“Vicky would you monitor the exterior cameras, please,”  “Ching Lee would you do the interior cameras?” I asked.

“Lorrie, would you pull up the video of what was going on in this office at the time of the incident?” I asked

“Andy, would you go get me a cup of black coffee, please?” I asked.

“Yes Ma-am,” he responded.

“Wait a minute – I was talking to him. I am not finished,” the officer said.

“Well, you are talking to me now. Let me introduce you to Ms. Jennifer Coles, the Executive Vice President of the legal department. If you have any more questions direct them to her,” I replied.

I looked for the patrol log; I wanted to see that procedure was still being carried out during this emergency. They were up to the current time and patrols.

I put the DVD in the computer drive, linked it to one of the flat screens and waited for Andy to return with my coffee.

As he handed me the cup I asked, “Were you working the desk when the incident happened?”

“Yes Ma-am. They had just left the office to walk that route. I was on the phone with Chester. He was in dorm 14 – the contractor had been working in there the last two days. They had left trash everywhere and the two rooms were unlocked. I left a note on the day shift to-do list to read them the riot act,” he said.

“When the camera cycled back, the fight was nearly over. I paged emergency, sent help, and then called the police and medics,” he said.

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  1. garydan says:

    Chapter 201…..the beginning of the next 100 (hopefully). 😉

  2. jackballs57 says:

    There are 25 more completed, in the can waiting to publish or with my editor.There is another hanger coming. Oh the anticipation to see it posted.

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