Chapter 257

Monday I was glad to be headed to KCC. I was driving and Patti was riding with me. Patti had returned late; she had been on an out of town trip with Kate again. Patti was pumping me for every little detail of the Frost Borough attack.

There had been a renewed discussion at the breakfast table this morning about the weekend adventures. We had brain-stormed for two hours last night. Jenny and I came up with a corporate statement in case anyone showed up with questions. I knew that sooner or later some would come knocking on our doors .

Vicky and Ching Lee, as our public relations spokes persons, were going to send the statement to all JBG security sites and hold a video conference at 7 AM with all the directors – just to CYA.

Caroline Breeze had become a hot topic in Mountain County. Frost Borough was the county seat as well as a college town. It was an off year election cycle. That election was less than 15 days away. The Frost Borough local media went berserk with the kidnapping and rape of Caroline Breeze.

The sheriff was trying to ride the coattails of her rescue to reelection and was taking credit for a lot of things that happened there, and that was fine with me. Going into the final weeks to reelection the sheriff was a couple points ahead of his opponent in the polls before Friday night’s abduction of Caroline and now had a double digit lead.

The real problem was his opponent’s last ditch efforts were making waves. He was shaking trees and rattling the leaves to see what might fall out. The under-dogs sometimes do desperate things. The other thing the sheriff’s opponent was harping on in the local media was he knew the Johnson boys and there was no way they should have died.

I found out later, Murphy Cox was the local handyman grounds keeper; that kind of thing. That explained the porch full of tools that I selected from and all of the people that knew him were skeptical of the charges laid against him.

This fight had the potential to get nasty very quickly, especially if any of the details of my interrogation became public knowledge.

I learned from the 6 AM news report stated that Murphy Cox was to be charged with the kidnapping and rape of Caroline and the kidnapping, rape and the murder of Sonya Deerfield last November – complete details would be released at the 11 am press conference given by the Mountain County Prosecutor’s office .

Courtney was sending me every scrap of newspaper print that was appearing and recording all the local newscasts. She had been posting them for me on the JBG server so I could look at them.

So far there had been no mention of any legal representation for Murphy or any statements from any lawyers that might be consul for him, but I knew there had to be a state or county attorney appointed by now.

As for Dean Skaggs he had called College Chancellor Howard Nobles – they were old friends – apparently heaping praise for the fast action and the return of Caroline alive.

As I figured Howard Nobles and Bob Jackson were in my office as soon as the fresh pot of coffee was being made. I knew they were both itching to ask questions.

Seeing that it was between shift changes with all the day shift had checked in and the night shift ready to check out, there was no better time to gave a joint briefing to both about the weekend in case reporters showed up asking questions here.

“May I have your attention please: All of you know that I am part owner of JBG and we supply security to other colleges? Saturday morning an advance team including myself was flying to Michigan and then on to Minnesota to evaluate the security needs for two new potential clients,” I said.

“I received an in-flight call from our Frost Borough security office indicated that they had a missing student. I decided to divert our flight to Frost Borough to assist in the investigation,” I added and then continued.

A preliminary investigation had been under way before the Security Director made the call to the senior management team. In that investigation she questioned all of the fellow students that had been with the missing student in question. She determined that she needed help.

This is what had played out the night before: There had been a group of eight students. First they went to the football game, and two off campus bars. That investigation revealed that the girl, Caroline Breeze became separated from the group at the second bar when she informed one of her friends that she had met a friend whom was going to return her to campus. It was clear she did not make it,” I said.

“Using further investigative techniques we later determined she was possibly being held in a house outside of town. When we arrived on the scene there was one suspect in the house that was detained while the security team searched for the girl. We uncovered her bloody clothes and ID card in a day bed but no girl was found at the premises.” I said.

“On a more further search of the property there was evidence found that indicated there were at least two other individuals involved besides the one we had detained. The individual was uncooperative as you can imagine. It was at this point that the local sheriff became involved. Based on some things we found I believed that she could possibly still be alive. At that point aggressive interrogation and very aggressive techniques were put in play,” I said.

“As a result the suspect gave up the names of his partners along with the location that she was being held. He stated that they were getting ready to kill her and dispose of the body very soon. The JBG security team and the sheriff arrived just as they were preparing to decapitate her,”

“A split second decision was made as a result both assailants were killed at the scene. The girl was in critical condition but has later improved enough to move from ICU to a private room. The investigation continues today,” I said.

“There are some things that I want to reinforce from this tragedy.”

1. When security gets notified of a missing student we start a search immediately. In this situation, the State police were called but the response was 24 hours then you can fill out a missing persons report. Not at my house, the search starts immediately.

2. You use the tools we have provided we have provided here for you. If a student is found to be missing from the college grounds: Use the recorded camera data combined with the student’s ID card and report it immediately to your director. The ID card has a magnetic strip and is triple thick for a reason, the duty person can follow it around campus and senior management can follow it further off campus in an emergency.

3. The cell phone – even though we can’t activate the GPS tracker, there are people that can in an emergency. I have those numbers on my call list and I am going to set up the protocol so the duty person and the directors at each site will have access and authority to make that call.

4. Remember that you do not answer any questions from media or friends about any missing person or person’s during or after the investigation. It quickly gets blown out of proportion, miss-information runs riot and can lead to unnecessary grief for the family. Direct anyone asking questions to the official spokespersons and never accidently volunteer any information while making small talk.

5. The call to the family is to be left to the director to make when the facts are known. No one is to call with ‘I think you should know,’ to the family or friends.

6. Accommodate the family once the facts are established and the decision to notify them has been made or the victims are found. Senior management will schedule air travel, motel rooms and rental cars as necessary for the family.

“All of you in this room will at sometime be in the position of shift duty supervisor. When things go south, call your supervisor, time is critical; get the help you need immediately. When we went through the door, she was seconds from being killed,” I said then asked, “Any questions?”

None of the security people had any questions or else they did not want to ask them when to two top college administrators were in the room. The night shift people left quickly to go home and the day shift people to their job assignments.

That left Chancellor Nobles, Bob Jackson and Patti in the office with a fresh cup of coffee. Chancellor Nobles asked, “Exactly what are aggressive interrogation techniques?”

I glanced at Bob Jackson. Being he was a marine from the first Iraq war and I was sure he knew what I had meant.

“Well, I broke his fingers one at a time. It only took four fingers before he decided to give up his buddies,” I replied to the question.

“Hell, I am no saint and never pretended to be. Lets get one thing clear, I will do whatever is necessary for those under my protection,” I replied to the Chancellor’s startled expression that was almost as good as Courtney’s. As for Bob Jackson had a little smile that gave away his feelings.

I had a feeling that if I ever got fired from this job it would be by e-mail and not face to face with Chancellor Nobles.

The rest of the day was quiet – I spent most of it on the phone and computer doing both JBG and KCC work.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Joe H.

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