Chapter 256

Courtney was not scheduled on weekends other than being on call, as all supervisors are. We went to one of those ‘breakfast all day’ places before going to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital the Breeze family was already there, along with several of Caroline’s friends sitting in a waiting room having a general discussion. The doctors had not been out to talk to anyone. Dean Skaggs had not arrived yet.

The group of friends that came were the same ones who had been out partying with Caroline when she went missing. Courtney had interviewed all of them yesterday morning before calling for help.

Courtney introduced them to me as the “big boss”. Again there was that term again.

“You’re the one who found Caroline, and you’re the one who you made the guy talk. It’s all over the college rumor mill. Is it true were you really going to cut off his fingers to save Caroline,” one of the girls asked.

“Do not believe what you hear in the rumor mill girls. Do you really think I could do that?” I replied.

“We looked you up on the internet. The college has a top of the line system you know. We think he is lucky to be here and Caroline is more lucky that you were the one looking for her. You are one of those type A personality people, no bull – all action,” the girl said.

“It was not a one woman show I was just along for the ride. Yes I played my part. But Courtney and her team were key to finding Caroline in time,” I replied.

At that moment the elevator door opened ending the conversation.

Dr. Debra Rich stepped off the elevator to join our group. After a warm hug, “I see you still have not learned to run from the gunfire. According to the news it was a good thing yesterday,” she said.

There was a small room off to the side of the waiting area where we could talk. The doctors and clergy went to meet with the family of patients. I asked the family to follow me in there and I made the introductions.

I explained that I had asked Dr. Rich to come speak with them and Caroline because I had several traumatic experiences in the past and Dr. Rich had helped me with them. She had a wealth of experience with cases like this. Then I excused myself to let the Dr. begin.

I joined Courtney and Caroline’s friends back in the waiting room. Courtney and I were going to stay to get a medical update before I made the decision whether to go to Minnesota or back to the Island.

To keep busy I filled in the time working on my laptop. I looked over the reports that Cindy, Mark, Ching Lee and Vicky had filed last night from the Michigan College.

I took this time to guide Courtney through the process that we used to place video cameras and the rest of the equipment as I worked on the camera placement list. The group had really worked up a great series of pictures to work from at the Michigan site. The locations that the college had agreed upon were great. Like the other colleges I added a camera here and there.

The College Board had already agreed to use tag scanners at the four college entrances along with a list of other goodies that DHS suggested we install as well. One of those items on that list included several cell phone monitoring antennas.

Eric had already sent me the preliminary list of agents who would be assigned to both colleges. They were going to get the training in our systems starting the 1st of November. The transition period for the change-over was to happen over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

Jason wanted to run the help-wanted ads starting next week and have all the checks, interviews and hiring done by November 15th. That way the in-house training could begin the weekend after Thanksgiving with two weeks training for each group. Everyone would be on board to help with the transition over the holidays.

New ID cards could be issued when classes started in January. The attack on Caroline proved that the ID card system we used was worth every penny it cost.

The two additional colleges were going to add another six thousand students under our protection and an additional two hundred more employees. Both colleges were heavy into sports and had insisted we add coverage for all sporting events to our offering.

Marcy had forty more cars coming. As with the others, the new cars would go into MAAR rental sites and she would pull older cars out for security.

I just hoped that this new endeavor did not interfere with newest arrivals, Jenny’s pregnancy.

It was nearly eleven when the doctors finally finished their rounds and were ready to update the family and us on Caroline’s condition. Dean Skaggs had just arrived in time to join us.

They said, Caroline would be in the hospital for at least two weeks for treatment and physical rehab. The doctors wanted it done at the hospital and not as an outpatient.

Mr. and Mrs. Breeze were deeply concerned that Caroline would fall so far behind in her classes that she would be unable to complete the school year.

I interrupted at this point. Seeing that all the players were present; now was the time to barnstorm.

“I can have the security company install cameras in each of Caroline’s classes. She can remotely attend all of her classes or I can have them recorded for her and she can review the material when she is not in therapy,” I offered.

“I am sure I can work up an access code to allow her to use our remote security feed and with a laptop Caroline can attend or at least review the classroom discussions and assignments,” I said.

“Dean, can you pressure her professors to cooperate for the two weeks?” I asked.

“Oh yes, they may not like it but they will go along as an experimental project. They can even e-mail her the quizzes and tests,” he said.

The good news was that Caroline was going to be transferred to a private room later today so her friends could come visit her.

Her family was going to stay to mid-week. Both parents needed to be back at their jobs and the kids back in school.

Dean Skaggs agreed to pick up all the bills for motel rooms, rental cars, and flight expenses.

I asked Courtney to check in every day and keep me informed. Dr. Rich was going to stay till mid-week when her family left and then return to spend the weekend with Caroline.

By now it was mid-afternoon and Caroline was in her private room. The jet coming from Minnesota was going to land to pick me up in an hour. I was going to be glad to snuggle next to Jenny tonight.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Joe H.

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4 Responses to Chapter 256

  1. GaryDan says:

    There’s not much better, for us old “coots” then waking up on the “right side of the dirt” on a Sunday morning with eyes and brain functioning, a good cup of coffee, and finding one of your “episodes” has been posted 😀

  2. jack says:

    Good Morning , Happy Fathers Day, Survived last nights storm with no wind damage. I will pass on the coffee but will settle for a big glass of sweet tea.

    • GaryDan says:

      It’s still cool enough in the Michigan mornings to justify coffee. Once we get well into July & August it will be sweet tea time!! I worked as a consultant on a powder coat paint line HVAC automation project for Steelcase in Athens Alabama a few years back. There was a local restaurant (not a chain) that specialized in deep fat fried catfish (locally raised). I can still hear that cute waitress in that beautiful southern accent ask “How would like your tea Hon, sweet or unsweet. Mmmmmm sweet tea and catfish.

  3. jack says:

    The heat and humidity are here with a vengence for the last few days it takes a lot of ice in the sweet tea. Ahh the memories of times past are of the sweetness of life. Jack

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