Chapter 429

We were in the landing pattern when my cell rang. I wondered what was going on now; it had been a quiet flight ever since Ching Lee had settled into my lap. Penny and Alexandria had been quietly talking. They were intrigued by all the events of today and then about Ching Lee in my lap.

“Shalom my friend,” the voice said.

“Shalom my friend,” I replied.

“I received a message from Intel today that Randolph Reichmann is in custody with your help. I also understand that he became loose lipped when confronted the realties of some heavy equipment that you have. I have been promised a file of things that may pertain to Israel. I was asked to extend a thank you from my people in Tel Aviv,” Ben-David replied.

“That is good news that you may benefit from his misfortune of being caught.”

“On the other matter we had lightly discussed, I have decided to place a Blackhawk in the Entebbe hangar. It is scheduled to go into the shop for advanced maintenance at the end of the week. If there is anything special you want placed on it, pay me a visit so we can privately discuss it and get the shop headed in the right direction,” I replied.

“I shall ask that question and then pay you a visit as you suggest.”

“Shalom my friend, I shall see you soon,” Ben-David said.

“Shalom my valued friend,” I replied.

Ching Lee looked at me with a puzzled expression but then put her head back on my shoulder without asking any questions.

We arrived back at Morton field in time to see the hunters off again. This time it was Jason, Dad and Robin; it was the third time they were going hunting. Dad and Jason both had to have a thermos of coffee to carry with them.

The second time they went Dad and Robin both bagged two does and Jason one. The venison was donated to the homeless shelter on the island. The deer had to be taken to a certified butcher shop for the shelter to be able to accept it. Jason paid the butcher charges in advance so the shelter could get the venison without cost.

The C5 landed just after we did, returning from Africa. Three more flights and all the choppers would be where we needed them. This flight exchanged the crews that were in Africa for the third time. Each flight to Africa was carrying a replacement crew for the Guard planes and then they were flying the freight run for a week to give them the hours that General McVee wanted.

Next week there were 2 more Guard planes coming and were going to do the freight runs, allowing Lorrie to swap both extended C130s out so our two that were flying exclusively for the agency could be inspected.

The C5 had three more flights scheduled for the agency; those flights would be finished at the same time that the chopper deliveries and then the flight to Kampala.

All of us went back to the office; Penny and Alexandria to go home and a short meeting for the rest of us.

Frank and Eric were at the office when we got there. I had a private meeting with them instead of the girls.

“Randolph Reichmann is talking; spilling his guts actually. He has not given us any names of other spies directly, but by describing the communication methods and email links and times, we are close to breaking into the system. Luckily he had transmitted the previous night and is not scheduled to transmit until next week, giving us plenty of time,” Frank said.

“His laptop and drives you collected are giving up the code book he used and we may be able to generate several false e-mails to gain more time. He has given us more passwords. Since he used your email system I would like your tech guys to break down the computer codes to verify the passwords he used before we try.” Frank added.

“I don’t know if the guys are still in the EIT department or if they have gone home. Let’s walk there and see,” I replied.

Robert had left for the day but Burt was still there; apparently they had somehow pulled that information off the server. Burt put the information on a DVD for Frank then asked if he could speak to me privately for a moment. We stepped back by all the servers.

“We decided as a group to put key loggers an all computers and laptops at the four colleges where the agency and DHS has teams. We did it as soon as Genie flagged Randolph Reichmann.”

“I have the complete log of every character he typed on the company computers, even the chat rooms. I did not give Frank that file; I wanted to tell you before I did,” Burt said.

“Is there any damaging company information in his file?” I asked.

“No, but there is a host of things related to the agency and communications to agents at the other colleges. Robert was going to finish all of it tomorrow, then give it to you and let you decide what to do with it,” Burt said.

“Ok, lets wait until we go through it tomorrow then I will get it to him. Do you have a time line?” I asked.

“We should have it done and to you by 10,” Burt replied.

“Thanks Burt.”

Back in my office, “Frank, there is more, some of it in detail. It should be finished for me to review by 10 and then you can pick it up,” I replied.

“Given the severity of things, I will pick it up my self. I take it you are going to be here then,” he replied.

“I’ll see you then,” I replied.

I went back into the office and ordered a dozen roses for each of my mates to start the mood for tonight’s festivities.

First we were going out to dinner at the Inn. The flowers would arrive before we left. But first we had to get home and the boys taken care of.

Jenny was going to nurse them while the rest of us were showering and making things smooth. Then they were spending time with Lisa and Jason; we were going to pick them up at 10. Lisa had moved all her knickknacks to high ground.

It was a good thing because the boys were learning fast. They were pulling themselves up to a standing position everywhere with everything and anything. Jenny kept ribbing Jason that he was soon going to have to teach them how to pee on the tree trunk.

Jenny had just finished dressing and we were getting everything ready when the flowers came. I had love notes written on the cards by the florist, a different one for each of the girls.

It melted my heart to watch the expressions and tears and then came the hugs and kisses and tears. The last tears had been associated with Kampala; first leaving and then on VCATS after the attack and returning home.

These were tears of affection, joy and emotional pleasure with promises of physical pleasure to come soon after and renewal of commitment and expansion of our family.

Dinner was fantastic. We spent an hour in the restaurant and then we went home. We had an orgy in the basement: all touchy-feely, with lots of kisses, sucking and toys.

When everyone was satisfied we moved to Jenny and my big bed. On the flat screen TV I played the DVD from the center on how to perform the home insemination.

I carefully inserted the lubed and warmed speculum and turned the knob to give access to Lorrie’s cervix. Then I removed 2 of the sealed vials from the nitrogen tank and let them thaw for a couple minutes. I gently shook them to make sure all the contents was thawed and liquefied.

I opened the sealed package the syringe was in then took the scribe tool and etched the vial and snapped the top. I then sucked the contents into the syringe, lubed the tip and inserted it to the mark into the opening in Lorrie’s cervix and pushed in the plunger.

“That’s still cold,” Lorrie responded.

She slid up in bed and Vicky placed a pillow under her butt to elevate to keep as much of the contents as possible from leaking out. Vicky snuggled and held her.

The process was repeated with Ching Lee; this time it was Marcy who did the snuggling and holding. I covered them with a blanket and kissed my four mates. We would repeat the process every day for three days and then wait on nature.

Jenny and I went to get the boys from Jason’s to call it an evening.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe.h says:

    Thank you for my meds, I was starting to get fidgety. It should hold until my next dosage. Can’t wait for more adventures to come.

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