Chapter 321

When the bright lights went dark for the last time the rest of the girls came up on the stage and joined us – for a long off air conversation with the panel. Mr. Kennedy was serious about wanting us to come back – this time they wanted all six of us.

It was nearly two when we went through Annapolis. We decided to stop at a second favorite restaurant; the Outback. With football over – with the exception of the Super Bowl – there was plenty of room. We even found a table with enough room for Jenny’s big belly.

The food was good as always and the onion and salad were my favorite appetizers. The steak, hot bread and sweet tea just finished it off to a tee. Then the ZNN news brought us all back to earth.

One of the wide screens was running the ZNN news loop. The current headline was about the Mad Matters Movement. This morning during a campaign rally at Kansas Stadium they had rushed the stage at a Connie Hovater event. She had been pushed off the stage into the front row lower seating.

The result was two broken ribs and a broken wrist. To make matters worse, the protesters poured a pitcher of water on her while she was on the floor and threw a folding chair at her before the stadium security swung into action.

It was the third such incident, but was the first to cause serious injuries since the group had been at our JBG meeting. I guess I had been right that they would not agree on anything.

Back at the gym another planning session was needed for the upcoming week. All kinds of things were happening and faster than I had planned. I was glad I had Jake, Dad, Jason and Robbie to fall back on for all the outside things that were going on.

I was soon going to miss Jake; he was leaving for Japan the first week of February to evaluate the progress on the Nuke cleanup project and would be gone for a week. . Kathy and Tony were both in for a surprise; they were going to Japan in Jake’s new jet, as he was going to tell them next week.
Then he was going to be setting up his Centreville Virginia construction site. J&J had won the bids for a bridge replacement and adding a second lane to one of the heavily used highways in the area. Tony’s wish for expansion of J&J was now a reality, to be built with concrete and rebar.

Marcy had agreed to assign two of her new clerks to Jake’s office until he decided where his business offices were going to be. With the Virginia and Pennsylvania locations, the decision where to place the main office would be a tough one for him.

The irony was that JBG being on Summers Road was nearly in the center. On top of that, our office had every bell and whistle there was. Another thing that caused a few chuckles – every time Jake drove over there, he came back late and cursing up a storm over the traffic on 66 to Washington. The last two times he needed to go over, one of the Bell 407 choppers carried him. Now that Lorrie had moved more of her people over to the Elizabeth Morton terminal building, we had office space to spare at the gym offices.

Jake was with Bob this afternoon setting up the hostage rescue site. Jake had text a picture of them trying to drive stakes in the frozen ground. The final group picture was them drilling holes for the stakes with a wood auger bit and a Dewalt battery pack drill.

Tomorrow the Iowa National Guard C130j-30 was loading the two Black Hawks for us bound for Africa and make the exchange. Glenn was eager to go again, even with the increased risk. It would make us down one chopper pilot as it was.

Darrell Anderson was transferring to the State Department Security Division of JBG permanently. The 500 a day hazard pay – tax free – was too much for him to say no to. He was going to be the pilot of their new Black Hawk going to Morocco. He and his bags were along for the ride.

I guess the Guard’s superior officers had lacked full confidence in their crew when a long over-water flight was involved.

They wanted them to fly the northern route, over Canada, Iceland, England, then swing south to Africa; all short hops compared to the long over the Atlantic flight our C130 made. Either way, it was a savings for us. All Marcy had to pay was fuel and lodging. This crew needed flight time and the Iowa Guard had been hit with big budget cuts. As with everything, training was the first thing cut.

If we did the exchange with our C130 it would have been four days with 2 pilots and a loadmaster. Lorrie was already short handed until the new people were fully on board, and there were still four more choppers that needed pilots furnished for them.

In a way it worked out better for us because the agency had flights booked for both of our C130s for the whole week.

The next thing happening on Monday was the 25 people for the Rapid Response team were starting. It was a good thing it was going to take two days for them to get through the HR training part of it.

Their routine would be physicals with the doc then head examination with the shrinks, and then physical strength and stamina testing. If they passed all that and agreed to the travel and short notice travel conditions, they would be offered jobs.

Those who accepted would hit the gym for a long list of required skills such as hand skills training and the rock climbing wall, until they were proficient at it. After that, they were hitting the mats with Ching Lee for martial arts, then first aid and CPR.

All this was to give Jamie and her new assistants Julia Brownly and Tammy Hill two and possibly three days – if they needed it – to run the 20 man Rochester SWAT team through the firearms training. They were going to need to prove their proficiency on fixed targets.

What no one but Jamie, Julia and I knew, Tammy Hill was a trick shooter as well as traditional expert marksman holding three Olympic gold medals. She was one of those special people with a revolver who made real fun out of shooting dimes off the post with a mirror. Tammy and Jamie would really put the SWAT team in place and show them up if necessary.

The gun club was going to change up the shoot don’t shoot course every two hours when they took breaks, just to keep them confused.

When they had all passed or finally given up, it was to the mats with Vicky, Ching Lee with the knuckle sticks and Ty. Then when I came home from KCC they were getting the advanced course from me, just to see just how good they were.

The change to my KCC schedule this week was that I was going to work all mornings. I had meetings both Thursday and Friday morning with college administration to finish up last years statistics. Patti would be in charge again each afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon – what little was left – was spent relaxing. Jenny started getting frisky again – she let everyone know it. I wondered if her hormones were changing again this late in the pregnancy. It would be only the six of in the basement tonight. We paired up and kept rotating partners until everyone was well satisfied.

Jenny wanted the big strap-on again. I had avoided using it the last few times we had played. With her on her knees on the sex chair so she could adjust to the best feeling and height, I took it slow and easy. I kept my hand tight around the dildo to make sure I did not go accidently too deep and in a position so my knuckles wreaked havoc on her clit.

Marcy, Lorrie, Ching Lee, and Vicky were tight against her to make sure she did not fall off the chair and were playing touchy feely and kissing all the sensual parts of her body. Just as Jenny finished cuming from all the loving, Vicky said, “Hey Jenny, got milk? I got two hands full.” That brought a chorus of , “Let me see,” as we helped Jenny sit up.

I knew right then that the boys would be born before the doc’s predicted due date. As big as Jenny and her boobs were, I wondered why she just started leaking milk.

After the showers I think we all slept like a rock. I know Jenny and I did.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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