Chapter 328

“Harvey, what is the general mood there, is everyone recovering OK?” I asked.

“There are some who are still taking it hard. The compound walls have been repaired so that has removed some of the long hours and stress,” Harvey said.

“Harvey, in two weeks I am pulling all 18 of you out. You are coming back to the main office for recurrent training. We also found out that there is a lot of information missing out of the Black Water HR files we received, we want to update everything, and get everyone up to speed on our HR rules, physicals and the like.” I said then added.

“Plus, there are some answers I want about the loss of Adams and Koons. The losses were a first for us. I want to make sure nothing was missed. Something just does not feel right.”

“The emails making the announcement are in the process and should be sent in a few minutes,” I said.

“Is the department going to let you pull us out? Black Water always said State tied their hands on personnel,” Harvey asked.

“I make the decisions about personnel placement, the state department only requests numbers and qualifications,” I replied.

“The replacement team will be at the new staffing levels for the Embassy. You guys will be here for a couple weeks, than a week or two off for vacations if you want before you go back,” I said.

“We can go back after the training?” Harvey asked.

“Yes you can go back, or transfer to any one of the other 80 embassies. They are all going to go through this process this year. But there are only 18 embassies that currently have hazard pay.”

“Once you get the emails, if you have any questions just ask. I have to run, good evening – we will chat soon again Harvey,” I replied and then I closed the screen.

The girls were waiting in the gym for me to go home for supper. All the day help had been gone for a couple hours. The night crew was doing their training routines. I was surprised to see both the Rochester and the most of the RRT back in the gym. I guessed the weather was too cold for them to go to Washington for R&R or the night life, or else they were afraid they would pay dearly tomorrow.

It did not hurt that Shelia Roush was in the gym with her group of fit female boxers. They were gearing up for the next round of pre-Olympics matches. They were fit enough and cool looking enough that when they got all hot and sweaty from sparring and shadow boxing, grown men lost all common sense.

Those grown men were now volunteering to spar with the boxers. I knew those female boxers – they would tag those guys along for a few minutes and then unload several rounds of killer punches on them. I left with the girls before there was any need for first aid.

Supper consisted of one of our favorites, homemade cold cut subs and hot soup. All the normal gang was there; Patti, Crash, Marlene, we six girls and two little boys waiting to be born.

After supper I had one more thing before we got comfortable and into a playful mood.

“Jenny, tomorrow call Robert and Burt, find out how much salary they need, have them put together what they need for equipment and don’t cut corners, I want them to have equipment to do the job right, then ask how soon they can start,” I said.

“What changed?” Marcy asked and the eyes staring at me said she was not alone.

“Two things, first I still have questions about the Morocco issue. I cannot believe they carried out that kind of coordinated attack of that size without some kind of communication. Either the electronic traffic was missed with another cover-up, or we are being lied to,” I replied then added.

“That is why I am pushing to get the replacement men in place and pulling those guys out so fast. I don’t want them influenced any longer than necessary. I have some intense questioning for them. Plus, the fact that they can choose not to go back may help bring the truth out.”

“Second, the debate is going to be protested by at least three groups – the Mad Matters, BAM and the BRMM – and you can be sure they are communicating. It would be nice to know what they are planning,” I replied.

“I don’t want them on our server. We will set them up as a separate business, computer consultants or something with their own internet address from the cable company,” I replied to Jenny questioning looks. “So that if anyone back tracks to them it does not show up as being a JBG.”

The rest of the evening was relaxed, a little fun and games, even Jenny seemed more at ease tonight. I was bringing Jenny to the doctor for another checkup tomorrow. In my heart I knew this was the last checkup. The boys had to be born soon. Jenny was big and every night we were giving her legs and back rubdowns.

I was going to KCC in the morning then training on the mats until 2:30, and then to the docs with Jenny.

The weather was not looking good after the weekend. The old farmer’s almanac was predicting a major winter storm for our area. I hoped that Bob’s crews were making real progress and had enough completed that we could use site after the weather shut down construction.

The morning started early. I was up by 5:30 and had coffee and breakfast cooked and on the table when my mates sat at their chairs. It was an unusual treat for my mates in the middle of the week.

KCC was quiet the whole morning, so quiet I had time to finish reports that were not due until the end of the month. I also sent both Chancellor Nobles and Bob Jackson an email that the replacement Suburban would be here in two weeks.

At noon I headed home, I was in the gym by 12:30 today. I was working both the Rochester group and the 30 man rapid response team. With this being the third day in the training cycle there was improvement. It was a good thing I was going with Jenny; I was going to need a rest.

Ching Lee had pushed them hard this morning. Stunts, moves, arm and hand action were beginning to make sense and the follow through was beginning to come through as a natural movement.

Those guys who were picking up the combinations made it necessary for me to work harder to stay on the top of my game. The thing that gave me a little relief was that Ching Lee had worked them so hard; they needed a little rest too.

Jenny and I left in time to make the appointment with Dr. Peterson. There were several doctors in the office today so the waiting room was full. Surprisingly, we only had to wait a few minutes. Dr. Peterson performed a lot more tests this time and asked a lot more questions. We listened to the heart beats.

Dr. Peterson said, “With the birth this close, we need to have the discussion about a C-section. Both boys are really big to be this far along; it is a good possibility that you may be early.”

“I would rather have them natural but their health is the first concern,” Jenny replied.

I tried to be creative and recorded the heartbeats on my smart phone so the other girls could hear them. I made a video of the sonogram – we could see the little arms and legs, the eyes and the little noses. Jenny and I were so happy; we couldn’t wait to see how it would look on the big plasma screen.

Jenny and I tried it on the plasma in my office as soon as we returned to the office. It worked. I called Mom, Dad, Jake and Mindy to see if they could both be at the office at four when we held our meeting to see it, as Lisa and Jason would be here anyhow.

Jenny played the recording of the heartbeats. The grand-moms were ecstatic as were everyone else. The recording worked better than I thought it would. We could hear the heart beats plain as day. It even picked up Dr. Peterson’s voice.

“The equipment can isolate each baby, Here is baby one,” then a moment later, “This is baby two; both heart beats are normal and strong,” she said.

Jenny then played the video of the sonogram, the little arms, legs, fingers and toes – I could even make out the closed eyes and little noses. The grand-dads both cleared their throats and I was sure I saw Mom wipe a tear. I had even recorded Susan’s statement about the possibility of being born early.

We finished our meeting early. Jake wanted to take us back to the site to see the progress they had made.

The gate was still open so we drove into the compound, as everyone had starting calling it. The crusher run road made a circle inside the chain link fence with the razor wire on top. It did look like a prison I had seen in some of my travels.

Under the big plastic sheets – with heaters still running – I could see that the second story block walls were up on the four concrete block buildings. Jake had added windows on the second floor that were covered with plywood.

“Bob is going to place the concrete pads on the blocks for the roof tomorrow afternoon to finish off concrete buildings, with the exception of the top railings.”

“The trencher broke down today, but tomorrow they will finish running electric to all the buildings. Charlie’s electric crew decided to run cable to all the buildings and just blank them off on the outside. That way it will be there if you want it.”

“The generator will be here tomorrow. The carpenters built the enclosure today. The crane will set the generator and then sit the enclosure over the top of it,” Jake said.

“Looks good Jake, lets hope the weather holds out so you can finish it,” I replied.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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