Chapter 320

I spent the rest of the day with my mates. We hit the gym for some r & r working out. Even with her large size Jenny was still doing exercises that her doc had approved. Jenny had another appointment with the doc on Wednesday the birth date was closing fast. After working out we had a quick lunch at the refreshment center.

We cleaned the house from top to bottom and even Crash and Marlene helped. Crash kept the trash cans empty and Marlene took a turn at the wash machines and driers. With the eight of us in the house plus guests we had two big commercial units. They made life easy until it came time to fold that big – assed pile of laundry when it came out of the drier. After the chores were done Jenny let us know it was time for dinner and where she wanted to go.

We went out for an early supper at the inn. Jenny wanted the surf and turf. Their seafood was always good, so not one of us objected to going there. There was always a crowd and a lot of people we knew. We asked for and got a table off to the side and out of view. It allowed us to have more quiet time together.

We had another wonderful evening, this time in the living room. We were just holding, touching, talking, and caressing – doing all the things that made us the family that we were.

We talked about my TV appearance for tomorrow. Jenny reminded me again and again to be careful in answering their questions so that I did not fall into any traps or divulge any potential classified information. All my mates were going with me; I had requested 5 tickets for audience seating. The producers told me that two were all that was allowed for a guest. “Not a problem, I won’t be there then, find yourself another guest,” I replied. It didn’t take long for them to find three more seats in the front row.

Sunday morning we ate at the Country Kitchen on the Island. It was on the way to Washington where I was to appear on the ZZN Sunday Morning Washington show. It was to be a solo appearance. There was no one from any agency to go with me for backup.

The show was to be live at 10. We arrived an hour early as instructed. They said it was to meet the panel, make up and sound test. I always wore a business suit as did all my mates. In the gym it was shorts, and at home it was over-grown tee shirts with nothing underneath.

I felt sorry for the poor makeup girl. She nearly had a heart attack when I took off my jacket. I never go anywhere without my Glock. The look on her face when she saw my holster tucked under my arm with the gun was priceless. She said nothing and quickly regained her composure.

With ten minutes to go, I went to the bathroom one more time then had a quick walk to the girls for one last piece of advice from them. Vicky and Ching Lee were the designated laptop holders. I kept my secure phones but set them to vibrate.

At 10 on the dot, the stage lights came up and the announcer went through the show opening spiel by announcing the panel and the guest for today’s show. It was strange to hear my name called out by the baritone announcer.

Candy Brown was the only female on the panel and the most liberal of this bunch. Her dislike of me was obvious in the pre-air meeting. Arthur Kennedy played the role of moderator and came across as being maybe slightly left of center. David Young, on the other hand, was hard right and proud of it.

“Today the panel welcomes for the first time, Roberta Jones, President of Jones Business Groups. Good morning Roberta, it is good to have you here this morning,” Arthur said.

“Good morning Ms. Brown, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Young – it is a pleasure to be here. Please call me BJ; everybody does,” I replied.

Starting off round one Mr. Kennedy made the opening statement, “According to your website, JBG is a multifaceted company with divisions in security, aviation, transportation rental, real estate rentals, training and a gym. That is a wide scope of business ventures. Yet JBG is a privately owned company. How do you manage all that?”

“Well Mr. Kennedy, we have to get it right don’t we, you left out one of the most important parts of my company – the tanning salon. One cannot forget the importance of ones beauty can we?”

At that point there was laughter coming from the audience.

“As I stated, the six of us are the sole owners of JBG. As I said that the studio cameras panned to the girls.

We started small with an idea and never stopped. Each of us has department responsibilities and yet we cross-train to be able to run the other lines of business. However, I must admit the CFO position might be over my head,” I replied.

“Jones Business Groups is the new kid on the block; how is it that you secured such a prestigious contract with the state department?” Candy asked.

“JBG supplies security for 10 colleges with 20 thousand students and faculty with over 500 security personnel. Those employees are trained in-house with our own training program. We developed that training program with experts from many law enforcement agencies. It is a complete training program with firearms, self defense, first aid, CPR and takedown skills offered, along with annual recertification,” I replied and then added.

“Now state, local, and federal law enforcement go through our program. Our program convinced the Rochester police department to allow JBG to form our own college police department at Rochester University. It works well for JBG and the city of Rochester. Expanding internationally with the State Department contract was the next logical step,” I said.

“JBG took the contract over early and then you had two deaths. There are those who believe that JGB was not prepared. What is your response to that?” Candy asked, dripping with sarcasm.

I knew right away she was trying to bait me into saying something I should not.

“JBG stepped up early at the request of the State Department. I have personally visited nine embassies in South America and the Middle East. JBG management will visit all the embassies where we have personnel located.”

“JBG’s aviation division has already replaced 4 of the aviation units supplied to various embassies. The other six will be replaced before the end of the month. Vicky and I were on the ground in Riyadh while the attack was going on at the same time as the attack in Rabat Morocco,” I replied.

“You testified at the Senate hearing that the former Black Water people did not meet your standards. Expand on that please,” Candy said.

“Sure, JBG requires that all employees in the security and management divisions meet strict requirements and be recertified in those requirements yearly. There are no records of any of the former employees having any recurring training in the last two years, they will all be certified or they will hit the road,” I replied.

“In exploring your website there was a picture of you in a dress Marine uniform with a chest full of medals. How does a female Marine get so many purple hearts and other medals when women at that time were forbidden assignment in the front lines?” David Young asked.

“Well David, you are correct that women at the time were forbidden to be assigned to the front line fighting. But they could be assigned to support groups for the front lines. Transportation was one of those support groups. I drove trucks,” I said then continued.

“There are two ways to win on the battlefield, one – you over power the enemy with bullets and bombs or two – you destroy their supplies and shut down their supply lines. Without food, supplies and ammo surrender or retreat is the only option for even the best army.”

“Convoys supplying the front lines and outposts became easy targets. When I get shot at I shoot back and sometimes you get wounded or die. A lot of women died or were horribly wounded in this war, more than any other time in history,” I replied.

“Yes, you do shoot back, as I recall from the video of the Bogota embassy attack. I also remember you being a fairly good shot. Could I – for instance – take the firearms training at JBG?” David asked.

“Sure David, although there is a waiting list as a lot of people want conceal & carry permits now. Maryland is tough – DC even tougher – but you can get permits that cover 39 states. Sign up, pay the fee, don’t be on any restricted list; don’t forget, we do a thorough background check before you get to your first class,” I replied.

“Why do you bother with checks? I thought you just teach people to kill in the streets,” Candy shot back.

“If you are on a restricted list or should be, JGB will not train you, period,” I replied.

“You have to remember that there are more ways to kill people than just using a gun. Those killings only make a 10 second blip on the local news and not at all on the national level.”

“Our security personnel are trained in most ways to kill without a gun. If you know how to kill that way you also know how to prevent being killed that way,” I replied. Then I added “Why would I want to kill you and make a lot of noise when I can kill you quietly a dozen different ways, without making a sound?”

“Then why are we having all the gunfire and killing in the streets?” Candy asked.

“The answer to that are all the gangs, druggies and terrorists, all of them are making a statement. Gangs because it helps with recruitment and enforcement and the gangs grow bigger and bolder.”

“Drug dealers like big noisy guns protecting their turf and letting everyone know not to screw with the dealer. That helps keeps them in business.”

“Terrorist because they want the world to know they died for the cause, the more media the better because it encourages others to follow,” I said.

“If you are serious about reducing crime you have to get tough on criminals, not make it harder on law abiding citizens. When they do the crime make them do real time. Stop prosecutors from plea bargaining away jail time. When they commit another crime, the jail time doubles or triples to take repeat offenders off the street for longer periods of time.”

“I am a firm believer in the death penalty – use it often and swiftly. No more 20 years on death row. A conviction with a death penalty goes to the State Supreme Court, then to the US Supreme Court within a year and there must be compelling evidence to overturn a conviction. Then require the sentence to be carried out in 180 days by firing squad. It was good enough for Benedict Arnold and is swift and effective.”

“The death penalty should be expanded to cover more crimes and be mandatory and not changed by a judge or jury. It should cover 1st and 2nd degree murder, rape, sexual child abuse, distribution of drugs, human trafficking,” I said.

“We are out of time, hopefully you can come back another time and we can expand on those statements,” Mr. Kennedy said as the stage went dark to cut to a commercial before the closing statements from the panel.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.
Fine tuning by Bob

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