Chapter 293

Our evening meeting solved several issues. Jason and Roseanne as our heads of HR were going to make introduction calls to all 80 embassies, to the 500 new employees we had just picked up. Because of the time of the calls, It would be hit or miss as to if those employees were working that day.

We given contact numbers for each embassy for non-classified general communications only; the idea was to try that to make contact that way first. Then send an email to all 500 employees, a welcome to our company letter with an electronic JBG Employee manual.

Along with the initial call, let each embassy pick a time when we could have a VCATS meeting with each embassy group of employees.

Amy requested that I or an executive VP personally visit all 80 embassies that JGB now had employees at. We decided that Marcy and Jenny would make no trips at the present time, Jenny because of her due date and Marcy because there was just so much going on in the office with all the new accounting with the Agency.

As a group, it was decided that Vicky was going to accompany me on the first cycle leaving Wednesday night. Our plan was to use the guest rooms each embassy had if we planned to stay over. The pilots would stay in hotel rooms. If they did not trust the airport personal, they would rotate staying with the plane for security. State was paying for a 3 man crew for these flights.

The other good news came from the mechanics; they had figured a way to disassemble enough of a Black Hawk and a 407 that they would both fit in a C130 safely. La Paz Bolivia would be the last of our stops on the way back. The C130 would arrive there Thursday evening by flying the commercial air routes with fuel stops at commercial airports along the way.

The mechanics and the pilots would be working together to unload, assemble and flight test fly the choppers. Then they were going to disassemble and load the out of service Black Hawk and the 407 for the flight back Sunday evening.

Lorrie made the flight plans Vicky and I would use one of the G5LR. We would take off Wednesday night to cross over Texas then turn south over central America and to the first stop; Bogota, Columbia. Vicky and I were going to sleep on the night flight, spend the day in Bogota and spend the night in a guest room at the embassy. The second part; an early morning flight Friday – a short flight to Quito Ecuador – and spend the day at the embassy there.

Friday night called for a much longer flight to Lima Peru and spends Saturday at the embassy there. Saturday night was another night flight to La Paz Bolivia and meet up with the 130 crew on Sunday morning. Hopefully their work would be mostly over so they could head back to Morton field while I made PR with Adam Cartwright.

Vicky and I would fly back Sunday night and sleep on the way and arrive in time to have breakfast with our mates. I needed to be in Rochester by noon on Monday, January 1, for the press conference and kickoff of the Rochester College Police force. The 20 employees that were going to make up the police force there were going to be issued a different Badge and uniforms.

The entire crew was going – Jason, Lisa, Roseanne, Cindy and Mark came along too. Even though it was a holiday they wanted to go and be a part of the celebration. I think they just wanted to fly in the G5.

I now was literally carrying a mobile office around with me everywhere I went. At all times, I now had to carry two smarter than smart phones, a satellite phone and two laptops. At least the laptops, satellite phone and all the necessary chargers were in a heavy duty briefcase. I don’t think I could carry any more with me in the G5LR After all that, I still needed to be at KCC on Tuesday morning.

When I finally got to the gym Cindy had the work schedule list on my desk. I spent two hours on VCATS and the general communications line. After having enough of that for one day I spent the rest of the time downstairs in the gym keeping fit and in fighting shape.

Tuesday and Wednesday was spent on the phone and VCATS again, this time confirming the schedule. The C130 was flying out Wednesday morning and refueling in Texas before flying on. It would land in La Paz Thursday morning, for the hard work to begin.

Somewhere mangled among all the parts, the mechanics and crew were going to set up cots to sleep or those little jump chairs in flight. I should feel a little sorry for them but I had been there and done that many times.

Hell, I had even had sex one time at twenty thousand feet in a C130 in heavy turbulence; that was a wild ride. I still blush just thinking about it. The guy was very well hung and the slamming of the plane drove him so deep at times it hurt. I was sore for at least two days. It was just one of the memories from my wild youth.

Wednesday afternoon Vicky and I went to the gun club to do some practice shooting to keep our skills up. We both cleaned our Glocks at home and reloaded the clips.

Then it was time to pack clothes for four day journey. I recommended that we carry the normal unmentionables and professional pant suits, no dresses and our normal lady’s version of a men’s dress shoe. It was a good shoe to run in or use defend your self in. For tops we needed ones loose enough to wear over our vest with long sleeves and a business jacket loose enough to cover the fact we were carrying.

Then we spent an hour in hugs, kisses and good-byes. It was tough for us but we all knew it was going to happen. I whispered into Jenny’s ear that she better not go into labor while I was away or she would get the wet noodle treatment when I got back to be safe, I planned not to schedule any trips for at least two weeks in advance of her due date and stay close to the gym. Cindy, Mark, and Roseanne could fill in for us if a trip had to happen.

At 9 PM we were boarding the G5 with our bags and bags of travel goodies. The pilots had been off for two days to rest up and they had the flight schedule that long to get oriented to a night flight schedule. Most of the flying was at night. At nine fifteen we were crossing the bay headed south at ten thousand feet and climbing.

For this trip The G5 had been fitted with a twin aircraft bed, a single convertible day bed and a privacy curtain for this flight. Vicky and I were going to use the twin tonight – the pilots could fight over it tomorrow if they did not want to go to a motel.

By ten we were in that twin naked and holding each other with the hum of the turbines to sleep by.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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