Chapter 241

Tuesday morning, Bobby was in my office as soon as I walked in the door. I removed the ankle monitor and reminded him not to get into any more trouble – that he was on probation until January like the other five students were. Even minor trouble could be a serious thing for them. I followed up by sending an email to Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Short so they could bring their personal files up to date.

With the repairs to the damaged dorm completed and the contractor back to construction on the final new dorm I was back to weekly progress meetings with Mr. Bozman. That meeting took the rest of the morning.

After lunch Mrs. Short and Mr. Jackson stopped in and asked if I knew where Sly and Janice were; both were absent from their morning classes.

“Yes, they are attending a DHS meeting in Washington at the request of the regional director,” I replied.

Eric had left me a copy of the sting Saturday last night from the hidden cameras that Bobby and the girls were wearing. I still had not had a chance to look at it; now was as good a time as any, I thought.

I invited both of them to follow me into the conference room where the DVD player was located.

The DVD had the complete video from all three cameras. I was surprised how well the girls played their part in the morning part of the video; if you did not know any better you would have thought they were actors.

The afternoon one was almost all action. The SWAT team made their run towards the van as soon as they pulled the finished cards out and showed them to the girls. They were immediately seen before they even got close to the van.

The two culprits in the van tried to make a run for the exit and grab the girls but the girls were ahead of them in their thinking and reactions.

Janice and Sly both hit them first with a throat chuck and then a fist to the nose. That was when the blood flew that Bobby could not handle. After that the guys backed off enough that Sly and Janice used their feet for a rib kick or two, and then they went back to hitting them in the face and another throat chuck and a kick to the testicles.

The SWAT guys arrived and the girls moved out of the way. Poor Bobby lost his lunch after the first bloody nose. He had lived a sheltered life somewhere. I could hear Rodney laughing in the background. I could not tell if he was laughing at the victims or at Bobby who was still in the back gagging.

After they had them cuffed, Rodney told the girls they did a good job. The video went black after that and the audio quit a moment or two later.

I could see where the girls said they had administered some pain. Other than the nose punch everything else they hit them with was painful.

“Just thinking about being on the receiving end of any of that makes me hurt,” Mr. Jackson said.

“There are some places that I have been shopping that I would love to have them along, just for piece of mind.” Shirley added.

“They did listen quite well when in training,” I replied. “They should be back in class tomorrow,” I added.

The rest of the day was quiet and I managed to get some work done. We were in the second week of September next week and Jenny had another appointment with the Doc. The days were flying by it seemed.

At the gym Sly and Janice did not say anything about the trip to Washington with Eric. I did notice they seemed pretty upbeat. I just assumed that Eric had sworn them to secrecy about the conversations that went on there.

Tuesday became Wednesday and Ching Lee and I were stepping off the jet at the guard base again. Jenny, Lorrie and Vicky met us at the building they called a terminal.

I could tell that they both looked tired. I chuckled to myself and didn’t need to wonder why. I gave them both a warm and lasting hug and remarked that they looked like they needed sleep.

Jenny on the other hand was radiant, bubbly, the bulge was definitely bigger and she seemed very happy. “Yesterday was a great day in the court room – we scored major points and victories in some of the judge’s rulings. A couple more days like that and they will be trying to get a plea deal,” she replied.

A hummer carried our bags and the coolers we had brought to her quarters and then carried Jenny, Ching Lee and me back to the temporary court house. Ching Lee and I sat in our appointed spots in the back row and listened to the legal dance that was being played out behind the court house doors.

I understood very little of it but I could easily see the defense lawyers were not very happy as the testimony continued throughout the day. Desperate men do stupid things, I thought to myself as the day wore on.

I wondered if this group of attorneys went for a plea deal, if a year or two later the defendants could appeal on the grounds that the attorneys gave them poor advice or they did not understand the deal. They were speaking in a mix of languages and I wondered if they had enough connections to make the evidence disappear from the evidence lockup.

It was obvious that I was bored listening to all the legal crap back and forth. It was a good thing Ching Lee and I were sitting to the back of the court room. From there I could at least look around and try to study the people to kill time and the boredom.

Sitting ahead of me and to the right was the sketch artist that was allowed instead of cameras. I could look over his shoulder and watch him do his thing.

He would draw the person when they first went on the stand then he would add Jenny when she was questioning the witness and then quickly flip sheets and do another then the defense lawyers had their turns.

If it was a long testimony he would flip back and forth filling in the details of the persons on the other sketches he had drawn. He was very good at his job. In those with Jenny she had the baby bump. If any of those made it to the press the world was soon going to know our secret. I amused myself for the rest of the day watching the artist.

After the court action, Jenny was with the legal team for another two hours planning Thursday’s actions. Ching Lee and I had returned to Jenny’s quarters and started supper.

Today Jenny wanted fried ham slices with Mac and cheese and green beans with ice cream covered in chocolate syrup. I added a salad for us and I had everything cooking.

While we were waiting on Jenny, Ching Lee and I both tried to catch up on the emails. While we were in the court they required our phones to be turned off. I had emails from everywhere.

Rochester was still having problems from the development across the highway from the campus. The fence had been installed and now low lives were tying cardboard sheets to the fence and painting murals on the cardboard. Over spray was all over the twisted iron and grass plus they were leaving trash everywhere.

Kelly seemed to be fighting a loosing cause. The maintenance department no longer wanted to remove the cardboard posters or clean up the trash and this was only after three weeks of classes.

The city was raising hell about all the trash that was left and ending up on the sidewalks and the roadway. They could not find the time in their schedule to clean it up nor have the police stop the activity.

When I get back to the office I need to just take one day’s video of the fence cam, fast forward through it to see what the hell is going on and then fly to Rochester for meeting to straighten the mess out or kick some ass if I needed to.

Edot by Alfmeister

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  1. joe h says:

    thank you for my fix…..keep them comming

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Good weather has slowed me down with things to do outside but still writing. Thanks Jack

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