Chapter 247

With Marcy, Ching Lee, Vicky and Lorrie along with Mischief and Mayhem and most of the North six scattered about the east coast doing seminars, I had Jenny all to myself tonight. The only one left in the house tonight was Crash, unless he was with Marlene or she was here with him. I made the trip to Crash’s room to find it empty. On the dining room table he had left a note, “Over to Marlene’s, not sure if I will be home tonight or not. I do have my key.

The agency and the state had backed off the security details now that the trial had ended and the mall terrorists had gone quiet. There was basically no-one around. The empty house brought back memories of when Jenny and I first became friends, lovers and then a couple. Jenny and I agreed on subs and soup tonight at home so we could spend some quiet time together, which was fine with me. Cold cut subs with hot tomato soup and chips – yum!

Jenny and I showered in the outside shower then hit the hot tub for 10 minutes before I led her to the basement. I had her sit backwards on the sex chair so I could raise her up to a comfortable height, then I gave her a complete back rub with her favorite warmed lotion.

When she was totally relaxed I had her lie on the chair and did the same to her front. I spent more than an hour massaging every inch of her front side. I took time to kiss and tease her in all the appropriate places as I went along.

I massaged every finger and every toe, even her ankles and the bottoms of her feet. Jenny wanted to return the favor to me but I would not allow it. I told her that I just wanted to hold her close in my arms tonight.

The sun was streaming through the cracks in the shades and it woke us up. I had rested comfortably and Jenny had only gone to pee one time in the night that I knew of.

We went to the old farmers 24 hour restaurant to get breakfast then to the Island Airport to meet our returning mates. The first flight that was arriving at 9:30 carried Lorrie, Vicky and her small group. They were on time after a round of hellos and hugs. The hired help headed home with Lorrie and Vicky going home with Jenny and me.

Jenny and I had each drove a Suburban this morning. We left one at the airport for Marcy and Ching Lee to come home in when their 11 AM flight came in. The other three groups were landing at different times this afternoon and had left their personal cars at the airport to have a way directly home. Most of them had opted to take Monday off with pay to have a two day weekend.

Saturday night’s orgy group was smaller and mellower than normal. Mischief, Mayhem and their boyfriends were missing; the girls said something about needing to properly discipline them for the condition of the house when they returned home.

With four fewer people I was able to watch less, participate more. All my mates were worn out and very satisfied by midnight. Crash and Marlene stayed in the basement with us the whole time we were there. When they weren’t doing their thing they were watching us.

For an eighty year old, he held his end up pretty well with Marlene and was still reasonably well hung. May be the old tale that those things shrank with age was just that – an old tale. They both yelled at the ceiling a couple of times. Crash must have tried to do anal because I heard Marlene tell him, “That is the wrong hole lover boy, you know you do not go there,” and then she laughed and said, “Maybe another time, not tonight.”

After the usual big breakfast on Sunday we went to the gym and then up to the office to go over the presentation we were going to give at Rochester on Monday.

At six AM, Jason, Jenny, Marcy, Lorrie, Mark, Cindy and I boarded one of the leased Lear Jets. All four of the G5’s we owned and the ones we leased were on commercial flights, as were the Beechcraft King Air and Queen Air turbo props. The flight to Rochester in the Lear 55 was still almost three hours long.

I had discussed what I wanted to do as a Campus Security/ Police Force with Eric to make sure I did not cause any problem with the Agency and the people he had working inside our system.

My plan was to have 12 of the JBG security employees who were certified in law enforcement given the new title of Campus Police Officer. Out of the one hundred and twenty five full-time employees, we had 30 that were former law enforcement officers.

I did not want to train our full group there to be certified. A couple of bodies on each shift and on the weekend were all that was needed in my opinion and Eric agreed with me. Plus, there was going to have to be some kind of pay incentive to take the job. Our working dollars were locked in for ten years by contract.

Eric was delighted with the idea after a complete round table session on the subject. If his people encountered something that needed immediate action the Campus Police could handle it until the local agency office arrived, allowing his undercover team to remain undetected.

We arrived at Rochester International and went to the MAAR rental site in the general aviation terminal. This was the last MAAR site activated before the Morton Field airport construction shut down expansion for a while.

As usual we never announced when we were coming to any of our sites. All inspections were to be unannounced at both MAAR and the college sites. Marcy and her clerks had set this one up; it was the first time I had been there and seen the personnel.

They had changed both the meeting location and time from City Hall at 9 this morning to the college at 10. They wanted to see our operation and saw this as the perfect opportunity to do that and possibly catch us unprepared and off guard. It did not work.

Cindy and Mark had done an audit there the previous month. Kelly had received a list of “make these defects right and now, before the big bosses show up.”

I called Kelly as soon as Captain Peters called me with the location change, to have him set the meeting room up and get several dozen donuts. There were several policemen on the city group. Once addicted to donuts it was forever – they were as bad as any drug.

At 10 we were sitting in the meeting room at the security department. The Mayor, Chief of Police, Captain Peters and the city attorney were all sitting on the opposite side of the table. On our side was Jenny, Jason, Lorrie, Marcy, me and three individuals from the College Board.

One of the board members I had seen before but could not place him. The other two were new faces. Then his name came to me, he had been at the East Coast college meeting last spring at KCC where I set fire to the bus. He was John Dalton Jr. of Dalton Investment and Real Estate Groups International.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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