Chapter 329

Thursday and Friday I was off from KCC and planned to work with both the Rochester SWAT team and the RRS team. Everyone had improved substantially this week. Vicky, Ching Lee and I spent the most time with the Rochester group. They were leaving at noon tomorrow to go home.

Marcy, Jenny and Cindy had designed a nice certificate that could be framed of the advanced training completion from JBG Security. At noon before they left we were going to present the certificates and get pictures. We were going to send certificates back with Capt. Peters for the first group.

Jamie took the lowest scoring of the Rochester men back to the gun club for one more run through to give them the opportunity to improve their scores.

Vicky and I along with several other trainers did the same thing with the rest of the group on the mats. We spent the biggest part of the day working on hand skills and nonlethal take-down techniques.

At three Robert and Burt came in and met with Jenny and Marcy. They had the salary request and an equipment list that they would need if wages and benefits could be agreed upon. I left the negotiations to Marcy and Jenny.

At four, just as we were finishing up for the evening I was standing and talking with Peters and Hamilton when Jake and Bob came in carrying several rolled up blueprints.

“BJ, I know you soon need to be in your meeting but if you have 30 minutes to come look at the compound, there are a couple of things to decide. All the carpenters will be finished tomorrow,” Jake Said.

“Compound – I knew you were building something but – compound. That sounds serious,” Captain Peters replied.

“Let me change into something warmer and I will be right with you,” I said to Jake.

I did the quick strip down and put on the clothes I had worn from the house this morning. That consisted of long johns, sweat pants, my bulletproof vest covered by a sweatshirt and then the shoulder harness and finally a jacket.

I walked back to Jake, Bob and the Captains, “Well, let’s go see what a compound looks like. Do you captains want to come along?” I asked.

“I would not turn down that invitation,” Captain Hamilton replied.

I drove with Jake in the passenger’s seat and the captains in the back. At Morton Airport lane we had to slow to almost a crawl; the blacktop patch just does not work very well in freezing weather and frozen ground.

We followed the road around to the rear security gate where I had to use my ID card to open. We went past the house that we built for Crash that we had yet to come up with a real use, now that he did not want to move back in.

Then it was past the fuel farm and maintenance building that I picked up the new road that led to the compound. I pulled up to the gate and waited as Jake opened a control box and started the generator. Then he opened the electric gate and turned on the lights.

It did indeed look like a prison at night; almost kind of eerie. There was one very small flood light in each corner aimed towards the interior. Some of the buildings had what I would have called antique light fixtures. They were just a flat round disc with a small light bulb hanging from it.

They were so dim they must have been a 5 watt bulb, if they made such a thing. Some of the buildings must have had one inside them. The second floor of the concrete buildings each had one.

All the wooden buildings looked to be completed. I wanted the third world look and I got it.

I took one of those new stream lights like the fire fighters use and we walked and looked at and in each building.

The concrete buildings were still under a plastic tent to fast-cure today’s block work. In one of the concrete ones Jake and Bob led us to the second floor and then on to the roof.

“I wanted to show you railings we put up. If you do not want them there, you can tear them down after you have accepted the work and paid us. For liability reasons the engineers insisted they be there,” Bob said.

“I am sure that you noticed there was nothing on any of the windows, I think you need something to keep the birds and buzzards out. Bob suggested that we use the thick plastic door guards like you see in the deli sections to keep flies out of the cutting section.”

“We can install it on the outside and put plywood on a slide inside to make it more weather tight when you are not using the place. When you want to play war games just slide the plywood out of the way,” Jake said.

“You notice that all the doors are just two sheets of plywood nailed to 2x4s and all swing in,” Jake added.

“OK, the hand rails are a good idea; after being up there looking down, they will stay. Your ideas on the windows make sense so do it that way. Everything looks good. You two out-did yourselves again. I expected another week at least. Are there any other things you need to know? I need to get back,” I replied.

“I will go to Annapolis tomorrow to get the plastic sheeting. While I am gone all the plastic tents can come down and the crews will clean up the place,” Bob replied then he added.

“There are a bunch of carpenters and block layers who wanted me to extend thanks to you for the weeks work. Some of them haven’t had a decent week since the weather turned cold,” he said.

“Well, you can tell them ‘thank you’ for me. If you have a list and if you will have all of them here tomorrow, I will have Jake give all of them a couple hundred dollars cash bonus off the record for the cold and suffering,” I replied.

“I don’t think I should be hearing this conversation, it might make me want to quit my job. What is that – third world gray money?” Captain Peters asked.

“LOL no, fourth world, it came through places where you need an armed guard just to eat lunch,” I replied.

“I have one more question, this looks like prison, are you starting your own Gitmo?” Captain Peters asked.

I laughed before I answered, “The State Department wants to teach at least a one day course on hostage rescue, just the basics to all JBG embassy personnel. The employees at hot-spot embassies are going to get several days and much more advanced training when the employees come for the recurrent training,” I said then I added.

“Next year they want a full week for the hot spot employees. They want JBG employees to be able to work with advance teams in an emergency. The department is going to supply instructors,” I said.

“Now if Bob gets the clean-up and plastic removal done early enough in the morning, do you want to run your guys through a hostage scenario before lunch? I have M16s and Glocks that will only shoot blanks, along with smoke grenades and flash bangs. Or I can do paintball guns. I will work with you on the scenario if you want,” I replied.

“The only condition is that I film it, for training purposes of course,” I said as I was laughing. “I will supply the hostages and the bad guys,”

“Hmm, let Hamilton and me think on that,” Captain Peters replied.

“If we decide to do it, can you have all the mess out of the way by eleven?” I asked Bob and Jake.

“Hell, I will even have the JLG man lift set up at one end for a high video camera. I have a good one with zoom and all,” Jake replied.

“Let’s go, I have a meeting to attend,” I said.

I was late to the meeting, Marcy held off all the important stuff until I was there.

Robert and Burt were employees. We matched their salary and benefits and Marcy was doing something with the retirement for them.

They would start on Monday. They had six weeks accrued vacation from the state. They would go on vacation and set up shop in one of the empty offices and then turn in their resignations if everyone was happy.

Island Broadband was going to run a separate cable for them with a PO Box as the delivery location. Our computer supplier had all the hardware they wanted and would be delivered no later than Monday afternoon.

Cindy and Mark had started working on the package from the politicians and were brainstorming different sections. A lot of input was going to be necessary.

At a break in the session I asked Lorrie if we had a Blackhawk that could fly tomorrow if necessary.

Then I called the fire chief who had been to the terrorist attack Monday night. And then one more call to the agency hangar, those little gears in my head were smoking they were spinning so fast.

Finally, I called Hanna Page, “Do you and your camera man do any freelance work?”

“Sure, anything to make a buck, the station does not pay top scale. I know you are into kinky – if you look at the c-list thing that is his ad for private filming; I am the lighting person. What do you have in mind?”

“I won’t know for sure until sometime in the morning,” I explained what I had in mind if it happened.

“I can do even better than that; I will bring my equipment if you call.” Hanna replied.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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