Chapter 426

Frank was to arrive an hour later; in that hour Eric and I had a long private talk. I learned a lot of information about the interworking of the CIA, FBI and DHS and the areas where they had gentleman’s hands off agreements.

There was also a gentleman’s agreement not to show up another agency between all three federal agencies – the FBI, CIA and DHS – but to always portray the image of full cooperation and joint operations.

This was a position mandated by the current administration for public consumption. The result reduced effort and low moral out of the agencies; why try harder if someone else was going to get equal credit and had done nothing.

In a lull in the conversation before Frank arrived I had a thought. Mosad knew a lot about the Minneapolis; was Randolph Reichmann a triple agent?

Ben David had left me a number in case I had questions or problems, so I dialed it.

I recognized his voice when he answered with, “Shalom.”

“Shalom my friend, this is Ambassador Jones; how are things in the world of Mosad today?” I asked.

Eric’s eye went as big as saucers.

“You know the Arab world quite well; there is no good news,” he replied then he added.

“Our friend in Africa was quite impressed with your generosity; I talked with him today. He wanted me to tell you that he has spread some of the tidings around as you suggested. He and his friends are looking forward to your visit and building on the mutual trust and relationship.” That was more of the coded diplomatic speak that I had finally learned to understand.

“Yes, I too am looking forward to my visit and working at expanding our mutual trust and relationship. My visit is going to be in 3 weeks; if he needs me to bring anything, he just needs to ask as I have plenty of room on the plane we will be flying over in,” I replied.

“I have a question that I need to ask and I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but things are in a critical state in one of our security sites and you may be able to give me some information on it.”

“Is Randolph Reichmann, also known as Klaus Richter or Heinrich Braun, a cover for one of your agents?”

“The name is not familiar; my assistant will check so we can continue out conversation,” That told me that he had me on speaker phone.

“Our friend said you had a nice hangar at Entebbe and that you may be willing to allow us to use it from time to time,” he said.

“Yes, we had that discussion and I advised where he could get a key anytime he needed one. I will see to it that he gets one if it will be beneficial. JBG currently has it leased for a year. The choppers we stored there should be dispersed by the end of the week,” I replied then I added.

“We are taking a lot of food for the refugee camp; way too much to deliver to the camp at one time! I am afraid it would invite rebels to attack the camp. I plan to store the excess there. My people will make a delivery every couple weeks to the camp – at least that is what I plan.”

“There had been some thought of leaving one of our spare Blackhawks there; it is a central location and could be used from time to time as a maintenance location if we need it,” I replied.

I was fishing with a big hook and opening a door. We did have spare Blackhawks; I had bought 45 and only needed 40. His response either now or later would help me understand the scope of Israeli operations in the area.

Would Marcy lease them a chopper? I didn’t even have to ask to know the answer to that one.

“Would it have diplomatic decals or JBG?”

“Whatever it needs at the time; they are easily changed,” I replied.

“Randolph Reichmann is not one of us; he is bad. If you get him in your sights, pull the trigger on him,” Ben replied. Then he added, “I shall pay you a visit and discuss the hangar in more detail.”

“Shalom my friend,” he said.

“Shalom my friend,” I replied.

“Mosad, trust and relationship, generosity, spreading the tidings, use of your hangar, a Blackhawk; I thought you said you were not a diplomat and all that sounds like an international diplomat with growing ties and influence,” Eric replied then he added. “You are starting to worry me.”

“Nothing to worry about; he and I both want the same thing,” I replied.

“And what is that?”

“Every terrorist that comes our way: dead,” I replied.

“Have you made the connection that the group in Rochester and Minneapolis are connected?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Dagar and Aadam were in 515 together, I do not believe in coincidences. There is a prior connection, part of a plan,” I replied.

Frank walked in to end the conversation for now.

“What is so important to cancel our other meeting? The wimpy triplets are furious,” he said.

I pointed him to the chair besides Eric and slid the picture of Randolph Reichmann to him.

“That’s one of my men; what’s the problem?”

Then the report from Genie; next was the Interpol report followed by the fingerprint and DNA Sherman had collected.

He looked at Eric and then me, “Crap; no, worse than that. It’s dog shit and it’s going to get on everybody. What led you to this?”

I slid his JBG computer logs over next; Robert had highlighted the times and dates of the transmissions and a copy of the attachment as it was sent. Then there was a sheet with the deciphered attachment.

“Oh no – Russia or Iran – I’m going to have to send a team to Minneapolis! It is really going to disrupt things there and that’s just the beginning. Headquarters does all the hiring; that has to be researched as to how he got through the system,” he said.

“It gets worse,” Eric replied.

“Just what else can happen to make it worse?” Frank replied.

I slid the first papers on Diya’s plans over to him. When he finished reading, I slid the next until he had read all of them.

When he finished reading he asked Eric, “Are you moving assets to Minneapolis yet?”

“I already have assets in the area; the special ops team is already there and so are 15 of the RRT. The rest are flying there tomorrow morning. And then there are the one hundred college security employees that can be repositioned as I need them,” I replied, and then I added.

“I am moving personnel in slowly. I don’t want them to get spooked and change their plans. Andy rented a big house across the street from the college as command center and a bunk house,” I said.

“Don’t you think they should be caught before they get to the college?” Frank asked. It was a question I had expected to come from Eric.

“First the information only names Diya; nothing on any of his accomplices and there is nothing in his phone to connect anyone to him. There is not enough time to get sufficient surveillance close to him without tipping him off. His father is mayor; his cousin is chief of police; they will ask and will be told what is going on,” I replied.

“If you tip him off they will go underground and just wait. The only choice we will be left with is to maintain level (Red) security for who knows how long. The longer you do that the more you give away of your security process; they are watching. You also increase the risk of lone wolf attacks 10-fold,” I said.

“If you did catch them you are going to charge them with possession of explosives and plotting a terrorist attack. They will get twenty years and serve ten or less; get three meals a day of their special diet and 70 degree controlled temperature. Then they will get access to computers to further radicalize everyone they can contact online and everyone in the prison and they will continue to plan,” I said.

“They want to meet Allah; I intend to expedite that trip,” I said.

“This is the cover letter I have sent the college to cover all the people I’m sending there,” I said as I handed them a copy.

“You need to send people there but they need to report to Andy. He already has measures in the works; we have to work together,” I replied.

“I’ll have a team meet with Andy in the morning,” Eric said.

“I still have to deal with the Randolph Reichmann mess,” Frank said.

“According to all the contracts we signed, your agents at the colleges work for me so I am the one who is going to look bad. Not only that, when it hits the papers it will cause problems at all the colleges we serve. They are all going to question who I have working for me.”

“Do you want to question him before he is fish food, because that problem is going away permanently tonight?” I said.

When I got no answer I dialed the phone, “Andy; Randolph Reichmann is a double agent, a Russian spy and a bad one; make sure you have a couple men there when he comes into work tonight, cuff him with steel and flex, put a bag over his head.”

“Then send a clean-up crew to his apartment. Go over it with a fine tooth comb; bag everything that looks like it could be useful in finding answers. Do the same with his car. The G5 is still at the airport on standby, put him and everything you collect in it with a couple of guards and send it here; do not take any chances with him,” I said.

“Send the G5 back with the rest of my men tomorrow, Scotty is calling them now to pack,” Andy replied.

The next call was to Dad, “Dad, make sure the chipper is full of fuel and runs; park it back by the edge of the pond by the 2 inch fire hose and make sure the discharge points towards the pond.”

Frank and Eric both just stared at me; neither saying anything.

Finally Frank spoke up, “When your G5 gets here park over at the agency hangar; we will take it from there. They will do an interrogation and the team will go through the evidence. Leave the chipper back there for a couple days.”

“Don’t run any steel cuffs or leg shackles through my chipper, and clean it when you are through. There are several cases of bleach in the maintenance building; load 6 gallons on the trough in a row paired with firewood and send it through. Then flush the thing with the fire hose and run several thousand gallons of water through with it in the chipping mode. After that, rinse and thoroughly drench the outside,” I said.

“I wondered how you cleaned that thing of DNA afterwards.”

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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    Omg I loved it – I so much want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not a good day to be on the wrong side of BJ. LOL

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