chapter 208

For the readers that caught the reference to Sylvia Porter in chapter 207 I was paying Homage to the great story teller Carniegirl.

Sunday was quiet. We finally got to do all the things we had planned for Saturday. Jenny did not seem worried about the subpoena so I did not dwell on it.

An exercise routine was developed for Jenny with diminishing exercises as her stomach grew. We researched every fitness source we could find for pregnant women until we were satisfied and she was satisfied with the program.

Sunday afternoon we went shopping with her for new clothes that would hopefully cover any baby bulge for a couple of months. With July and August being the hottest months it was going to be a challenge – especially late August and September.

With Jenny already being at 10 weeks and carrying twins, I figured that before September we would be announcing the event to family and friends. I had no idea how fast one would start showing with twins.

Patti was back from the second part of her lighthouse viewing vacation; after supper we spent several hours being brought up to date with photos and stories about the things she and Kate had done on this trip.

It took nearly as long to fill her in on things that had happened here. I was glad she was back. I needed to stay to be part of whatever happened at the courthouse tomorrow morning. Patti could do the time entries and I could remotely approve them with my smarter than smart phone.

The bombardier had left for Warrington at six to pick up the full workforce that was going to work for JBG Security at the college. A full four days of training was on tap for them.

Ching Lee, Kathryn and Ty were handling the defensive training, Jamie the weapons training Mark and Cindy were handling the time and computer training as well as uniforms and record keeping. Roseanne and Jason were handling the HR part of the training.

Marcy, Jenny, Jason and I were at the courthouse at 8 to meet with our corporate lawyers before the 8:30 AM court opening. Marcy had run a printout of all payments to the Airport Authority just in case we needed to buy time.

Our lawyers were going straight to a judge to seek dismissal of the subpoena for over-reaching and a variety of legal mumbo jumbo I did not understand.

I was surprised to see several TV news crews there with all the dressings. Marley Kendall’s crew was there and I asked her what was going on.

“I don’t know exactly but the county called and said there was big news going to be released this morning about the Airport funding at 9:30 this morning,” she said.

Marley tried to pump me for information, “We are here meeting with our lawyers and to get an appearance in front of a judge about a subpoena delivered Saturday,” I replied.

The court clerk scheduled how the cases went before judge. Our corporate legal team Howard, Howard and Fine and with Jason and Jenny’s appearance, arranged for a motion to be the first case heard by the judge this morning.

While we were waiting, Eric Roberson and another Fed from the justice department who I had never seen joined us. “The county is trying to muddy the field by interfering with evidence and threatening county employees. In some cases, to get them to avoid testifying before the federal grand jury they are sending them away for training and feeding them false information to report,” he said.

“The county prosecutor wants to run for office next election. Starting a campaign committee on Friday gave away his scam,” he added.

The clerk called us in, sitting the lawyers up front and my group in the second row. The honorable J. J. Abrams was on the other side.

Our lead lawyer Curtis Howard presented the case for having the subpoena suppressed with a list of reasons. Mr. Abrams was objecting the entire time that he needed the information to determine who was involved in the funding debacle.

Mr. Howard: “JBG was not in business in 2001when the fraud started.”

Mr. Abrams: “The cause of the subpoena is to the fact we were circumventing county policy by having a fuel truck on site and denying the county revenue and part of his investigation was to recover that revenue for the county.”

Mr. Howard: “Previous operators had supplied their own fuel and that there was no language in our lease that prevented us from doing the same and that the county was the party responsible for no fuel at the airport in the first place by poor management.”

Mr. Abrams: “All the other businesses at the airport have complied with his information request and that our stone walling was evidence of illegal activities on our part.”

Mr. Howard: “JBG aviation division is a National Aviation Service with national and international as well as State and Federal customers and contracts. It is great importance that customer lists, passenger lists, and destinations remain confidential. There is no prudent reason for disclosing this information to the county.”

This back and forth crap went on for over an hour. The person from the Justice Department stood and identified himself and asked to approach the bench. He gave the judge a thick envelope. After reading the papers the Judge declared the subpoena void.

The Judge then read the prosecutor a cease and desist order on any actions on the JBG fuel truck until a hearing could be scheduled in Federal Court at the request of Homeland Security. That hearing would be on hold until resolution of the federal investigation into the county and Island Airport was completed.

Jason looked at me and said, “End of round one, a draw – there will be more to come.”

We finished the day out at the gym with the start of the training with the Warrington group. It was good to see Dan and Ellie Mayes again and good to work out with so many former soldiers. Fifteen of the group of twenty was former military just out of the service and out of work, looking for a job.

The shrinks interviewed all of them in the first very long day. Doctors Rich, Moore – and the newest doctor in their practice – Dr. Mable Harrison gave all of them positive marks. They were good to work for us in a security setting. There was no sign of any post battlefield mental issues.

The drug tests came back clear by the time to send them out for supper. The rest was up to Jamie, Ching Lee, Ty, Kathryn, Cindy, Mark and Jason and they had 4 days. The caravan with the North Girls, the equipment truck and all the cars were leaving Friday morning.

The bombardier was scheduled to leave Easton with everything and everyone else at 3 on Friday.

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