Chapter 207

Saturday was intended to be a slow day – we were going to spend it in the gym working out and putting together an exercise routine for Jenny based on the pamphlets from the doctor. Even though it was nearly one before Marcy and I finished our lover’s conversation, I was up making breakfast at six for my mates; it was a weekend ritual that I enjoyed. During the week the girls liked to eat fruit and bagels from the refreshment center in the gym.

We had just finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher when my phone rang. Blocked call, I wondered who would be calling me that would have that.

“Hello, BJ here,” I replied.

“BJ, Frank Love CIA. Do you remember me?” he asked.

“Sure do, you, Eric and Marty were in my office and we were rudely interrupted,” I replied.

“Yes, that is correct. Would your flight division be interested in handling emergency flights for the agency and DHS? The pay for those flights is at a premium rate but they are with short notice. Eric sent us your pilot list. You have several that we would prefer to be the pilot of such flights,” he said.

“As long as we don’t have to mount gun turret’s and bomb hooks to the wings, I don’t think Lorrie would have any objection as long as the pilots you want are available,” I replied.

I was looking across the table at Lorrie whose eyes kept getting bigger and bigger.

“The pilots we want on our flights are Jack Rush, Charlie Campbell, Ernie Smyth, Sylvia Porter, Gene West, Kathy Hoss and Norman Pyle. They have past military or great checks. They were the best candidates on the quick check. I am sure the others will check out – it just will take a little longer,” he said.

We need a G5 LR flight today with a return trip tomorrow, if you can do it,” he said.

I slid the pad I had been writing on across to Lorrie, who began to dial the pilots on the list.

“Lorrie is making calls from your list as we speak,” I replied. “May I have a number to call you back?” I asked.

“202 555 1901- that is my cell, keep it close to your heart,” he replied.

Lorrie slid the pad back to me. “Campbell and West can will fly it – what time and where?” I replied.

“Have the plane at Andrews at 0900. Call sign to ID the plane for the tower is: Charlie, Echo, Echo, Niner, Niner, Zero, Three, Tango, Tango and the transponder ID is Eight, Seven, Seven, Two. Have the pilots call the tower on frequency 139.01.”

“The crew leader will have the destination package when they board the plane. Make sure they have their passports with them,” he instructed.

“That call sign is for your business and only the transponder number will change with the flights. Save both for the invoice description,” he instructed as he hung up.

“Marcy, go to the bank and get 50 thousand in cash now, take someone with you and both of you carry side arms,” I said. “I don’t know where they are going; it may be somewhere that will not take the fuel card. Lorrie, call the pilots back and make sure they have their passports with them,” I said.

“I have that much and more in the safe for emergencies,” Marcy said.

“Good planning,” I said.

Campbell and West stopped by the office to pick up the Andrews information and the cash with an explanation.

We spent most of the day over to the gym working out together and in smaller groups. We were still over there when the men’s groups started to come in for the evening session.

Ty, Herman and Kathryn came in with several more spooks. They did not need to say anything – I could tell by looking who they were. Ty gave them a tour of the gym and then they paid for memberships at the front desk.

Ching Lee and I were on the mats in full padding, working out with the sticks. Either Ching Lee was doing a lot of practicing when I was not at the gym or I was getting lazy and soft. She came damn near putting my ass down twice. I knew enough moves to prevent it but it was a wake-up call.

Ty and his guest stood and watched our practice play out before they came over and started a conversation. Ty introduced his guest as Rodney Stokes.

“Is that something you do for fun, or just to stay fit?” Rodney asked.

“I did it in the sandbox to stay fit and improve my skills. It saved my ass a few times. Then I started teaching it to my group over there,” I replied.

“Now I train with my friends and for the exercise,” I replied.

“Would you be willing to train a group of 20 a couple nights a week? You have added some things that might come in handy in a few weeks if everything comes together. I can’t say any more,” he said then he added, “There would be compensation.”

“Tuesday and Thursday nights would work out,” I replied. If my training could help save lives on a mission I was all in. I knew Ching Lee would be more than willing to help. She would get her kicks off pounding on someone bigger than her every time.

Ching Lee and I talked with Ty and Rodney for a few minutes while we took a break. I found out he was army before he went to work as special ops for the agency. I also found out he was in the sandbox less than 200 miles from where I had been stationed.

He had fought in some bad areas and bad battles. I was sure that there were some interesting stories that we could share. He had left the service six months before I did.

I asked what they specifically wanted me to work on with his group.

“They have been out of the action for a few months – remind them how to be the one to walk away from hand to hand,” he replied. I nodded my reply.

Just when I thought Saturday could not get any more befuddled, I found out that it was not over yet.

Katrina, who was working the lobby window today, came walking across the gym with a sheriff’s deputy behind her. “This officer asked for you,” she said.

“I’m Deputy Hamilton – you have been served,” he said as he handed me a subpoena and then walked away.

Queens County Circuit Court

Office of Special Investigator The honorable J. J. Abrams

The court orders you to present the following documents at 9 AM Monday to the investigator in charge.

The originals of all contracts with the Island Airport including all correspondence these shall include all letters, all e-mails, and phone ledgers and logs that cover all leases, rentals and agreements.

All flight records including landings, departures, destinations and passenger lists. JBG shall supply an employee list including pilots, mechanics, grounds and office persons since the implementation of any and all contracts with the Island Airport authority.

JBG shall supply all fuel logs for fuel purchased from the airport fuel farm.

JBG shall included copies of all payments for all leases, fuel, utilities, landing and takeoff fees to the County Airport Authority.

JBG shall supply all environmental disposal contracts, copies of all payments to the contractors and shipping manifest for disposed of materials including hazard class and final waste destination, including routing.

JBG shall supply copies of bank statements indicating all revenues generated at the Island Airport for the period of the Airport leases.

JBG shall supply copies of all non airport fuel purchases dispensed at the Island airport by the fuel truck owned by JBG.

JGB shall supply original insurance policies covering all operations, employee and equipment located at Island Airport.

The second letter delivered by the deputy was from the Airport Authority had the following one paragraph statement.

JBG shall remove the jet fuel truck from Island Airport property immediately or the truck will be towed and impounded. JGB shall abide by its verbal agreement to purchase fuel from the Island Airport Authority.

Jenny and Marcy met me in my office. While they were reading the letters I captured a still of the deputy with a time stamp. Marcy faxed the letters to our corporate attorneys and then we called the on-duty lawyer.

Jenny said, “The subpoena is a witch hunt designed to be nothing more than harassment and they are trying to redirect some of the media attention to JBG.”

Our legal team would be in court to get the subpoena squashed Monday morning. To request a copy of all checks sent to the county to make sure they were deposited into county accounts was one thing, but copies of all of our bank statements was out of line. Along with employee list, passenger logs, it was ludicrous. The environmental section was insane; that is why you hired contractors to deal with it.

He was also going to get a hearing over the fuel truck and said that if they touched our fuel truck we would sue them in state court.

I called Eric Roberson and Marty Coeburn, then scanned the documents and attached them to an email to them. They both wanted to be informed if JGB had any problems with the county. Eric was livid by the subpoena terms, especially the demand for original documents.

The shit was going to hit the fan in more than one way on Monday.

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