Chapter 261

As I returned the rental car back to MAAR I realized that I had never taken the time to do a site inspection. They were going to luck out today because I did not have the time or was in the mood to do one.

As the pilot taxied the King Air to the runway I reclined in the fancy seat. I opened the inter office pouch to read the police reports. The first few pages confirmed that Courtney had called the state police about Caroline’s disappearance. There was a transcript of the call Courtney made to the 911 center and their response. Courtney was transferred from the 911 center to the nonemergency duty officer at the State Police barracks. The duty officer simply said, “That because of her age Courtney had to wait 24 hours and then file a missing persons report before hanging up.”

The fact that Courtney had continued the investigation with out hesitation confirmed that I had made the right choice on choosing her for the Director’s position at Frost Borough.

The next entry was about the sheriff and his deputies stumbling on the scene at Murphy’s house and was in the sheriff’s point of view. He had spun the events as if he were running the show, and that he and his deputies were instrumental in finding Caroline’s clothes and the camera .What caught my eye in this section of the report was, there was also no mention of him being in the room while I questioned Murphy, only that Murphy needed medical attention after questioning. I also saw no reference to Murphy being read his Miranda rights at any time. I thought for sure there would have been some mention of that for the record.

The statement went to say that Murphy confessed when confronted with the pictures on the camera and gave up the Johnson brothers and their location.

The next section went to the Johnson brother’s farm. From there it was word for word of the events that happened there. There was no mention of Ching Lee or Vicky’s involvement. Not remembering things was another matter.

The next section detailed the individual interviews with Courtney, Ronnie, Justin, Shelly and me and we told the complete story, with nothing omitted. I had told them to tell the truth exactly as they saw it. The truth always came out in the end – there was no need for anyone to commit perjury by covering anything up. We did omit Ching Lee and Vicky’s involvement in the report.

Among all of us, all the little pieces were there. Major Welch had it all well documented. I put the report back in the inter-office pouch it came in.

I opened the forensics pouch; there were several reports in it. The one on Caroline I returned to the pouch. I did not want or need to read any of the little details of what they had done to her.

There were two pouches connected to the Johnson farm. I opened the one labeled Randolph Johnson first. I flipped by all the autopsy photos, and there were plenty. They had removed 24 bullets from Randolph’s body. I remembered that he was the bastard with the axe raised above Caroline’s head.

The next section peaked my interest. It was the ballistics report. There was a weapons list and whom they belong to. Basically it reveled what had transpired with each gun used. Courtney and I each shot five rounds from our Glock’s that hit their targets. Three slugs each came from Shelly, Justin and Ronnie. The sheriff and his deputy managed to put two bullets from their 9mm Beretta’s in Randolph as well.

I then opened Billy Johnson’s report and flipped past the pictures again. The slug count was identical to Randolph’s. I thought it interesting that with the exception of Courtney and me, my ex-military people still shot three round groups – a hangover from the military days.

The shell casings and bullets left in the Glocks that the lieutenant collected from my group matched the number of rounds fired in the barn. I was so glad that I demanded that all my people had to be shooting at 98% or better.

With the sheriff and the deputy it was a different story. They both had emptied their clips from the 9mm Beretta’s they were carrying, but only four rounds hit their targets. Sixteen rounds simply went wild; thank God they did not hit Caroline. “So much for local small town law enforcement,” I thought.

That was followed by another thought. Why not put together a training course specifically for small town law enforcement. It would be a two or three day refresher course, offering weapons recertification along with a day of hand to hand. I would bet that very few had access to a shoot don’t shoot training course as elaborate as the one that we had helped the club put together.

That was another project for Cindy and Mark to work on in their spare time. Right now they were fully involved in setting up the two additional colleges.

The fourth pouch was on Murphy. It reflected the police report along with the medical attention he received. I did not care enough to even read the details.

Among the other pages in the report were the results of the drug test done on the brothers, Murphy and Caroline and dozens of pages of other tests above and beyond my understanding. I put all the reports back in the folder as we were joining the landing pattern at Morton Field.

I listened as the pilot called the tower. One of the procedures we had established was that an incoming aircraft called the tower the same way they did at any controlled airport. Keep all routines the same and there would be less chance of an accident. The aircraft I was in was identified as N2734L

“Morton Tower this is King Air November 2734 Lima, we are 10 miles out. Airport information landing instructions please,” the pilot radioed.

“November 2734 Lima this is Morton tower. Barometric pressure is 29.90 winds are SE at 4knots, active runway is 15 visibility is 15 miles. Set transponder to 2771.”

“Roger Morton 2771,” the pilot responded.

We received instructions and vectors to the final approach from the tower. When the tower was operational the controller also acted as ground controller if they were working solo in the tower.

Ground control controlled the movement of planes on the taxiways, those moving to the tarmac in front of the terminal, the different hangars and those scheduled to take off and those landing once the tires touched the runway.

It had everything to do with the safety of planes and passengers. The practice kept planes from pulling onto an active runway if a plane was on final approval and additional eyes to keep planes from hitting one another while moving around the airport.

I recognized the voices on the radio as agency people. I guessed that everyone was doing OJT today since all the planes we owned and leased were coming home today to roost; there would be plenty for them to practice on.

We slowed, made the turn at the end of the runway on the P loop and stopped.

“November 2734 Lima, Morton tower change to ground 130.03,” the controller said.

“Roger tower 130.03,” the pilot responded.

“Ground November 2734 Lima request taxi to JBG hangar,” the pilot called.

“November 2734 Lima you are cleared to taxi on 33 to the JBG hangar. Welcome back Boss,” the voice was Carson’s.

The mike was still open, I heard one of the agency guys tell her, “Good job, you have gotten the hang of it now. Let’s work some more with the Doppler and incoming flights to make sure you have it down pat.”

The planes were in front of the various side hangers that they were going to be placed in. Others were doing touch and go – a practice procedure so that all the pilots felt comfortable with landing and the airport pattern.

Marcie and Lorrie met me on the tarmac, both bearing big smiles. “How was the landing?” they both asked at the same time.

“Nice and smooth – a testament to the skill of the pilot and the new runway – of course,” I replied. “I see Carson has jumped in with both feet.”

“Yeah, so has Sabrina. We have a lot to tell you; things have been happening at a run,” Lorrie replied.

“The agency has booked flights for both 130s, leaving Thursday and will not be back until Monday. There will be no flight plan for those planes, just a number,” Lorrie added.

Edit by Alsmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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