Chapter 240

It was seven before Eric made it to the gym. Marcy, Ching Lee and I were around the meeting table with Sly and Janice as Eric evaluated Saturday’s sting operation.

“The maker of the IDs had supplied thousands on the East coast to high school and college students before they made connections with the terrorists. They had the equipment to make licenses from all fifty states and Canada along with many company ID access cards,“ Eric said.

“The good thing is they kept copies of every one they made and the places they made them for. They kept reasonable records for some reason, most likely for blackmail at some time in the future. We are still going through all the IDs connecting them to people. They made a lot of money off kids but a mountain of money off illegals and potential terrorists,” Eric said.

“This is a big break but not as big a break as we were hoping for. It ended one avenue but there will be another one on the scene in weeks or months. The terrorists that you killed at the mall were amateurs with money from Middle East backing,” Eric said.

“BJ said it best in the news conference. This is just the beginning. It was a pin prick just to watch our reaction so they can improve their planning. When they get everything in order it will happen at 50 malls at once or 50 schools or mass transits at once,” Eric said. “There is a lot more information that we gained that I can’t talk about. You know that.”

“We knew a year ago that they were starting to put together radical groups at various colleges. That is why we approached you to put people at Rochester. They have the most vocal group and have connections in Canada,” he said and then continued.

“Today on the news they showed them training 10 year olds to be jihadists. The news led you to believe they were deep in one of the captured countries. The reality is they were in refugee camps waiting for transit to host countries in Europe and here.”

“Ten years ago if someone had said we needed student agents inside colleges they would have been run out of the agency. Five years ago there was a discussion about recruiting younger agents that was scoffed at. Saturday I ran an OPS with two seventeen year old girls knowing that when the word got out it may be a career ender,” he said.

“Tomorrow I go to Washington to give senior management and fellow directors an overview of the operation and a break down of all the evidence collected so we can trace the IDs and recover as many as possible.”

“I have the recordings and video from the cameras you two were wearing and the ops ending with two seventeen year-old girls beating the crap out of two twenty four year-old men,” Eric said.

“I still haven’t made up my mind on how I am going to answer the questions about you two,” he said. “I plan on saying you are contract employees,” Eric said.

“They have passed the same tests that all of our full-time security employees have to take. The minimum for handgun, rifle and shotgun qualification is 95 out of 100 and a 97 on our shoot-don’t shoot course. They have exceeded all of them, I replied. Then I added, “Both of them are self defense trainers. The video you have is proof of their skill level. If you need more I can give you one of the enhanced copies of the Rochester incident with the police interview segment.”

“If you need us to go with you tomorrow to answer questions or make a statement about our involvement, we will,” Janice replied, “But we need to know before 6:30 – that is the time we leave home to go to KCC.”

“I may take you up on that. I will take a copy of the video in case I need it,” he replied.

“There will be no charges against Bobby because of his cooperation. Just handle him however KCC needs to,” Eric said.

I sent Bobby an email from my KCC smarter than smart phone to come to my office tomorrow morning to get the monitor removed.

“The others are on probation until the second semester so he will get the same,” I replied. “He will be glad to hear that,” I added.

At Naples the rental site manager was a multi function position. Not only did she manage the car rentals, she also handled the rental houses. Aileen Comstock coordinated the house inspections, required maintenance and the cleaning contractors.

In addition, she acted as Lorrie’s agent – always looking for houses to bring into the rental fold or to purchase. Jeanna also had a lawyer who scoured the foreclosure end of the market. Jeanna had to reinvest her earnings from the Nebraska oil fields she owned.

The deal that we had worked out between Jeanna and all the lawyers and tax advisors was that Jeanna would buy the houses, and then sell them to JBG in exchange for stock.

Each year we added ten thousand shares of stock with a thousand shares to each of the owner’s as executive compensation. The other four thousand were held by the corporation as collateral and the stock transactions with Jeanna.

Lorrie had received a folder from Aileen and the lawyer with several dozen prospective rentals and half a dozen that Jenna should buy at the foreclosure auction. That auction was in two weeks.

Lorrie, Jeanna, Marcy and Ching Lee were flying to Naples in 10 days to look at the prospective rental houses, sign contracts and attend the auction. They could not get into the houses for inspection but look at the outside and the house blueprints on file with the city of Naples.

While they were there they were going to shoot some new advertising footage and try to expand the associations with local restaurants, charter fishing companies and golf courses to make our packages more attractive.

Aileen had been making the rounds, setting up contacts and meetings. The first year only a few local businesses wanted to make deals – now there was a list wanting to talk.

The houses that we already had were booked at 70% from November until April with just repeat bookings from last years clients and we had not even started advertising this year yet.

By flying on one of the Bombardier 200’s with other families, Lorrie had offered discounts, an additional rental car, or they could fly in one of the private jets.

The decision had been made to expand the rental advertising this year, going further north and west to fill the other 30% and have the new acquisitions to expand if the advertizing was successful.

Marcy, Ching Lee and I finished out the evening working out in the gym. Sly and Janice were in the tutoring class with Lisa. It was nearly 9 when Eric called back to ask if Sly and Janice would accompany him to DC tomorrow.

“How do you want them to dress?” I asked.

“I am going to introduce them as contract employees so JBG uniforms will be OK. Bring their badge and ID. They may have to answer some questions. What kind of official hats do you have for them to wear?” he asked.

“We have the standard 8 point uniform hat or a baseball hat with the JBG logo – similar to the hat you see on NCIS,” I replied.

“The baseball hat and I will pick both of them up at Janice’s house at 7:15,” Eric replied as he hung up.

I carried two new caps to the class and filled them in on Eric’s request, and then sent each of the girls weapons certification scores in an envelope in case Eric needed some more documentation.

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8 Responses to Chapter 240

  1. joe h says: hunger is satisfied for a few days…..
    i can’t thank you enough…….
    keep writing pls

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for the comment. more coming soon. Jack

  3. GaryDan says:

    “I sent Bobby an email from my KCC smarter than smart phone to come to my office tomorrow morning to get the monitor removed.”

    Thanks for the Cindy memories. The “smarter than smart phone” is one of my favorite “Cindy” catch phrases that I use myself at every opportunity. It seems to elicit chuckles or smiles from most every person I use the phrase on. Every time I open up my browser to look at my active story reading list I still see my “Cindy” links. I haven’t had the heart to delete them, and am amazed that they are still there. She sure left her mark on us appreciative readers and authors that enjoyed her storytelling.

    Thanks for continuing her tradition in a way she would be very proud of. You have truly made it your own. I do enjoy your storytelling. When I see you have posted a new chapter, the first thing I do is usually mutter a “hot damn” under my breath and run to make a cup of coffee then sit down and enjoy the always too short pleasure of reading YOUR latest “episode”.

    Thank You & Best Regards


  4. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks so much for the comment ,, There are more pieces from her Tools of the trade in future chapters I am sure you will recognize them. I to have her links and just can’t delete them. I have sent several more e-mails to all the address I had for her with no response. Sadly at this point I think it is safe to assume she is either in an unresponsive state or passed on. I sure miss her tangled stories and intrigue. I wish I had just part of her skill to tell a story and ability to be able to post a chapter every day. Thanks Jack.

    • GaryDan says:

      Yeah, it was incredible. For a very long time she wrote 2000 words a day. If her health hadn’t failed her, I think she would still be doing it. It most certainly isn’t what many authors could do and keep up some type of interesting story line. What I miss the most is her best storytelling was written in Cindy grammar. Probably unedited. Her stories were still good edited, but Cindy in the raw was just the best IMO, and reminded very much of the souther style of storytelling.

      Back in ancient times when I was back in college, an English Prof I had invited in an old southern gentleman, well known in the verbal story telling tradition circles, to tell us stories in the oral tradition. What we didn’t know about this guy (I forgot his name, god forgive me), was he was bred and born in the Ozarks and he couldn’t read or write, and wouldn’t know what proper grammar was, or would he care. He told stories in the oral Southern tradition. The old gentleman gathered 12 of us around him in a semi-circle and situated himself so he could look at each of us as needed. As he told the story, you were pulled in, and it seemed like you were the only person in the room with him and he was giving a special gift just to you. Proper grammar, syntax, pffffft… didn’t even think about it. It was just the magic of a master storyteller. I remember what that story was about, sure, and it was a good one, but realized the delivery, and intimacy of the gift that was given was how the story was told. Cindy’s stories always gave me the same feeling. Ack, sorry this got so long winded.

      You DO have the skill to tell a story, and it is amazing that you have cranked out so many on a regular basis. My hat’s off to you.

      Till next time


  5. jackballs57 says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. There are more chapters to come. Jack

  6. joe h says:

    the Cindy memories- is there still a link to her stories???

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