Chapter 243

We were just finishing up breakfast when there was a knock on the door. I still had not removed the chair blocking the door. I moved the chair out of the way, unlocked the door, then moved back and off to the side a couple of feet, aimed my Glock and said, “Its open, come in.”

In walked the captain who had given us the tour on Saturday. “Friend or Foe” I asked to his astonished look before I lowered and holstered the Glock.

“Would you like a cup of hot coffee made the Marine way?” I asked.

After he cleared his throat he said, “I will take one to go. They want everyone to assemble in the court room in a half an hour for updates on the attempted break-in last night.”

I filled one of the JBG plastic go mugs that Lorrie kept on the G5’s for special customers with the strong black coffee I had made and handed it to him. The real reason Lorrie bought them was to reduce spills on the very high priced carpet in the G5, they kept hot things hot, cold things cold and had no spill tops.

“We will be there,” I replied as I handed him the cup.

Jenny, Ching Lee and I walked right up to the front of the room and sat in the front row.

The Public relations officer gave the briefing.

“Last night at 1:45 a stolen tandem dump truck loaded with stone, the interior of the cab reinforced with ½” plate and a heavily reinforced ‘V’ snow plow tried to force its way through one of the closed side entrances. The tires were filled with jelled foam no-flat of the kind used on the off-road equipment. The engine and radiator were also plated over.

The dump truck was followed by two equally armored one ton vans filled with the drug gang version of a SWAT team. The dump truck crashed through the gate and bulldozed the concrete barriers out of the way.

The DHS had picked up chatter and some intercepted blue prints of the armored vehicles. Homeland and the FBI had stationed teams inside and outside the base to intercept the intruders. Even though this base is equipped to handle things like this in a time of war, the FBI and Homeland had point and the military personal were prepared to back them up.

The armored vehicles were stopped inside the compound but well clear of any base equipment and buildings by shoulder fired weapons. In the firefight after the vehicles were disabled 22 of the attackers were killed and 10 are in secured hospitals.

None of the attackers were American citizens; therefore they have been designated as terrorists. Because of the nature and severity of the attack they will be moved to Guantanamo as soon as their health allows. To keep them here would bring repeated attacks on US soil, risking civilian lives.

At the completion of this conference the Judge wants all the parties in his chambers for conference as to the continuation of this trial.

There will be no question and answer period. This briefing is over.”

Jenny and her prosecuting team along with the defense team headed towards the Judge’s chambers. Ching Lee and I waited near the chambers doors as close as we could get.

We waited for two hours before they came back into the court room. Jenny at some point had been furious; her face was still carrying the glow.

“The defense wanted the judge to rule for a mistrial. We would have to start over from the beginning. It took a lot of arguing but the trial goes on,” Jenny said.

“The assailants knew what building the defendants were being held in. Either the defense attorneys or someone on the base is feeding information to the gang,” Jenny said and then continued.

“The only thing that stopped the ruling is that the jurors were on the other side of the base in the executive level housing area, were not close enough to hear much of what went on last night and are on a media blackout.”

“We have them on the ropes and they know it. They are trying everything the defense team can think of,” Jenny added.

“Court reconvenes at 1:00,” Jenny said to us. “I’m hungry – lets go get some lunch. Then the work begins.”

We had an hour for lunch; we discussed several foods that we had brought, and then decided on BLT’s. I did the cooking again so Jenny could go over some of the notes that she was going to use today.

As with yesterday, Ching Lee and I were in the back of the courtroom. The defense team was even more agitated than yesterday, but their clients were even more subdued. The legal dance continued the rest of the day before Jenny closed the prosecution’s case. The defense asked for and received a delay until the next day to begin.

Tonight an early supper was on tap after so little sleep last night. Ching Lee was going to do the honors of cooking supper tonight. We had the ingredients to make fried rice and Bologna with Tabasco and soy sauce, a treat that she loved. It was a good thing that we brought plenty of beer; it would take several to wash supper down.

We even managed to get to sleep early. Jenny dozed off quickly as soon as her head hit the pillow. We woke up early and it was a good thing; Jenny was horny again. I pleasured her first then went to fix breakfast while she and Ching Lee went at it again.

Breakfast was almost ready to come off the stove when I heard the shower running. By the time I fixed the plates and buttered the toast both were sitting at the table. I had been sampling and had done my eggs first so while they were eating I showered and dressed.

We were 15 minutes early for Jenny’s first meeting with her team as Ching Lee and I waited in the courtroom. They had only been in the meeting a few minutes when the defense team approached, asking for a conference. A few minutes later the group was headed for the Judge’s chambers. As Jenny walked by she gave us the thumbs up and mouthed, “It’s over.”

The wait seemed like forever before the jury was called back. The defendants pled guilty to all the charges. The plea deal reduced some of the charges but the murder one charges stood life without parole, but with no death penalty. It was a minor technicality in Maryland because the last governor – a liberal tool – had banned the death penalty.

I called Lorrie to summon one of the jets, we had way more to take home than Jenny’s car could carry and were not leaving any of the high priced coolers.

Jenny went with her legal team to finish all of the paperwork in the Judge’s chambers while Ching Lee and I went the quarters she was using to pack all the remaining things.

An hour later the G5 was sitting on the tarmac parked next to a warthog. We had finished unloading the two hummers into the G5 and were waiting for instructions from Jenny before taking off.

Jenny arrived a few minutes later and said “My car will be taken back to the Annapolis barracks by one of my aids; we can go pick it up over the weekend” as we boarded the plane. Twenty minutes later we were putting our things into Lorrie’s and Marcy’s car at the Island airport. It was going to take the full weekend to recuperate and wind down for Jenny and we all were going to help.

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