Chapter 430

We were in the office early; Lorrie’s group had a day filled with flights. The agency’s secret materials were loaded in the dark last night. The pilots started doing the preflight at 5 AM. The flight was leaving in just a few minutes for Thailand.

Two C130s left on the freight run and all the G5s were to go on charters today.

Burt was sending me one folder at a time; he had broken it down into chats separate from the emails. It looked like Randolph was spending the entire shift in chat rooms talking with other agents at the other three colleges.

The more I read the more it looked like that he was pumping them for information. In one case he had asked one of his fellows to take pictures of specific class rooms, including all blackboards and postings at Rochester.

In another case he asked the agent to hack into a professor’s computer and download files from the hard drive at St Paul University. Frank had a lot more work to do and some of it was not going to be pleasant.

When Robert delivered the next folder I asked if all the agencies people had been run through Genie.

“Yes, there is nothing in Genie on any of them,” he replied.

When Robert came back with the final papers of Randolph’s activities, he brought today’s Intel of Minneapolis. There was more Intel today, 10 pages worth.

Diya was still unaware that his repeated computer problems with the new Microsoft upgrades had allowed Robert to place a bug in the operating system that contained a key logger which negated his use of a separate drive to remain hidden.

Robert also had it copy the contents of that drive but it was nowhere near what we thought should be there. That led him to believe that Diya had more than one drive, but there were two important tidbits.

One was a short burst in a chat room that simply said, “99sr169 n,” – it lasted less than 30 seconds.

The second was confirmation of the day of the attack and that, “Everything was ready; you will be impressed with our preparations.”

I thought about that for a moment and then realized Diya was bragging to someone or expecting them to participate. I took those pages and went to the EIT office.

“Is there any way to find out more on these two chats?” I asked Robert.

“These are random chat rooms on the dark web. Usually they meet up there at predetermined times and days and there are too many of them. I am monitoring this one at the same time everyday to see if that is the plan they are using,” Robert replied.

“Since the key logger has not been found – and even if it is – he may still think he is safe by using the remote drive. All we can do is wait. We can get there but it is going to take time and how soon will depend if he uses the same chat room all the time,” Robert said.

Frank was waiting by my door when I turned around. I handed him the chats but nothing to do with Diya, “I think you may have some more of your people that you may want to question. I highlighted the ones that stand out. That is all that was on our system. The question is what they said on the phone or your system,” I said.

I had a thought when I finally got to my chair and pulled up a map of the Minnesota and 99 miles or Km? SR had to mean state route or was that a code. There on the map leading north was state route 169; it started from an intersection on route 10. Did the distance start from that intersection or the city line of from where-ever Diya lived?

The difference between 99 miles and 99Km was 30 miles. In a straight line that was 20000 acres. To be able to test any explosive devices they had made of any size, it was imperative that there be considerable distance from any houses or other farms.

There was of course ways to deaden the sound and then they could have used minimal amounts just to make sure that their engineering worked. But then they had stolen 10000 pounds of the commercial grade bulk explosive ANFO used in surface mining and road building in pelletized version.

The problem with ANFO was that it had to be contained in order build up the high pressure to be an effective explosive. Poured out on the ground it simply burned.

It made me wonder what they were using in the car bomb they were building. Twenty pound propane cylinders would be very weak in delivery; the tank skins were so thin that they would rupture before most of the propellant would be ignited and would be scattered at the site.

Twenty and 100 pound propane tanks were the choice in many parts of the world, filled with a brew of explosives, gasoline, RDX, dug-out of artillery shells and bombs.

The twenty’s filled with ANFO would weight 60 pounds or so, easy to handle and a lot easier to conceal. Three or four in the trunk and a couple in the back seat with a blanket to cover them and it would still be a big explosion.

What were they going to use for detonators? The reports on the theft said nothing about blasting caps missing. I needed to have Robert expand the search for other robberies of like materials.

The thought about having Robert look for a theft of blasting caps sounded nice but it really made no difference; they obviously had found a way to go bang with or without them.

I needed to be at KCC at one; today was budget finalization day. Patti was going to sit in on the meeting. They were going to accept or reject the JBG security proposal Marcy had put together. If they rejected the proposal then Patti would at least have a better knowledge of the budget process.

On the way I was going to stop and get a quick update from Robbie and give some more instructions.

“Boss, number 40 is coming into the shop tomorrow and we should be finished and have them ready to ship the end of next week. At that point we will be done with the Sikorsky men,” Robbie replied to my question.

“Robbie, go ahead and do the last five before you let the Sikorsky men leave, do not put decals them. Pick the best two to do first and leave the mini gun mounts and power harnesses on them. Here is the wiring diagram; make sure they are wired up correctly. Then I will bring one of the guns over to test.”

“Also leave the brackets for the flare pods and lower weapons pod mounts on those two. Follow up with me before they go in the paint shop in case there are changes,” I said.

Marcy and Ching Lee were coming to the college with me. Marcy was to explain the details of the bid and Ching Lee to explain about the security part of it. I was going to be an observer and listen to the presentation.

There had been a lot of inquiries from other colleges and now we were getting a few international inquiries since the Kampala attack. Most of the international stuff wanted the training only and that was not going to happen.

Our training program was going to be full with our own personnel. Plus, it was time to start pulling in the reins.

Vicky and I had all 80 embassies to visit in the next three months. It was part of the contract.

Marcy and/or some of her administrators needed to visit all the MAAR rental sites, especially the big utility lease fleets.

I was sure Lorrie wanted to go check out all the rental houses we owned or controlled in Florida. Rentals require a lot more upkeep than your house because they get used and abused so much; renters have no long term stake in a rental house and they never report all the little things that need repair when they leave.

The cleaning group finds a lot yet still miss some things. The next renters usually find them and report them, then complain about it. Such is life.

On top of that, we had not had a vacation or even a week off this year as a group – something that was terribly needed.

Marcy and Ching Lee waited in the administration lobby while the College Board went through the final budget one department at a time. The security department was moved to the last item.

Marcy and Ching Lee were invited in – and with hand outs and PowerPoint slides – Ching Lee went first.

There was not much that could be improved on but Ching Lee added a couple more people to the day and evening shift and more cameras.

The big difference came in the money end; first was the purchase of the camera system, the ID card system and the tag scanners from the college. The systems were four years old and had been regularly upgraded. Marcy placed the value of those systems at 400 thousand. A check would be cut to the college for that amount.

Patti would be offered the full time position of director of security. The other full time employees would have to transfer to the JBG’s retirement system or JBG would contribute that amount to the State run retirement if they chose to stay with it.

The part time employees who worked more than 24 hours a week would be offered a very basic health plan.

The part time employees would accrue hours toward paid vacation days. It was the same plan that was offered at the other colleges we had.

After that was a robust question and answer session that made me proud of Marcy and Ching Lee. The College Board awarded JBG the security contract with a 5 year initial term and a 5 year extension. The contract was effective in 30 days.

One more check mark on the it was ‘time to move along’ sheet.
Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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