Chapter 206

Jenny was in the living room looking through all the information that the doctor had given her, and there was a lot of it. I was carrying it in a shoe box until we had figured out how and when to tell the folks. Ching Lee and Vicky were in there with her, looking over the literature like excited kids reading the instructions for a new toy. This was going to be a learning experience for all of us. There would be so many changes to our lives.

I had the grill out on the garage pad with six humongous steaks cooking on it. Lorrie and Marcy were in the kitchen, helping me with supper. They were putting the finishing touches on salad with all the bells and whistles. Marcy had slid one of those Sarah James premade sweet apple pies in the oven and was digging through the freezer for ice cream to make it a-la-mode. There is nothing like hot apple pie with ice cream melting on top for desert.

The supper was wonderful. There was plenty of food – even Jenny pushed herself away from the table. “I’m full; no more,” she said as she finished the last spoonful of apple pie. As she rubbed her tummy, she said “I think they are, too.”

We had an hour and a half before the guests for the orgy arrived. We used the time to talk about how we were going to tell the folks about the twins on the way. There were plenty of interesting suggestions. But we were still going to wait until we could put it off no more; the deciding factor would be how soon and how much Jenny started showing.

The orgy tonight was scheduled late so supper would have time to digest. Mischief, Mayhem and the two boyfriends were the first to show up. We went to the basement with them to give it a quick clean up before everyone arrived.

The North six were the next ones to arrive. Even Janice with the broken fingers was there, I asked if she was sure she wanted to participate. “I have been waiting for three weeks – a couple of bad fingers are not going to stop me,” she replied.

Jenna and her two secretaries were the last to make it. We had a routine that everyone did before any play for the first time and that was to hit the shower. Everyone partnered with someone in the shower to speed things along. If there was any stubble to be taken care of, they did it at one of the double sinks so as not to tie the showers up.

I saw all of the North six talking with Roseanne and Courtney after the showers. I wondered what was going on and it didn’t take long to find out.

They had talked Roseanne and Courtney into letting them practice their deep throat on Rodney and Brad. I wondered what the payoff for Roseanne and Courtney was but soon found out.

Sly, Janice and Becky led Roseanne over, got her positioned on the sex chair and started on various parts of her body, getting her all hot, bothered and very wet. Lisa, Erica and Glenda practiced on Dennis until he was in the throes of cuming, then the six moved out of the way so he could pound his cum deep into Roseanne, who had cum several times by then and needed a deep pounding with a hard cock to finish round one.

The process was repeated with Brad and Courtney with Sly, Janice and Becky working on Brad. The end result was the same. The North six raided the toy box and then found a spot on the mats to enjoy each other.

I wiped down the sex chair with a damp towel, then a dry one and led Jenny to lie on it before I raised it high. I had placed a bottle of her favorite body lotion in one of the toy heaters earlier. I gave Jenny a complete rub down and massage with the hot oil.

Of course I had to make it an erotic massage with nibbles here and kiss there on all of the important spots she had. When I finished the massage I still had not allowed her to orgasm. The denial taking that long had her begging to cum.

Marcy, Lorrie, Ching Lee and Vicky joined in to take Jenny over the top for a beautiful strong orgasm; we each took a spot of her body and made love to her.

I did the same for each of my mates, with all of them joining in for the orgasm. After that, we watched Roseanne, Courtney, Dennis and Brad show us all the new things they had learned since they had been able to join in on one of our Friday night orgies.

I was surprised when they put Dennis and Brad on their sides on the mat reversed, sucking each other’s cocks, and Roseanne and Courtney each used a medium strap-on on their boyfriends at the same time. There was a lot of grunting and groaning getting started and in rhythm. The chorus at the end indicated everyone was happy.

That was the end for them – when a prostrate gets that kind of treatment, the cock at the end of it is finished for at least a day. There was something about it being completely emptied that way that makes it take a while to recharge. Most likely an old mans tale, I always thought. Either way they just watched the rest of the play for the night.

We girls paired and tripled up to finish out the night with whatever our mood needed. Ching Lee wanted a session on the cross with the floggers and whip. Vicky wanted to be doubled teamed with the large strap-on. Lorrie liked the strap-on and a small vibe in her butt. Marcy liked oral – long and slow.

I made sure that none of my mates went to bed disappointed on orgy night, just tired and all smiles. Satisfying them meant as much to me as my own physical satisfaction.

Friday night was an open sleep night and I slept with whichever mate wanted me. Tonight Marcy wanted me to sleep with her. Ching Lee, her normal bedmate, would sleep with Jenny.

After all the toys were soaking in a chlorine solution and we had all showered again, we called it a night. Marcy snuggled tight and we whispered softly. We talked about Jenny’s babies and what her true thoughts were on the subject.

Marcy wanted all of us to take a vacation together at one of the Florida houses before the babies were born in January. I thought that was a good idea.

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