Chapter 291

The holiday passed faster than anyone wanted, me included I had my first scare with Jenny Sunday night. We were all rattled, she started having what we thought were labor pains. The girls were ready to call the ambulance to carry her to the hospital. But the cooler heads of Lisa and my Mom (Sandy) prevailed. It was an awakening and it caused me to reflect on the past. A little over two years ago I was in the military hospital under a physiatrist care. My life long friend and lover had just died in my arms days before. There was something haunting me from her dying words and our more than emotional connection. In the end I found out that she was also my half sister.

After returning home and trying to find my place I found Jenny. We were two women determined to be and make a family. The job I found at KCC fit me to a tee and it led to the completion of our unique loving family with Lorrie, Marcy Vicky and Ching Lee that were determined to succeed and make our place in the world.

After two anxious hours the pains ended and were said to be just false labor pains, much to everyone’s relief. It was still too soon by many guesses, however, Mother Nature has an agenda all her own and no matter what we have to live with it.

Monday was decision day to set the events in motion for the next two weeks after the January 1st holiday. After much debate the final solution to the M&M College first week for JBG security was to settled it was decided to send Mark, Jason and one clerk to Michigan. Roseanne, Ching Lee and one clerk would be sent to Minnesota and all would stay till the weekend unless things were running very smooth. With both colleges’ security staff positions filled, things should go smooth.

For me, next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I would be at KCC overseeing that the second semester started smoothly. Thursday night I was flying out to begin my public relations sweep for the full takeover from Black Water fiasco.

I decided that I was going to try to renegotiate my working arrangement with KCC for the time being while I tried to rap my head around our newest business venture. I was going to visit embassies four days at a time until I had been to all of them.

Lorrie marked a G5LR and two pilots for the next two months – starting Wednesday evening until Sunday evening – to make it possible. One of the girls and Jason, Cindy or Mark was going to accompany me on those flights in the future. I decided to let them decide the order for that to happen.

When we called a break in the meeting our clerks met us with the pile of messages that came in while we were in the meeting. The rest of the girls headed to phones and I to the VCATS. The first video call was to Adam Cartwright in La Paz.

“BJ, NN730G looks really nice. I would like to have that one if it is possible. Have you looked at the defect list for the Blackhawk?” Adam Asked.

“I sent it to the mechanics this morning. I have a meeting later today with them. I should be able to tell you something late this afternoon. NN730G is yours. I will work on a schedule to make it happen,” I replied.

The last topic of discussion was to finish up this years Rape prevention seminars. Now that I would be gone most of the time due to the visiting embassies it was decided to put them off until after Jenny delivered.

An hour later I was on my way to Morton Field with Lorrie and Marcy. Jeanna was returning from Midwest Banking main offices at three and Marcy wanted to be there to welcome her home. She had been out there a week for high level end of the year meetings. She had missed Christmas and orgy night. I was sure that we were in for big news and heated fun later to make up for all the missed fun.

We stopped by the pilot’s office as Jake had requested in a text earlier. Tony was there as well as several J&J welding trucks. I knew I was in for a good natured ribbing about keeping Jake’s return a surprise and was prepared for it.

After the laughter and kidding was over Jake and Tony thought my idea about a safety release – in case anything went wrong in the vault – was a fantastic idea.

The blockwork and the steel plate would go all the way to the roof, and the roof was to be modified to be a weak spot over the vault. The steel plate in the vault ceiling would be modified (only partially welded on one half of it and the one foot of concrete sloped to 6 inches on the same side).

If there ever were an explosion in the vault, the partial welds on one side of the ceiling plus the reduced weight of the concrete where it was sloped would make the ceiling act as a hinged pressure release.

The force of the explosion would be vented out the ceiling and then out the modified hangar roof. It would damage the roof, actually it would blow it off on the hangar in the 32 x 32 foot area directly over the vault, but the vault would not become one massive bomb.

An order had already been placed for the additional steel and the blocks. The welding trucks were from the bridge building division of J&J group. They were massive continuous wire feed welders. The four welders were staying ahead of the block masons and that takes some doing with 12 inch blocks.

The fancy vault door was already welded in place to the steel plates on that end and the masons were filling the blocks with rebar and concrete as they went. The process they were using explained why the redi-mix concrete truck that was outside. It was one of those that mixed as little or as much as you needed on the spot.

As I turned to leave, Bob said, “Damn I love to work for you guys! I never know what kind of engineering feats I will be involved in next.”

“Is your passport up to date?” I asked as a joke, but just as serious as I could look.

“I don’t think I have one of those. Am I going to need one?” he replied.

“Working for us, one might never know what you will need,” I said.

Bob looked at Jake, “She is kidding, isn’t she?”

Jake just smiled, “You’re own your own there, Bob.”

Before I left I asked Jake about lighting and power to the door plus emergency backup along with controlled temperature with ventilation. “Already taken care of,” he replied.

I met Marcy and Lorrie in the main hangar. The mechanics had already unloaded the C130. I was surprised to see Glen there with them as they were reassembling the two choppers from Africa.

As soon as Glen finished he came to us, “Have you talked to Charlie today?” he asked.

“Just by email and text,” I replied.

“ So you know I am not happy working for Bell anymore. You have two certified Blackhawk techs. With the six 407s you bought and the six you are getting back, I think you might be in the market for a 407 certified tech.”

“I would like the opportunity to ask for that position. If the rest of the 407’s are in no worse condition than these you will have flying choppers for about a third of the cost. With my contacts I can get the parts direct from the rebuilders without Bells 200% markup. I will go anywhere you need a chopper repaired. I love the challenge.” Glen replied.

“Lorrie will get you an application to get you started and then we can discuss the financials and benefits,” I replied.

As we walked away to go to the terminal building Marcy asked, “What are we going to do with all these choppers?”

“Well, I don’t know, but I am sure we can find something to do with them. if worst comes to worse, we might be able to lease some of them back to State; maybe Jack will want to expand flight training into choppers. First thing is to find out the cost to repair them. Come to think of it, none of you girls have flown in a chopper that I know of – you may like it and want to keep a couple of them,” I replied. “You are rubbing off on all of us, first Lorrie started seeing dollar signs here with the airport, and now I am seeing them with choppers.”

“Sabrina has several notes for us to look at that we need to respond to guys,” Lorrie said as we made our way into the terminal offices.

Most of the notes were related to bid requests for commercial flights; several were new customers seeking to start commercial accounts for charter services. I told Sabrina all things airport related or accounts related needed to go directly to Lorrie and Marcy to handle them.

The one that I need to be involved with came from Duke Justice and Clarence Hallworthy, the county commissioners. The county brass had finally decided that the worst was behind them over the misuse of the federal airport grants. 2016 was an election year and it was time to move public opinion in a more positive direction.

In order to comply with the court orders and agreements, they had found a way to make the annual required payments back to the DHS that were then redirected to JGB Morton Field without raising taxes or cutting services. They did that by using the interest from the county’s Rainy Day Fund and adding several hundred thousand dollars from the general fund for the next ten years.

At the meeting we had for the emergency plan, the county EMS director has asked about cooperation with JBG in emergencies. Marcy and Lorrie had set the meeting for today at the office, but since the terminal building was operational it had been moved to the terminal offices to make the best use out of them. The meeting was to start in 30 minutes.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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