Chapter 205

Friday morning I went to my office in the gym and worked with Cindy and Mark. The first round of interviews for the next two colleges had been scheduled. Johnson Tri-county and Tennessee Community were on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The big jet was bringing all the Warrington employees up here on Monday for training. The ladies in the group were staying at the Horsey house and all the men were staying at the Holiday East by the Narrows.

I had been worried that the big jet was a mistake but again I was about to be proved wrong by my mates. Both of the jets had each made several paying flights.

The big machine companies in the industrial park at Easton where we had to keep them suddenly found they could fly complete groups of engineers and design people in from their Midwest divisions for special projects.

As with the first jets we bought our pilots were the best salesmen, getting flights set up for the big jets. They all knew companies that might be interested and also who to get in touch with. Marcy added another administrator for Lorrie’s division. It had become a full job for one person just to price charter flights.

We finally were getting enough replacement rental cars into the system that there were extras sitting around. There were 10 parked in the parking garage to use for general transportation when we needed them.

The Warrington group was going to spend four days on intense physical training, mixed in with Jamie’s weapons course. They would drive the Warrington cars back Friday morning, along with the North six, in the five remaining unmarked cars.

Mark was driving the box truck loaded with the office equipment. Jenny, Vicky, Ching Lee and i were flying down in the King Air to get the office up and rolling along with patrol routes.

At nine Jenny and I left to go to the doctor. I carried the packet of information that the clinic had sent with the big canister. As usual an appointment was in name only; we waited in her waiting room an hour. It took Jenny half an hour to fill out the patient information, and then we were finally taken to a patient examination room.

Jenny went to pee in the bottle. Then the rest of the list was blood pressure, temperature, height and weight and more questions. Again we were waiting for the doctor. Jenny chose Dr. Susan Peterson because several of her friends that went through prenatal care and delivery loved her. They raved about her knowledge and patient care and concern about the baby.

Dr. Peterson came in and said to Jenny, “You were correct. You are pregnant. How far along do you think you are?”

I answered for Jenny, “Six for sure and possibly 10.” Then I took out my smart phone and went to the calendar where I kept notes and explained my guess work by dates, and what I saw six weeks ago.

Dr. Peterson remarked, “Ah, so that’s how you made this little miracle happen? It would be nice if I had some medical information on the father.”

“This should tell you everything you need to know,” I said as I handed her the folder.

Jenny and I looked at each other and I moved to where I cold hold her. “Yes, we love each other, we are a couple. I am sterile – I cannot have children. My brother’s wife cannot have children either. Jenny and I both want children and our parents want grandchildren. I can experience pregnancy through Jenny,” I said.

Doctor Peterson thought a moment then smiled and nodded. “Jenny, if you are that far along we may be able see something on an ultrasound.” She listened for a baby heart beat with a special stethoscope. The doctor did not say anything but was making all kinds of expressions with her face. They were the intense ‘deep in thought’ kind of expressions.

While we were waiting for the doctor to set up the ultrasound equipment she asked about Jenny’s general family history, “Are there more female or male offspring, is there a history of twins or triplets?” – Those kinds of questions.

Jenny and I watched the pictures on the screen – all squiggly and gray. Finally Dr. Peterson said, “I though so,” as she pointed to the screen, “here and here. You are going to have twins.”

Jenny said, “No wonder I am so hungry. By the way, I want steak for supper tonight,” before we both broke into laughter. We ended up holding each other crying tears of joy.

I listened to the list of instructions the doctor gave her and I held all of the pamphlets the nurse brought in, then I watched as the nurse drew 6 vials of blood. Dr. Peterson came back in with the follow-up appointments. We asked her several questions about any sexual activity we should avoid. Actually we embarrassed the dickens out of her.

“I never had to answer those for two ladies before. I have to think on that for a moment,” as she turned red.

We went back to the office to share the news with our mates. Jenny and I had barely closed the door to my office. We went in there to have a few minutes to get our heads around the news; twin’s, one for each of us to hold and to love.

Marcy, followed by Vicky, Ching Lee and Lorrie said almost in unison, “OK, spill it – all the details.”

I could tell by the expression on her face that Jenny was going to string them along for a few minutes.

“I peed in the bottle, they took my blood pressure – which is normal – and temperature and that was also normal. Then the nurse took 6 vials of blood for testing. They gave us several pamphlets for nutrition guidelines to control my weight so I don’t gain too much weight and to properly feed my baby.

The doctor said I could still have all the sex I wanted with a few exceptions. They also gave me some on the benefits of breast feeding. That reminds me – I am really horny today,” Jenny said.

“Then they did a sonogram to see the baby. I have it here,” she said.

Jenny pointed to the two circled images and said, “Here are my babies; I’m having twins!”

I thought my eardrums would be shattered from the commotion, the squealing and the excitement. There were faces looking in the glass by the door to see if everything was ok.

Jenny was hugged and kissed and her belly was gently rubbed in good natured fun.

Even though we swore she had a baby bump, we thought we had a couple more months while it could be easily disguised – but twins might change all that. With the first pregnancy it would take longer to show. Jenny was determined not to gain too much weight and had asked the doctor what exercises she could do.

Tonight was orgy night and we were determined to pamper and make love to Jenny in so many ways. I left to go get fresh steaks from the market to get things started. That’s what Jenny had said she wanted and she was going to get it.

Edit by Alfmeister

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