Chapter 322

It was good going back to KCC this week even if it was only half days. Patti and I drove separate vehicles to again and would all week, because I was only working mornings. I left early enough to stop at the Airport Café as I did most mornings. With so much money invested in Morton Field and how it was connecting the other business ventures of JBG together, it was hard to just drive by any more.

Besides trying to keep up with all the investments, the coffee from the café would make any Marine proud. It could walk the walk and talk the talk and keep you awake. I carried a two quart thermos to fill every day. It was worth the five bucks I left on the counter every time.

Just like at KCC when I walked into the café I was met with multiple hellos making me feel at home. As I entered the café I saw Jamie, Tammy, Dad and Captain Peters were sitting at one table having their morning breakfast. I was both happy and surprised to see Captain Peters.

“Hello Captain Peters, I am surprised to see you here,” I said.

“It’s great to see again BJ. You didn’t think for one minute I would let Jimmy, ah Captain Hamilton have all the fun and no one to document his adventures for department prosperity, did you?” he replied with a hardy laugh.

“I heard that Peters,” coming from a table behind them,” Captain Hamilton remarked.

“Jamie, while I am here do you need anything from the new armory before I leave? All our ammo, guns and supplies have been moved over to the new vault while you were on vacation. I have time now if there’s anything you need for today’s fun, I mean today’s training – I can even get you programmed into the new system if you need to get in there later,” I said.

“BJ, for the time being I think my team is set for ammo. We hopefully brought plenty of ammunition for all the weapons we brought with us,” Captain Hamilton replied.

“Now that you mention it, we do need targets for sure. Did they ever come in from the printers while I was gone?” Jamie asked.

“Yes, they are in the armory too, let’s go get them. I need to leave soon,” I replied.

Captain Peters and Hamilton joined Jamie, Tammy and my self as we walked over to the pilot’s office hangar where the access door to the vault door was. I spent a few minutes programming the armory door for Jamie’s ID and retina scan and her palm print. Then took the time to explain how it all worked, that two approved ID’s were required to open the vault and that only the six of officers of JBG, along with Jason and her were the only ones who could get access to it.

I did not tell her about the security setup for the armory: that there were two hidden cameras inside the vault along with the one in the door. The door cam recorded the access to get in and that it recorded a facial photo and scan to compare with the next time the ID that was presented for both individuals. The cams inside recorded who went in and what they did and how long they stayed.

As the thick heavy door swung open, one could still get a whiff of the dried epoxy wall and the floor paint.

After opening the door I stepped back and followed the group in. As I expected, they were all eyes.

Captain Peters and Jimmy Hamilton at first were speechless and just looked at all the toys then at themselves a few times and then at me before Captain Peters asked, “Damn, I assume you have a license for all this stuff?”

“Oh yes, it is part of our State Department and agency contracts, that is why we installed the complicated door and 2 foot thick concrete walls with armor plate sandwiched in the middle,” I answered.

“What the hell is this thing,” Jimmy asked pointing to the shelf.

“That is a GAU- 17A a motor driven mini Gatling gun with a chopper mount. It has a variable fire rate from 2000 to 6000 rounds a minute. It gives a new meaning to hell on earth if you are on the wrong end of the barrels,” I replied.

“Damn I will bet so,” jimmy replied still in shock.

After Jamie discreetly looked around, she picked up a hand full of the X and silhouette target sheets. I then closed the door and cleared out the data on the lock.

As I was turning off Morton Airport road onto RT 301 North, the Iowa National Guard C130j – 30 was crossing over head the highway with its landing gear down on final approach; those guys must have started early. I knew Lorrie and Vicky were on their way to make sure the loading went smoothly and the necessary instructions were understood.

As I was getting out of my suburban in front of the KCC security office, Patti was just pulling into her parking space – so I waited for her and we walked into the office together. I spent the first hour reviewing everything that Patti had done last week in my absence and approved her paperwork. I noted that everything was in order and properly coded for the bean counters in the front office.

As I was standing by Patti’s desk giving her the ‘great job, well done’ speech, Bob Jackson and Chancellor Nobles walked in on Q. It was getting to be a routine thing for us – somehow they just knew when we had time for a break.

“Bob has been telling me all about the thrilling week he had with you while seeing Bob Jr,” Mr. Nobles said. Then he added “I think the way Emily was going on at dinner Saturday night I think she was a bit shaken, at first but still had a great time while she was there too.”

“The flight over went normal for the most part. It wasn’t until we were getting ready to land when things got interesting. They were never in any danger on base, but off base was bad,” I replied.

“Bad is an understatement, I think. Then I saw you all over TV news Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. You looked good in the Senate chamber, you kept your cool and all,” Mr. Nobles said then he added, “Even snarky Candy Brown didn’t rattle your chain – now that was something to watch.”

“She is a different person when the cameras are off,” I said with a laugh. Truthfully, she was even bitchier and more demanding, I felt like saying.

“I am curious, where are you going this week?” Mr. Nobles asked.

“My plans are to stay around at the gym the next couple of weeks. We have two different programs going on this time around. One of the SWAT teams from the Rochester City Police Force and our new rapid response team started this morning. I need to do my part this week,” I replied

“Lorrie’s aviation unit is making the JBG presence felt at the embassies for the next couple of weeks. We are trying to get all the helicopters exchanged and additional ones in place where they need to go.”

“Next week some of the additional staffing will be moved into place as well. Unfortunately, the temporary people are coming out of our college sites. The good thing is they are all ex-military, so that will reduce the training time hopefully this time around.”

A few minutes past eleven, I got a call on my smarter than smart phone from Cindy reading me the latest security info dump from Eric’s DHS office. After the conversation I looked at the dump myself.

The eleven AM security dump affected all US embassies and all state, local police and sheriffs departments. “Information from creditable foreign sources indicates that possible attacks in multiple locations – both domestic and foreign – against US citizens, military and civilian targets.”

“Damn, never a dull moment these days,” I thought. After I finished reading it to myself, I called Patti in and let her read the complete alert. Then I asked what response she would put into effect at KCC.

Patti responded by saying, “I would have the day people stay until 6. I would increase our security presence by calling in extra part time security. I would have check points at all entrances. Lastly I would lockdown all doors and require the ID access cards to be used,” Patti replied.

“That sounds appropriate so far. What about bringing Bob Jackson and Mr. Nobles up to speed on what is going on and ask if they have any input. I will update them while you make the calls to make it happen,” I replied.

Then I sent a group alert to all 10 colleges to take security to the next level for at least the next 48 hours, I told them to be suspicious of everything, challenge everybody and bring in as many of the part time people as needed. I then brought Bob Jackson and Mr. Nobles up to speed.

Even though I knew Cindy had spread the word I called Marcy to lock down the interior access doors to the gym, the lower level training room and the entrance door to the tanning booth. Then I wanted the double entry system we used when the North side gang made their first appearance. We had improved it to eliminate its early deficiency.

Then I called Lorrie to make sure she got the news too. I wanted her to alert all of our employees at the airport to increase their awareness level. I instructed her to have someone monitor the cameras for the main gate that we closed at night and the parking lot for the Elizabeth Morton terminal and for our hangar. Monitoring the cameras was time consuming and a real bore.

This complicated my whole day; I needed to stay at KCC for my normal 8 hour work day. It would not look good if something were to happen at KCC after I had received this alert and left anyway.

Then I had a brain flash and called Jason, “How are we doing with the new hire process for the RRT?”

“Better than we planned, both of your doc friends from Washington came instead of just one, so that part of the process is moving faster than planned. It’s cutting the vetting process in half. Roseanne, Cindy, Mark and I are doing the interviewing. We have completed six and may have 8 of the 30 done by lunch,” Jason replied.

“That’s great to hear. I have a tough question I need to ask you? Are the ones you have finished all hirable?” I asked.

“In my opinion yes, we pulled almost all of them out of the colleges and they passed everything once already except what you are adding this time around, but I know you too well. What do you want done?” Jason replied.

“Because JBG has been in the news a lot lately with the things we are doing. We have to take these alerts even more seriously, especially with the airport. Do you have a high level of confidence in the six that we could give them a rush security assignment today?” I asked.

“They do have good clean military records, are well spoken, respectful and seem to have their heads on straight,” Jason answered.

“OK, here is what I want you to do. Issue them the following: an ID a bullet proof vest, a JBG security jacket, hat, weapon, holster and an M16 with two clips of ammo, also a company handheld radio and company cell phone. Then send them to Marcy. Have her issue them their own security car and make sure they have the light package on them,” I said.

“Assign two to the night security gate at the airport, log in every vehicle and everybody as a cover story. That’s going to be a big job with all the construction, after an hour or so they should be able to know what vehicles they need to stop and check in. Assign two to the terminal and assign the other two at the gym. Those at the gym need to be discrete in where they are positioned,” I instructed.

“You are taking this threat seriously, then,” Jason replied.

“It would not go over well if we were the ones being targeted when we are supplying security for so many places and were not prepared at our own house,” I replied.

“I had not thought of it that way, as each group of two go through the process I will do the same with them, for the rest of the day,” Jason replied.

“Good idea, I will be at Morton field around 3:30,” I replied.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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  1. GaryDan says:

    “A few minutes past eleven, I got a call on my smarter than smart phone from Cindy ”
    If only it were so……
    Nice Tribute/Remembrance

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