Chapter 348

Saturday afternoon Andy sent me back pictures taken of the villa from one of the choppers with a very good camera. His e-mail had the GPS coordinates of the villa.

Andy included the tool list as he called it; all of it, with the exception of a few things, we had in the armory. The things we did not have Andy had sent links to online sites that carried the items. Andy included the rush order that I was to place and have it shipped next day to the embassy.

Andy wanted four Dragon X12 RTF KDE Drones that were $31,000 apiece, eight extra batteries with chargers that were a thousand each plus four cameras; two of the cameras were $4000 each and two were $25,000 each. By the description, the last two were infrared; the kind that could see the heat signature of people in buildings.

There were several interesting things about the order he wanted. One was the cameras were live feed to a laptop and Andy wanted four laptops to go with them. The next thing was that the drones could carry a hundred pounds of weight and with the extra battery packs, could fly well over an hour. The package was a lot of money, but all of it could be used later over and over, even at the compound for training.

I was using a three half-day work schedule at KCC for the next few weeks. The first thing I did Monday morning was order all the things Andy wanted and sent him copies of the order, in case he wanted to change or add anything. I also instructed Marcy to upgrade Andy’s credit card limits. Marcy was going to kill me when she saw these invoices.

Things were back to normal at KCC; I had a quiet morning. The visit by Bob Jackson was cordial and quick.

On the way back to the gym I stopped at the airport and went to the agency hangar. I had questions for Kevin Parks. I basically wanted to know how much of the rules he would bend for me in a discreet way.

I asked, “How often do the satellites go over North-east Africa?”

“Several times a day; what areas are you interested in?” Kevin replied.

I gave him the GPS of the villa. He punched in the numbers; then he looked at me a little strange.

“There is a whisper in the wind about a sweet little OPS your guys are said to have pulled off. Is this connected?” Kevin asked.

“Call it follow up,” I replied.

“That location is in the direct path of several satellites that routinely monitor Morocco, Algeria and Libya. What do you need?” Kevin said.

“A couple of good images a day, then Wednesday and Thursday a lot – including thermals if possible – sent to my email account,” I replied.

“Off the record, I assume,” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

In the terminal building I stopped by Lorrie’s office, “I need the G550 Wednesday through at least Friday morning; the flight is to Morocco. I want to leave at midnight Tuesday. I want to be there at first light.”

“Then on Sunday, one of the C130s with all the jump seats put back in needs to do a round robin to Rabat to exchange the team there. The flight needs to leave real early Sunday to make the exchange in one day,” I said.

Monday afternoon I went with Jenny and the boys for their first doctor visit. All three were fine and fit as a fiddle. Jenny had lost weight – ten pounds – since she had left the hospital. The boys had put on a pound each.

At our nightly meeting I stressed that the training for the group in the gym had to be finished by Thursday evening so that all day Friday could be on hostage rescue training when I returned. They needed Saturday off to finish any personal items before returning to Rabat.

Tuesday morning was as quiet as Monday. I gave Patti all the numbers for a meeting I was supposed to attend on Wednesday afternoon.

Then I went to Bob Jackson to explain I would not be there and Patti had everything that was needed.

At the gym Vicky, Ching Lee and I pushed the group hard on hand skills. All 25 of the group were in the gym this afternoon. Jamie was finally satisfied with their weapons skills. It was 6 before we called it an evening.

When I opened my e-mail, the first set of satellite photos that I had asked for were in my in box. Another e-mail was from Andy; the drones and other equipment had arrived, including the laptops Marcy had sent. They had spent several hours learning to use them today by flying the perimeter of the embassy grounds.

I double checked the list that Andy wanted and took Lorrie with me to box it up so that all I had to do was load it on the plane. Twenty pounds of C4, a case of 24 transmitters and receivers along with a case of the heavy duty batteries needed to remotely detonate the C4.

We had two of the new Freedom Ordnance belt fed 9 mm defenders, a thousand clips and a thousand rounds of 9 mm ammo along with 2 of the 308 sniper rifles with silencers and a case of special ammo for them along with 12 hand grenades and a dozen extra loaded clips for my Glock went into the pile, along with an assortment of electrical components and brackets that Andy had stored in the vault.

Lorrie never asked directly what was I going to do with all the toys. She did ask who was going with me.

“No one, I need to handle this myself. Besides, it is too dangerous and everyone has plenty to do as it is,” I replied.

At home I packed a bag. This time in addition to the go bag, I packed a couple of pairs of my old Marine camo cargo pants and shirts, extra socks that were light and cool. I packed under watchful eyes.

I spent the rest of the evening with my mates, we even spent an hour in the basement. It wasn’t a full orgy but it was as close as we could get with the short time we had. I intended to sleep soundly on the plane. There were long hugs and soft words as I left for the airport.

The pilot, copilot and I loaded all the freight in the back of the G550, along with my portable office and my bags.

I reclined the fancy padded seat and went to sleep. I woke up when the thump of the tires hitting the runway at the international airport at Rabat. It was 7 AM; Darrell had made good time and the westerly winds had been in our favor.

I called Andy to pick me up. A few minutes later two Range Rovers drove to the plane. I looked questionably at the Rovers.

“You own them; they were a bargain,” Andy replied with a laugh. “They fit right in with everything else on the road; besides Haamid won’t need them any more. He did not mind spending the prince’s money on himself.”

On the trip back to the embassy, Andy filled me in on the progress they had made with the toys that had been delivered and the testing that was done yesterday.

I made a comment about going to see the ambassador and making nice.

“You won’t have to worry about them; only little people are here as all the bosses are in Washington; they left on Monday. A very big powwow is in the works.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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