Chapter 202

Kelly – followed by Erica and Glenda – came in the door. A moment later Courtney and Janice came in. I pointed all of them towards the meeting room with Jenny and me behind them.

The police officer said, “I am going to question them first.”

“You’re going to wait until I get a medical report, then you may get a statement from them with counsel,” I replied.

“Janice, are you OK?” I asked.

“Two broken fingers and some bruises. I am a lot better than he is, I think,” she said.

“Glenda?”   “I have some bruises, a bruise on my leg and the inside of my lip is cut,” she replied.

“Erica, I can see the bruise on the side of your face – anything else?”  “I’m going to have some sore ribs, the vest took the most of it,” she replied.

Marcy knocked on the door, “There is a captain wanting to question these three.”

“Give us a minute, and then send him in,” I replied.

“Jenny and I will be in here with you. Follow Jenny’s advice,” I said.

Captain Peters and the two officers came into the meeting room.

“Hello Captain Peters, it’s good to see you again. I guess rank hath no privileges in Rochester if they have you working this time of the evening,” I said.

“I was off but when they call for six ambulances to come to the College I get notified. I am surprised to see you here,” he replied.

“When one of my people gets hurt, I get notified,” I replied.

“So you three young ladies are security guards?” he asked.

I answered for them. “They are part of the initial setup team. They are going back to Maryland on Thursday, then on to North Carolina on Monday to set up the security office for Warrington Community College,” I said.

“I see, I need to get a statement of what happened. One of the idiots is in critical condition and not expected to make it. Something about a fingernail stuck in his brain through the eye socket, and the other two are in serious condition,” he stated. “Since you were all together, if one wants to be the spokesperson, the other two can add anything you saw or did differently.”

The girls looked at each other. “I will do it,” Janice said.

“Glenda and Erica were working the 3 to 11 shift as patrol and I had worked 7 to 3 in the office. I had gone to the gym to workout after my shift. I stopped back by the office to see if Andy was having any trouble with the systems,” Janice said.

“Glenda and Erica were just leaving the office to do the next patrol that started along Drag Street by the highway. It is always rough there with the highway and all the yelling from the development across the highway,” she said.

“It’s policy that we always walk that area in pairs. I went along with them and when they made the dorm loop I was going to drop off and go get something to eat, with Sly, Becky and Lisa. We had almost made it to turnoff point when there was a commotion behind us,” she continued.

“We all turned around about the same time to see three men running at us. They were almost on us; it was obvious they were going to try to knock us down and when they reached out to grab us, it left no doubt,” she said.

“I took on the biggest one; he was a little ahead of the other two. I guess he thought I would run away. I hit him in the throat first, just about the time he hit the side of my face. It knocked me sideways and he went back. I recovered first; that’s when I went for finger pokes to his eyes. If he can’t see me he can’t hit me,” she said.

“I think that’s when I broke my fingers. I only tried to get one eye but he moved and his nose was between the two fingers that got broken and it tore off my finger nail.” Janice said. “He fell to the sidewalk and did not try to get up.

“I saw Erica go down but bounce back up swinging. Her guy went down and tried to roll towards her to knock her down but she was having none of that. She kicked him somewhere it hurt because he screamed really loud. After the second kick he stopped moving and she put hand cuffs on him. Then she went to help Glenda. Even with my hurting hand I had my guy cuffed,” Janice said.

“My guy was keeping my hands busy so I could not get to my pepper spray. The breeze would have blown it back on us if we had used it so it worked out the best. He hit me pretty hard several times but my vest took most of it. I think it hurt his hands because he soon stopped that kind of attack and started going for my face. It was too late – I had already gotten him in the throat and eyes once. He was trying to cover up to keep me from getting him there again. Erica helped me get him down and cuff him,” Glenda added.

“That sounds like the injuries that the assailants have. I just received a text that one has died. So this investigation is going to be held open for awhile,” Peters said.

“Is the finger poke and the throat punch a standard training technique that you teach?” he asked while looking at me.

“I teach it to all female members in the self defense class. It is an equalizer, no matter how big the opponent is,” I replied.

“Are you ready to look at the camera footage?” Jenny asked.

“You have video?” Peters replied.

“The quality is not really great. We have a copy you can take with you. You may be able to improve it,” Jenny replied.

I clicked play on the video and cleared up the image as best as I could. All of us quietly watched the video until the police and ambulances arrived. That is where Marcy had stopped the recording. I removed the DVD and handed it to Captain Peters.

Peters and the other officers stood, “If we need anything else I will give you a call,” he said as they walked out.

I brought in Marcy, Ching Lee, Vicky and Lorrie to join in on the conversation.

“We have no written policy yet for what happened here today. We knew an incident would happen sooner or later and have started on the policy and procedures; this will speed it along.

You notified all the right people then took care of our people as soon as you could. I like that. I would have preferred to be kept in the loop a little more often but I am sure that you were plenty busy. Courtney and Kelly – Good Job!

“Janice, Erica and Glenda, you did a great job! Training and working together is what kept you alive and allowed you to be sitting at this table, not in the hospital or the morgue.

Resisting the instinct to run and defending each other comes from training, determination and confidence in your abilities. It is not something that can be taught in a lesson plan. It comes one little piece at a time as you acquire and master new skills and say to yourself ‘I can do that now, no problem’,” I said.

“Accounting will create a number for all charges including time starting at 7 tonight for tonight and any time you miss giving statements and follow up doctor’s visits and all charges.”

“Jenny, I think you need to add some things at this point,” I said.

“Do not answer any questions from the press – they are waiting outside for you to give a statement – or the police unless either Courtney or Kelly is with you. That does not mean that you cannot be interviewed but have one of them with you and follow their advice. If they stop you from answering a question it is for the best interest of you and JBG,” Jenny said.

“Janice, I see your fingers are in finger splints and will be very sore for a day or two. You came up with your group as a team and all of you are coming back to Maryland Thursday. Do you want to stay until Thursday and go home as a team or back tonight with us?” I asked.

“I’ll stay they gave me some pain pills for a couple of days. I can still work in the office,” Janice said.

“Good girl; stand with your team – you have made them and us proud tonight,” I said.

Vicky came in with a statement to read to the press for Jenny to approve.

“Let’s go meet the press.” Vicky read the statement, the reporter asked a few questions and then they asked the girls a few questions.

I told Courtney and Kelly “Good Job” one more time before we went back to the plane. I asked them to record the TV stations news program and send a copy to the office. All of us slept on the flight back.

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