Chapter 244

Friday night did not go as I planned. Instead of pacifying Jenny we girls spent the night with the in-laws. Mom, Dad, Jason and Lisa joined us for supper, friendship and family time. We went to the Inn and enjoyed a feast. Jenny As always ate for two and then had desert.

It took most of Saturday to get all the updates on everything we had missed in the last three days. At our airport, there was one more pour that was needed on Monday and both the main runways would be complete. Then all the connecting concrete pours could begin.

JBG had planned almost 80 rape seminars for this half of the school year. The program had been toned down some but we all felt it would still be very effective. We also decided to wait until mid-September to give all the colleges some time to get a student routine firmly established. What was different this time around, was KCC no longer had any connection to these sessions, other than the one I gave for our students. Our hope was to be done by November 1.

During those weeks, Marcy, Ching Lee, Vicky, and Lorrie, with fill-ins by more than a dozen of the clerks from the JBG office were going to handle most of the seminars. My part of the plan, along with the North 6, was to do our share of the workload on the weekends with the rest of the groups.

To get things rolling, I had paid Ken Smith of the KCC building and maintenance department to build ten more of the homer dummies to use in all the seminars.

At the same time Marcy, was going to kill two birds with one stone. She was going to incorporate spot inspections at the MAAR rental sites that were closest to the seminars and inspect prospective new locations based on the customer service cards she had received.

Lorrie, for her part, she had lease contracts with enough individuals with the Beech Craft King Air 200 and the T250s that all the seminar teams could be in the air at the same time – some teams could do two a day – and still keep the bigger jets available for customer flights.

The real reason behind finishing by November 1, was to have all the seminars done well before Jenny’s possible due date in February, just in case she were to be early by a few of weeks or have complications.

Saturday quickly became Monday and Patti and I were back at KCC dealing with our day jobs. There were no surprises today; the shifts had handled everything perfectly in my absence. I read all the reports and logs and checked them off.

I always kept a close eye for any of the six students who had been involved in the fake IDs appearing on any of those reports. I hoped that they had learned a valuable lesson.

I also monitored the progress of Sly and Janice’s daily grades and attendance, even though I knew I should not. The only classes they had missed were the ones where they had gone to Washington with Eric. What made me proudest of both of them were their test scores. They were above the B we had asked them to maintain.

Eric from DHS called shortly after lunch and started with small talk. I wondered what kind of fishing expedition he was conducting before he started asking the questions he had called for.

“Have you thought about adding any more college campuses to your security department?” he asked.

“Any expansion will have to wait until next fall’s college session for a variety of reasons. I like to do security audits, evaluate what is needed and see if they can pay before I jump in,” I replied. “Then if they accept our terms it takes a couple of months to install the equipment and train the personnel.”

“It would have to be very attractive profit-wise. The airport became a bigger project than we first intended and reduced our cash on hand for a few months. To take on more now would be tough to sell to Marcy,” I replied

“Have you considered expanding into other areas of the security field, such as embassy protection and body guards for high security personnel, similar to some of the things that Black Water used to do?” he asked.

“As a passing thought, yes. But Black Water is bankrupt and some of its personnel are on trial or in jail for doing what they thought they had to do in a split second decisions in Iraq. A few civilians became collateral damage,” I replied and then I continued.

“Everything is fine until the media gets involved and then the politicians start ducking and covering their collective asses,” I replied. “I don’t want to be caught up in that kind of problem, just look at the Benzi fiasco,” and added.

“The president was too busy puffing on a toke and playing golf and the Sec of State too busy socializing and fund raising while people were dying, waiting for a decision,” I replied. “I am one of those who makes a split second decision and let the chips and bodies fall where they may. You have already seen that.”

“That’s one of the problems we are trying to correct. There are not enough people willing to make that split second decision without second guessing,” Eric replied.

“You should think about that avenue for expansion. It is highly profitable and there is growing demand for that kind of service. You already have many of the necessary pieces in place. Fine tuning here and there would make it complete. A list of qualified people to fill the spots could easily be at your fingertips,” he replied.

“The same goes for the college question. We have a great need at two more as with our Rochester arrangement. If we could influence the request to come your way, would you take a serious look at it?” Eric asked.

“Marcy would take a serious look at any request, but available startup funding for each site is the challenge,” I replied.

“The agency can help in many ways if it should become necessary. Let me work on it,” he replied before the line went silent. Hmm, “What was I going to get myself into now,” I thought.

Another flight south needed to happen in two weeks and that was to meet the lawyers in Florida to sign all the papers for the additional houses that we had purchased through Jenna.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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