Chapter 301

The flight was good and with 20 empty seats. No one was crowded on this trip unless they wanted to be. People moved freely around the cabin talking with anyone they wanted. Jenny and I sat next to one another with me holding her hand. I was hoping to have time to catch up with her; I wanted to know how she was feeling. The pregnancy was starting to wear her down. She was so huge now – the twins were winning that battle.

Jakes saw us sitting alone and came over. He reversed the seat in front of us and sat on his knees in the seat in front of us. He opened the conversation about a discussion he had with Lorrie. “You know I asked Lorrie to find me a G5 LR like the ones you have. I wanted a new one but the wait is 18 months to 2 years. I have to make at least one trip a month – sometimes 2 – to Japan, at least until next fall,” Jake said.

“Lorrie said that she could shift around some flights if necessary until she found one for me. My plan was to lease it to Lorrie when I did not need it and she would also supply pilots for me,” he added.

“Tony and I decided on expanding J&J construction. Our plan is to set up the next field office, head quarters and plant complex will be in Centreville Virginia. There is a former contractor site for sale about five miles from Centreville on 66 towards Washington. It is on 50 acres and has a borrow pit with all the permits still valid,” he said.

“They needed to test fly one of the 407s last Saturday and they flew me over to meet the realtor. I took the opportunity put a deposit on it to hold it for 30 days,” he said and then added, “its 75 miles from Summers Road and 85 from Morton field. The flight was a little over 30 minutes and to drive it about one hour and a half.”

“At the moment the J&J engineering group is bidding on several road building and bridge contracts and one industrial development site. If we get any of them the new complex is a go for sure,” he said.

“Marcy said I could use one of the vacant offices at the gym so I could have all the whistles and bells, but I wanted to ask you first. She out did herself by putting me in contact with her mom “Jeanna” at Midwestern Bank for construction financing just to price shop against QT banking. Jeanna is something else hell, she beat their rate by 2 full percent,” he said.

“You can use the office as long as you need it think of it as tour home away from home. In fact if you want, you can meet Kate and Tony at Morton and fly over in one of the choppers when you need to. You can use our corporate room discount at the Holiday West for them; they liked staying there,” I replied.

“By the way all the storage racks came in for the armory on Friday. Tomorrow morning Dad and I will put them together. Dad also built several wooden gun racks to put all the guns on. He surprised me; he found the plans on the internet. I never thought he was that internet savvy. The weapons will need to be out of the crates to get moving air or they will rust. The racks that dad made are finished; all we have to do is slide them in place.”

“The basic vault is done. The only thing left is to finish some blockwork near the roof and that should be done in the next day or two,” Jake said.

“Tomorrow afternoon we will move the stuff out of the shipping container. Tomorrow afternoon when you get home from KCC, we will set up the vault access program. So the people you want to have access will know how the vault door works and I will show you how to program the vault door,” Jake said.

“Right now I just want all six of us including Jamie and Jason to be the only ones with access. I will feel a lot better when all the weapons are in there,” I replied.

“We now have another 500 more employees that have to have recurrent weapons training done immediately for all kinds of reasons, and another 500 that must have it this year as well. We have been buying the ammo a few thousand rounds at a time because we did not have a place to store large orders; now we do. Now Marcy can request bids of several hundred thousand at a time,” I replied. With new employees it normally takes between 250 to 500 rounds to qualify to our standards. With the former B/ W employees not having been qualified in three years who know how proficient some of them were and how much ammunition it would take.

The flight went fast with all the discussions going on. It was cold when we stepped off the plane. There were piles of snow from the 30 inches they had received a few days ago. Kelly had contracted a bus to carry the group over to the college auditorium.

In the auditorium it took over half an hour to get past the introductions. There were dozens of city officials and dozens more from the Rochester Police Department. It was a good thing we were early.

All the big guns were there, the college President and the executive board, the mayor and the chief of police and even the administrative board for the Police department was there.

My seventeen men and three women who were going to take the oath to be the new JBG Rochester College Police Force were lined up behind the table in their new uniforms.

I had allowed the college and the Rochester Police Department to have token input on the new uniforms for our men and women in blue and a different badge that met the New York state requirements.

Captain Peters was to be MC of the ceremony and he handed me a choreographed schedule they had prepared. After introduction of all the dignitaries, the Mayor and the Police chief each had a slot for the first speeches; it was an election year after all.

Captain Peters had been delegated to do the most speaking. He was to do an overview of JBG then I was to give a little speech followed by the college president Mr. William Sanders. Finally, the Police chief was to swear the 20 officers in. Kelly Preston and I were to hand out badges as they took the oath.

My twenty police officers who I had hand picked from the Rochester security group were all were either ex-military or former police officers. All of them had met again with Dr. Rich and had a security review by the agency. I spent hours reviewing their training reports and firearms proficiently reports. In my opinion, they were the best of the best at Rochester.

In the few minutes that were left before GO time I met with the guys and Kelly. There were handshakes, congratulations and finally, “I am proud you, remember we stand together in success and fall together in failure,” I said.

I went to my seat with the rest of my team, took the folded sheet of paper that I brought with me and wrote an outline for my speech. After Mayor Dorsey’s and Chief Johnston’s speeches, I could fill in the blanks.

I was surprised as I looked over the rapidly filling audience section to see Aadam Mohamed sitting in the front row without his body guards. I was about to stand up to go greet him when Captain Peters and another officer approached the table.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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