Chapter 302

“BJ, this is Captain Jimmy Hamilton. He is in charge of one of the Rochester SWAT teams,” Captain Peters said.

“Good to meet you Captain Hamilton, I hear you want some training for your team?” I replied.

“Yes BJ that is what I wanted to talk to you about if I could. Rochester has three different swat teams; one is on duty at all times. They are 15 man teams; only one reports to me,” Captain Hamilton replied.

“I want to send my team first, and then the others will follow later when you could fit them in. How soon can we set it up with you? I hear your training can intimidate the best. I want to see it first hand,” Captain Hamilton replied.

I called Jamie over to verify the schedule. I knew that there were a couple weeks open before she went back into full time recertification. The numbers we had to recertify for our embassy employees plus the college security at 20 persons a week are going to put a strain on the system.

With the CPR refresher, weapons course, hand to hand skills course (as I was now calling the hand to hand combat training), JBG company computer policy, a human resources ethics policy update and travel, I estimated a week for each group.

This had to happen rain or shine and that was the problem. On the eastern shore January, February, March and April could be very cold, wet, snow or blowing a gale. The same could hold true for November and December some years and then some years November and December could have nice 70 degree weather. Weather or notwithstanding, the training had to go on.

The shoot don’t shoot course would have to be hand-picked days because of the weather. The rifle range was outdoors too. Only the pistol range was an indoor facility. We had to qualify everyone on any weapon that I may issue them.

The shotgun training was a no brainer – point and pull the trigger – a shotgun fell into the same group as hand grenades, close counted. Double 00 buckshot at 10 yards put 10 pellets in 12 inch circle, at 20 yards a 24 inch circle.

I had a plan and I just needed to convince Lorrie and Marcy to let it go forward. I knew Bob’s construction could use the work and would do the job. If Jake did not time to oversee the job, I knew my dad would.

Jamie and Captain Hamilton decided on the third week of January to put the SWAT team through the course. Vicky, Ching Lee and I, along with help from Ty and Herman would put them through their paces.

This would allow me to finalize the physical and weapons training module I needed for JBG. The good thing was Rochester was going to pay full fare and be the test subjects.

We had just finished that schedule when Captain Peters signaled that the start time for the ceremony was quickly approaching and that we needed to be seated.

Captain Peters made an opening statement about the cooperation between the city and JBG on the college police force. Then he went through the introductions of everyone on stage. Mayor Dorsey then made his speech followed by the Police Chief Johnston and then College President Sanders.

Captain Peters began the work up for me to make my speech.

“Who is JBG? Jones Business Group?” he asked.

“JBG is a fast growing national and international multi-business company. It is a private company wholly owned by its senior management.”

“JBG’s President is Roberta Josephine Jones, better known as BJ. She is a highly decorated former Marine who served in Asia and the Middle East, a Master Sergeant. The things that speak volumes from her record are three Purple Hearts and Three Silver Stars while in the Middle East and her many other awards,” he said

“BJ lives the Marine motto, ‘Marines run to the gunfire, not away’. Another fact that stood out was a field promotion to Major for a day. I know there has to be a story behind that one.” he said.

“When not in the war zone, BJ was a hand to hand combat training specialist and her students won awards in competition matches. BJ also commanded a MP unit in the States. After leaving the marines, BJ became Director of Security for KCC College,” he said.

“BJ along with 5 other ladies started Jones Fitness and Training Center. That center is just one part of JBG today,” he said.

“BJ is President of JBG and is in charge the security operations. That security division supplies security for 10 colleges for over 20,000 students and facility in 10 states along with over 500 employees. If you have been watching the news JBG now supplies the State Department with embassy security personnel at 80 embassies world wide. JBG was instrumental in stopping 2 terrorists’ attacks last summer and fall. One was at the Annapolis Mall and the other was at Warrington College.”

“Executive Vice-president Marcy De Stone is the CFO and controls the Mid Atlantic Auto Rental division. MAAR has over 2,500 rental units including over 500 to a utility company, a NASCAR team and specialized units to the federal government.”

“Executive Vice-president Lorrie Smithfield, Lorrie oversees the Aviation Division with 22 helicopters, two 50 passenger planes, Beech Craft King Air and Queen Air, Gulfstream G4 and G5, G5 long range Cessna business jets and two C130 cargo planes,” he said then added.

“Lorrie’s responsibilities include Morton Field a JBG airport and a designated emergency airport for the Middle Atlantic States – along with flight training and pilot recertification and is located in QA County.”

“The vacation rental unit with over 50 houses in Florida also reports to Lorrie. A family can book a complete vacation from Morton Field with a private jet to a beach house in Florida complete with rental cars, and back,” he said.

“Executive Vice-presidents Ching Lee and Victoria Snow oversee operations of the fitness and training center. The fitness center is open 24/7 with over 1000 members. The training center supplies training to multiple Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. It also does the training and recertification of all their security officers. They even have in-house paramedics for health assessments and emergencies at the training center”

“Before the Rochester Police Department would approve this partnership I and nine other officers spent several days in the training center of JBG, and went through the firearms and physical training program to evaluate their program. We were mixed in with new employees from the college security division.”

“Believe me when I tell you that training is not for the weak of heart. It will intimidate the best the best of the best. One of our SWAT teams is going there in a couple weeks. I can only say to those fine men – take plenty of Ben Gay and aspirin – you’re going to need it!”

“Ching Lee and Vicky also do all the advertising and web presentations, both are skilled web masters. All executives serve as trainers with Ching Lee as a martial arts expert and BJ as the hand to hand combat and defensive trainer,” he said

“Executive Vice-president Jennifer Coles is in charge of the legal department and human resources. Jenny is also Chairperson for the Maryland Governors Criminal Task Force. The legal team of JBG also includes Jason Coles, attorney who was a former Chairman of the Governors task force, county commissioner and director of JBG Human resources.

“Executive Vice-president Jeanna De Stone is JBG’s Financial Advisor

“Other legal advisors include Howard, Fine and Howard for corporate law. The Curtis Warren legal group specializes in criminal law and Maryland State Supreme court Judge Tony Slaughter for legal over-site.”

“BJ, did I leave you anything to say?” Captain Peters said with a huge grin. He turned and walked towards me as I stood to walk to the podium. I playfully crumpled the sheet and tossed it to him.

“Mayor Dorsey, Chief Johnston, President Sanders, members of the board and honored guests. It is with great pride that we the senior management are before you today as JBG partners with the City of Rochester and the Rochester State College to improve student safety and protect the student community,” I said.

“The twenty individuals who are going to become the Rochester College Police Force today are the best of the best. They have been vetted by the state of New York, the city of Rochester, passed multiple back ground checks and a complete physiological work up. They have completed and passed the training that Captain Peters described with a 98% score or better. They truly are the best of the best,” I said.

“While Captain Peters’ introduction of our company was very knowledgeable, he missed an important part, our mission statement.”

“At JBG, our mission is to provide the best service to our customers and exceed their expectations day after day. From security, aviation, rental cars and fleets, physical fitness and the dream vacations, our goal is to be the best of the best with integrity and compassion in our diverse world.”

Then I stepped away from the mike and took my place next to the Mayor as he swore each of the twenty in. As each officer was sworn in, I handed the badges to each of them and shook their hand with the police chief looking on.

With the ceremony over we walked to the media to answer a few questions. Hanna was loaded and ready with questions; apparently the news desk had sent her a list of questions. Some were a continuation of the interview at the airport. She did wait with those until the local media had finished with questions related to Rochester.

Aadam Mohamed was still sitting in the front row as the media left for other news stories. I did the un-lady like thing and did a one-arm drop off the stage to greet him. We spoke in Arabic again, even thought I knew he could get by with his broken English.

“I learn more about you all the time. I said the first time we met that you were a leader and a warrior. Now I know it to be so,” he said.

“There are some things that one cannot hide for so long, a dominant personality will rise to the top every time,” I replied.

“Do these new officers report to you or to the city?” Aadam asked.

“They report to Kelly Preston, whom you have met, and then to me. The only time they will report to the city is if there is a major emergency on campus. I am paying them; they better not be doing city work on my time,” I replied.

“There will be no change in our artistic agreement?” Aadam asked.

“No changes,”

“Good, I plan to have another family gathering in a month,” Aadam replied.

“Let Kelly or me know a day in advance so all the shifts can be instructed not to bother you or your group,” I replied.

“If I may ask, where the embassies located that you providing security for?” he asked.

“Central America, South America, Africa, the middle east and Asia, none in Europe,” I replied.

“BJ, they are ready for pictures,” Marcy said from behind.

“Aadam, I need to go now, if you need anything just see Kelly,” I said.

Another hour of doing my JBG presidential duties and we were boarding the plane for home. Tomorrow was a change of pace for a couple of days, and then Vicky and I were flying out Wednesday night for another round of embassy visits. There were no chopper exchanges happening this week.

Both C130’s were scheduled to fly all week for one agency or another.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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