Chapter 260

Marcy looked straight at me and asked, “Where do you think they are going with all these different contracts with us? We are going to have contracts with DHS, the FBI and CIA on the hangar and now it sounds like they may want part or all or the super hangar.”

“I don’t know, but the money is good and with the markups that Frank just approved – double good. We may let them lease part of the super hangar but we are going to need part of it ourselves; having a divider halfway may be a blessing in disguise,” I said.

“We would have been months getting the equipment he got for us together, and never at that price. If he holds true to the flights he indicated, the C130’S are damn near gifts unless they turn into some kind of maintenance hog,” I replied.

“The fuel truck is gong to save us a lot of money. Our contract with the fuel supplier for the small truck that we have includes a 25 cent per gallon surcharge to pay for the truck rental and maintenance. It was a lot of money but the price to buy the truck and maintain it was an offset. Now with the Bombardiers and the addition of the 130s it makes sense for us to own one instead of lease,” Lorrie said.

“I researched them while he was talking; the things hold almost 10,000 gallons if they have the extra tanks. I am going to raise the reorder level on the jet (A) just to be safe.” Lorrie replied. “The tail height is 38 feet; they will just fit in the main section of our hangar.”

“I want to hire several additional people for ground service now that all our aircraft are going to be at Morton Field. There is no need to tie up the mechanics with those chores. The mechanics can train someone to be full time on the fuel truck as their primary duty and have them report to Robbie,” Lorrie said.

“It will take 3 to 4 weeks to get them hired and that will take us to December. Tony has said everything will be completed except the super hanger by December 15th. I plan on sending the final applications to Eric for a background check before we interview them,” Lorrie added. “We have to make a decision on an airport manager soon.”

“I am thinking we make a few temporary positions until everything is completed and then reevaluate the entire office structure. It may make sense to move everything aviation related into the offices at the terminal building. There is going to be plenty of space there,” I replied.

“Carson seems to have her head in the right place and dedicated to the flight business and the rentals. Sabrina has worked well with the dusting management. Team them up and see how they work the Aviation unit together for a couple of months,” I replied.

“We cannot keep dumping more daily responsibilities onto the executive level. I don’t want us to burn out or loose our private time. The decision is yours, Lorrie, and you can always change it if there are problems,” I said.

“Let’s sleep on it – both of them are going to be here tomorrow helping with the plane shuffle. The weekend is going to be long and busy; a lot of things can change. I should be back from Frost Borough after lunch to help. We can play with some more ideas then,” I said.

We worked out in the gym for a couple of hours, hit the tanning booth and then the hot tub before we needed to be in the basement for tonight’s orgy. Tonight there were only a few guests. By eleven everyone was satisfied.

We learned something new tonight. When Jenny had her orgasm the boys got very active – moving around and kicking – you could even see her abdomen move. Crash had been right when he said every day would be a learning experience, once we could tell they were active.

At seven we were already over to the office. Sadie made us breakfast in the refreshment area. It was one more of the changes that Ching Lee and Vicky made to the gym operations. One could get a healthy breakfast of all kinds of fruits and power drinks. I had tried a few but tried to stay away from them.

Some of them were definitely for die hard physical nuts. Blended squid and asparagus juice was not me. Sadie made traditional pancakes, eggs, scrapple, sausage and real fresh squeezed orange juice for us.

We briefed all the pilots on the new procedures for Morton Field. Jack, Lorrie and Crash had developed the approaches to the runway, entering the landing pattern and procedures for the taxiways. Lorrie passed out other airport information that she and Carson had put together.

The tower radio frequency for Morton Field was 130.00. That was to be used to announce arrivals, entering the pattern and taking off prior to rollout, if the tower was closed. When there was no one in the tower someone in the terminal offices could respond. For the time being the pilots or mechanics in our hangar could respond.

If the tower was operating, a pilot contacted the tower first and followed directions from the controller.

The pilot could also control the runway lighting from the plane if the tower was closed. Three clicks on the mike on 130.05 turned them on and 5 clicks on 130.10 turned them off. They were also on a timer when turned on by the pilot to reduce cost.

We briefed the seven pilots from the list that were going to Tucson, Arizona to the military bone yard to pick up the C130s. They were like schoolboys getting new toys when they found out what they were picking up. They could not believe that JBG was going to add C130s to the flight line. I was betting it was going to be an interesting flight to Arizona with them trying to decide who was going to be pilot in command on the flights back.

I left a few minutes later for the island airport, then a solitary flight to Frost Borough. I was meeting Courtney to pick up the police and forensics report on the Johnson Brothers. It had taken a call by Jenny to get the reports released and then I was meeting the Breeze family in Caroline’s hospital room.

I had over an hour to spend with Courtney to bring me up to date on things at the college. I wanted to get a general feel on how the student body and administration was handling the events of the last week.

I had my answer as soon as I walked through the door. On the wall of the lobby was a giant hand drawn poster by someone very artistic. There was a likeness of Caroline and across the top was ‘Thank you, Security, for saving Caroline’ in big letters. The rest of the poster was filled with notes and signatures. I spent a few minutes reading all the notes.

Then I took several pictures of it and sent them to everyone in my security group. At that moment I felt that no mater what happened with the grand jury, everything I had done was worth it.

Jason sent me a text that he had made contact with Curtis Warren and had agreed to represent JBG. A meeting was scheduled for Thursday at our Frost Borough office to interview everyone prior to the court appearance. Courtney was going to schedule everyone to be available.

With the forensics and police report in my briefcase I made my way to the hospital to see Caroline and her family.

Dr. Rich was with Caroline and the family when I arrived. Caroline was still in a hospital gown sitting on a type of recliner.

Dr. Rich asked if I needed a few minutes of private time with her before she left.

“I am fine and sleeping well. The death threat against me has gone away so we are all relieved. If I were you I would avoid shopping in the Arlington Mall for a while,” I said.

“Ok, I will keep that in mind, I have talked with several of your employees a couple of times. They seemed to be much better yesterday when I stopped by,” she replied.
Then she asked, “How Jenny is doing?”

“She is good, the babies have started kicking. We are all having fun with that,” I replied. “She is eating like a horse but still working out and holding good with her weight.”
Dr. Rich said, “I am going to make a couple of phone calls and let you have some time with Caroline. I will be back in a few minutes.

Robert was the first one to speak, “We as a family want to thank you from the bottom of out hearts for saving Caroline. I know that there is no one out there that would have done the things that you did for Caroline. I have several friends who are police officers that I have talked at length with in the last week. They could not believe it at first. They told me all the problems you could be in for. I don’t know how we can ever repay you; we are forever in your debt.”

“Caroline – sitting there smiling – is all the payment I will ever need. I may be in trouble but I have a good team of attorneys; they will take care of it,” I replied. “Always remember; in crucial situations like this it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.”
Small talk about the Breeze family and how Caroline was coping with the college class setup filled up the time until Dr. Rich came back. Half an hour later I was headed back to the airport and the flight home.
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