Chapter 292

With 30 minutes to spare, I spent it looking at emails, and I was getting a ton of them. All the emails that originated from the college division were coded. I only looked at those starred important and responded if needed. Cindy handled the rest or added notes and then sent them to me.

Then there was the shocker in the form of a folder from Amy Lockerman. The folder contained a link to the State Department email server, instructions with using my old military ID number as login and a temporary password.

At midnight last night I started getting copied on all emails between State and corporate Black Water and all emails between Black Water corporate and their employees at the eighty sites that we were taking over. They were in that folder.

Black Water was being served by Federal Agents from multiple agencies at 4PM today. Today was the forced end of their contracts with all agencies. At the same time all clearances at the corporate level were cancelled and all communication directed to Black Water from all federal agencies was redirected to JBG.

There were copies of court orders from the federal courts and the bankruptcy court handling the end of Black Water. I clicked the forward tab to send the legal documents to Howard, Fine and Howard, our corporate legal team. They had been handling that part of this venture for us.

I printed off the sections of the legal crap to give to Jenny. There were court orders to the Norfolk Bank awarding JGB the ownership of vehicles and choppers. The bank had turned down the initial offer that Marcy had made. The bank elected to have a mediator place a value on the equipment for them.

That had been a mistake as a result of being greedy. The final result was a price much lower than the one Marcy offered that they now were forced to accept from the mediator. The mediator had written off the choppers that were out of service as total losses and factored recovery cost so high on the other vehicles that many of the older ones were better off to be abandoned in place.

The mediator had reduced the value of the equipment by the cost to move it to a central location. The cost to do that was a tremendous deduction on the value and was counter to our plans to leave it in place and use it.

I was sure the agency had influenced the mediator, either way the Norfolk Bank and its insurers were left holding the bag. I was sure glad we were not using Norfolk National Bank for anything.

All this, even though expected to happen sooner than the official date, to happen this soon required more immediate action on our part. That was another topic for our meeting tonight.

The final e-mail from Amy was to watch the evening national news. There would be announcements and file footage from the contract signing. I was interrupted from my thoughts by the entrance of Duke, Clarence and Graham York. Graham was the new director of the EMS division for the County.

Duke started off the meeting by suggesting that we have a public access open house for Morton Field now that it was completed and operational. Lorrie countered that one was already in the planning stages for the spring or early summer.

“The county has been approached by a commuter air service that wants to fly a route with stops at local county airports, Ocean City, Salisbury, Dorchester, Easton, and Queen Anne, landing at BWI or Reagan. The county thought we should pass the information on to you. Morton Field is more centrally located and far better equipped,” Duke said as he handed the information over to Lorrie.

“You offered to make Morton Field available for EMS Aviation. We have had several close calls that warrant we (The County) take another look at the offer. One was a fuel contamination problem, the other was a drone flown by the tax assessment division that got out of range of its controller,” Gram said.

“They are next to the EMS hangar and test fly the thing every day before they leave. One of our pilots noticed that Morton Field is in a restricted no-fly area for drones. How did you pull that off?” Graham asked.

“The CIA had that done because of their hangar,” I replied. “They have shot one or two down for shits and giggles, just to see if they could,” I added.

“Do you want to be off by yourself over in the Jumbo hangar, or in one of several side hangars on our hangar that we are using as temporary storage?” Lorrie asked.

I knew the hangars she was talking about – the 407s and the Blackhawks were in them. Eventually they were going to be moved into one of the side hangars on the jumbo hangar when the dust cleared.

Lorrie said, “Let’s walk over and let you look at them,”

We were just standing to walk over when Carson knocked and came in. “BJ, we are on the four PM news cycle; the story is up next,” she said as she tuned the wall monitor to the station.

“CNXV News with a breaking story from Wyedox, Virginia. Multiple federal agencies, FBI, CIA, DHS, IRS and ATF are raiding the Black Water headquarters to close down Black Water Security as ordered by the Federal Courts. Black Water has been in bankruptcy since the botched security mission in Bagdad, Iraq killed dozens of unarmed civilians when a VIP they were escorting came under attack. All those agencies were involved because of the high level of security clearances and materials they may have had,”

“Black Water lost a series of court cases and was assessed huge payments to the victims and fines from the Iraq government for gross negligence.”

“Congress ordered all government contracts with Black Water Security canceled. JBG, Jones Business Groups of Queen Anne County Maryland was awarded the security contract for the State Department previously held by Black Water,”

“JBG supplies college security at eleven colleges with over 20,000 students, according to their website. JBG has been instrumental in stopping a terrorist attack at the Annapolis Hills Mall last summer and a lone wolf terrorist attack at Warrington College this Thanksgiving.”

“JBG also owns Jones Fitness and Training Center, Mid Atlantic Auto Rentals, Morton Field Aviation complex that offers crop dusting, a world-wide air charter and air freight business and other aviation services,”

“This is Hailey Fox from CVNX News Wyedox, Virginia.”

A clip of the contract signing at the State Department was shown with my short speech.

“Well, the world knows now for sure,” I said to Marcy and Lorrie.

As we were walking to show them the hangar, I took a call from Eric in German and Frank in Arabic.

The call from Amy was in English. “Yes, I am going to start visiting the embassies on Thursday. I will be leaving Wednesday night and returning Monday morning.”

“I will continue that schedule until I hit them all. An electronic version of the JBG employee hand books will be emailed to all tomorrow and hard copies sent to you to go in the courier deliveries. You will have them by noon. I plan on doing a VCATS with them starting tonight. Cindy is working out the schedule,” I replied.

The Blackhawks still had a lot brackets for various weapons still on them. I was waiting on a list to know what should be removed. I assumed all of them but we all know where assume will get you. The mechanics had removed all the military markings and they now sported JBG security logos.

We showed them both hangars, one was storing the Blackhawks and the other four of the 407s with the two 407s in pieces waiting for parts for Glen to install. When the lights went on in the first hangar with the Blackhawks I thought I was going to need a stun gun to bring them back to reality.

“Some machine guns and I could easily think I was back in the Marines again and 20 years old,” Duke replied.

Finally Graham said, “I don’t guess a little chopper noise is going to bother anyone around here after all,” as he was looking at the 407s in the second hangar.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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