Chapter 327

At four Ty, Kathryn and Herman had joined the training. Ching Lee, Vicky and I needed to go sit in on our executive meeting. As always, there were things to discuss.

Marcy and Jenny took the floor first; they had finally gotten everything together on the death benefits for the Koons and Phil Adams. After intense search there was still no family to connect to Phil.

I listened intently as Marcy, Jenny and Jason explained what they had been able to put together.

I signed off on it, relatively pleased. As a group, we made a conference call to Mrs. Koons. We made an appointment to meet her at her home on Friday afternoon at five. She asked if she needed an attorney.

“Other than a few things to sign that you received certain items there are no binding conditions,” I replied. “Whatever you feel comfortable with.”

After our call more important business was at hand.

“My next order of business is that the first group of 8 Suburbans is ready to be shipped from the armor installer and will be shipped out to us Friday, and then 8 more every two weeks until our orders are complete,” Marcy announced.

I read the list where I wanted the first ones to go. I made the decision based on location to cut down on flight time and cost. I also made a note to call the general tomorrow to get the preliminaries started for a C17 to carry them to the Middle East.

“The contract with the NASCAR team was renewed and all the 2016 Chevrolet cars and trucks have been delivered to them,” Marcy said then added.

“The trucking company is going to deliver the 2015 vehicles to the airport for now before the end of the week. I am planning to put all the cars into the MAAR rental fleet. I think we should look at the trucks before deciding, we may want to keep them at the airport,” Marcy replied.

“One more thing, the replacement Suburban for KCC is coming with them, Earnhardt Chevrolet had one in stock,” Marcy added.

“BJ, do you remember Robert Styles and Bert Ford, they are the computer hackers who work for the criminal computer investigative division for the task force?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, I think we both do,” I replied with a laugh.

“The state has combined that department with several others. In the process, they have a new supervisor that everyone hates and have also lost all their overtime. The supervisor is a control freak to the point they are unable to do their jobs. They are looking for a new job and want to work for us,” Jenny said.

“Why would we need a computer hacker and why would loss of overtime be so upsetting to them?” I asked.

“Everyone knows we are big in security after being in the news so much. Robert and Bert both are adamant that they can help us with both the college and embassy security. They are saying that by using the same software that they use to break pedophile and kiddie porn, and major data breech cases can be modified and then used to track terrorists world-wide a lot easier.”

“Robert insists that there is no going dark like the terrorist in Morocco supposedly did. They or a connection to them was on the net or the dark net, that you just have to find it,” Jenny said.

“The overtime issue is that when they get the break that gets them in a dark site of a mail chain, you have to stay until you get to the end. The bad guys are getting high tech using randomizers so that when you close a link it is gone, sometimes forever,” Jenny added.

“I don’t know, would it be worth the investment? Speaking of investment, they will need some fancy systems we most likely don’t have,” I replied.

“Why don’t we have them come to one of our meetings and let them convince us we have a need for them and can utilize their talents,” Ching Lee added.

I almost choked on the word talents but kept it to a cough. Jenny shot me a glance and a wink with a tiny smile.

Jake stopped in to give us an update on the training site, progress was happening. More of the wooden buildings were completed today and so was the road. The first floor block work was completed on all four of the block buildings.

The pads for the second floor would be set in place first thing in the morning. The blocks for building the second floor walls would be set on top of the floor so the block masons could continue.

“How hard would it be to set up one more small building with a generator as a power station, and then trench in wire to a few of the buildings so we can have some resemblance to third world lighting?” I asked Jake.

“Just enough to run a few dim lights if we need to, while you have all the equipment there,” I added.

“The trencher Bob brought to cut the frozen ground for the footers will do that with no problem. I will have them work on it tomorrow. The fence company started putting up the chain link fence you wanted today. I had them expand the size of the site and they put razor wire on top – it looks like a prison,” Jake added with rolling laugh.

Jason was next, “We are receiving applications for the embassy jobs. I am sending them out for background checks after I review the information 20 applications at a time. 50 have come in so far.”

“We have 15 more new applications for the chopper pilot slots. I have already sent them to Eric for advanced background checks. As soon as they come back from him I will set up interviews and forward the finalists to Amy for review,” Jason replied.

“I have the first group of twenty temporary embassy security employees who transferred from the college security division coming next Monday. All of them are former military and most are single. The State department is sending someone for a three day course on Diplomatic Protocol,” Cindy said.

“Then a day to sharpen their firearm skills, a quick refresher on the mats and they should be ready to go,” Cindy added.

“I will notify Victor at the State Department that I am swapping out the crew at Rabat in two weeks,” I announced. “Lorrie, you need to schedule a flight for that exchange.”

Melanie called the meeting room phone; she was working the customer window today. “I have Connie Hovater and four other individuals here to see you.”

“OK, please have someone bring them up,” I replied into the phone.

Connie was the spokesperson and there were no administrative aides with them today.

“You know what happened to me. At some events we have been able to leverage more security from the host. The independent debate in Forestville is still on in 6 weeks. The BAM and BRMM and the Mad Matters groups have vowed to shut it down. We want your security team to provide all the security.”

“The local police will not provide anything in writing as to the number of officers they will supply or the level of security they will provide. The police union has gone on the record as supporting the groups, so we think they may not do the job as effectively as they should,” she said.

Senator Hank Whitby was next, “We want you to provide the security, do whatever you think you need to do to make us safe, and make sure the event comes off without a hitch and keep the groups at bay.”

“Don’t take any shortcuts; we know the work you do, take no prisoners, and just send us the bill. This is a slap in the face to the party who is still playing favorites. Expect a road block to come up; they can find a way to do it,” he said.

They left us with copies of the contract with the event site, the insurance policy, blue prints of the site including highway and parking access.

I left the folder on my desk, there would be time tomorrow to sort it out and send the pieces to the right people. The training was over for tonight but my evening still required work.

The Iowa National Guard chopper had arrived in Rabat Morocco with the two choppers. They were waiting at the embassy for a VCATS call. Captain Kevin McCalister was the officer in command for this mission.

As VCATS came alive with the images from Morocco I recognized Harvey Black – one of the JBG team leaders – Captain McCalister and Tommy Bell – one of our Black Hawk mechanics. Because of the number of JBG personnel, 20 before the loss of Phil and Albert, they were divided into two teams.

“Good evening Captain, how did the first part of the flying for this mission go?” I asked.

“The Arctic route was cold but everything went off without a hitch,” Capt. McCalister replied.

“I take it the accommodations have been acceptable?” I asked.

“Oh yes, about as good as we expected,” the captain replied.

“Captain, when you get back, are you the commander on the next flight?” I asked.

“Yes, where is the next flights destination?” he asked.

“Two Bell 407s to the Middle East. You will have a different helicopter specialist on that flight,” I replied.

“Tommy, what is the condition of the Black Hawk you are bringing back?” I asked.

“Boss, I think three weeks to a month for the repairs,” Tommy replied.

“Ok, that will work in the time frame we need,” I replied.

“Captain, keep me informed of your return progress,” I said then added “If you will excuse us I need a few minutes of private conversation with Harvey.”

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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