Chapter 425

When the party was over I followed Ching Lee to her office. She filled me in on the conversation with Sherman; he was not a happy camper, but understood the need for no changes until our investigation was completed in a few days. He was thankful for Andy and the 10 men with him.

The hair samples were already at the lab and we were to have the DNA printout tonight. The fingerprints were already given to Robert to run through the system.

Andy had his 10 people re-positioning and adding more cameras, also doing a revaluation of the entrances to the college grounds based on the little information we had from the map.

We had finished supper and cleaning it up; it was nearly dusk and the hunters should be back any time. By Maryland law hunting ended at dusk. Jenny and my cell phones went crazy.

It had been a successful hunt and they were sending us pictures. Dad had killed a nice buck; he was sitting behind it holding the rack with an ear to ear grin. He had been hunting a dozen times this year and this was the first time he had bagged one. I wondered what made difference now.

Bob and Jason each had a big doe and equally big grins. Robin, on the other hand, had a very big buck with a huge rack. She was on her knees beside the deer holding the rack, with a smile so big there were no words to describe it.

The text said, “On our way to the gun club to weigh them in and meeting the taxidermist there. Robin wants to find out how much it will cost to have the head mounted – it’s the biggest buck she has ever shot – then on to the butcher shop.

We decided to meet them at the gun club. I wondered how my girls would take to seeing Bambi dead in the back of a truck. Jenny was no problem; Jason had mounted the deer on one wall in his study that he had bagged over the years.

When we got there the deer had already been weighed and checked in to the state log books. The Department of Natural Resources wanted a count of all the deer killed in the county. They used these counts against the live estimate to determine the length of the second hunting season and the black powder season.

They also used the sex to determine if there should be a limit on bucks in those last two seasons. A buck needed a harem of 10 to 15 does to stay healthy. Too many does and the bucks wasted away and the does would fight each other for attention, ending up hurt.

Too many deer overall led to them getting killed on the highways and moving to the developments, eating flowers to upset the rich folks. The state highway had crews dedicated to picking up the carcasses off the roadways.

The taxidermist was there measuring the antlers and recording the number, and then worked a price to put the head on a nice mount.

“Go ahead and mount it,” I told him; “The club can use today’s hunt for advertising. A big poster and endorsement for the gun maker will work,” I replied to his look. “Let’s get a picture with all the deer and the hunters together that we can use on the poster.”

The girls watched as the taxidermist made the cuts to get enough neck to make a nice looking mount. I expected them to be squeamish but was surprised; they watched closely, pointing and talking.

Andy called and I walked away to take the call, “I rented a house across from the college; it’s a big house, expensive and unfurnished. I called fifteen of my men to be at Morton at 8AM. Send them here tomorrow and send 25 of the army cots for us to sleep on. They are to bring their gear.”

“I will call you tomorrow and lay out my plans.”

I was off from KCC tomorrow and could fly on the flight, but I was worried that too many bosses showing up so close together would set off alarms. There were other things I needed to do anyway.

The night with Marcy was warm, cuddly and passionate; I wondered if all the baby talk the other night was getting all of them worked up. Even with all the passion, both of us were up early and had breakfast on the table at 6.

The best alarm clock was the old fashioned percolator that turned out the coffee that I loved. It clunked every time it perked and gurgled. I filled five more cups as I settled into my chair to drink my first of the day. Sausage, eggs and toast with a couple slices of bacon for Marcy and me.

The girls had filled their plates and we were nearly done eating when there was a knock on the door. When I got to the door the camera showed Eric standing there.

“You are just in time to join us for breakfast,” I said.

“I have already eaten, but I would take a cup of that coffee I smell,” he replied.

Over coffee, “I have the answer to your question but I am sure you could have found it without me. So I took the bait and here I am,” he said.

“You are a little earlier than I thought you would be; I’ll need a few minutes to look this morning’s info dump and put it together for a better picture,” I replied. “But first, we need to go to the airport,” I added.

When we arrived, one of the Bombardiers was powering to the terminal building. Fifteen more of the Rapid Response Team was in the terminal with their gear and bags. There were two airport carts with 25 of the better quality marine cots. I noticed that they had an equal number of air mattresses and blankets with pillows. These men were showing why I called them Rapid Response and that this was from hard learned lessons.

I carried a box of 900 Meg radios; I did not want them to be using personal phones. I did not want to chance any of them losing a phone that may have a lot of personal information on it.

Al Bunting was in charge of this group; Andy had long ago established a pecking order in the RRT command structure. “I’ll be out there with you men sometime next week,” I told him.

“I’m not sure I like what I see going on here, this looks serious as all hell,” Eric said.

Back at the office, there was a folder from Robert with a sticky note, “Call me and I will explain.”

With Eric listening and Ching Lee assisting, I went through the information the same way I had with Andy; from the beginning, starting with Dagar’s death at 515.

Then I handed Eric the information that I had on Randolph Reichmann for him to digest. The sheet that had come from Genie had the notations that he worked for Frank at Minneapolis State College.

While Eric was reading and rereading, I opened the folder from Robert. After the first two pages I thought it best if Robert explained the information to us and made the call.

“Most of the information is on Randolph Reichmann and that name is one of three we found for him. He has been Reichmann for fifteen years based on the public records. He took that name in Tripoli. After several years there, he came to the US. ”

“Before that he was Klaus Richter with Berlin, East Germany listed for a location. Genie has him listed as a Russian agent suspected of murdering a British agent in Brussels. The photo in the file and DNA is a confirmed match to Reichmann; that information on him came from Interpol.”

“He was born Heinrich Braun in Wroclaw Poland and was a member of the Russian youth brigade; facial recognition says he is one and the same. The photo I fed into Genie came from Interpol via the Russians.”

“To put the icing on the cake, the DNA and fingerprints Sherman collected match everything in Genie and Interpol; there is no mistake who he is. Another thing that caught my eye is that he is a loner; no information on any wives or girlfriends. He is living in a cheap two room apartment,” Robert finished the information on Reichmann.

“Here is what he is sending in the coded messages; looks to me he is getting data out of the college research department; most of it is advanced satellite info studies from a DOD contract,” Robert said as he handed me the papers. A quick glance told me they were way above my head so I handed them to Eric.

After a giving Eric a few minutes to look at them, he started on Diya.

“The information on Diya is bits and pieces; we are using several different sources to put it together, such as text from a burner phone that we have pinpointed by the style of the conversation with a parallel call list. He was having computer problems last night and the computer was on for a long time with his second system running; there was not as much in it as I was expecting.”

“Here are a few pictures of him from the computer camera, here are four pictures of the training, explosive devises they have made and a truck bomb that they set up. Here is the day they are planning on; you have ten days,” Robert said. “That’s all I have for now but we are working everything we can.”

“I am supposed to meet Frank at the hangar in an hour on another matter. I will call him and tell him to stop here and that we need to cancel that meeting. This could be a career – ender for a lot of people. People in high places frown on having something like this happen in their departments,” he said.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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