Chapter 431

After the meeting there were a couple of quick meetings. The first was with Roger Gifford and Bob Jackson. I figured that Roger wanted an update on the Nimule; that was the first question that he asked.

“The flight is leaving two weeks from Monday; it’s going to be a good flight to go on. Along with the medicines you donated, we are taking 100,000 pounds of food.”

“St Agnes hospital has sent several crates of medical equipment for the doctors. There are two students from KCC and one from the advanced education school in Annapolis who is coming along. Bob’s going to chaperon the kids,” I said with a laugh.

“The rest of the medicines will be delivered next week and that will complete the order,” Mr. Gifford replied.

The next meeting was with Patti to do the official job offer. I knew what she was making as I signed the payroll authorization every week; the college did not pay administrative clerks all that well. I knew what we paid site directors.

“Patti, are you interested in the job working for JBG as the director or would you rather stay on as a college employee in one of the other departments?”

“I’m definitely interested but I guess pay and benefits will be the deciding factor,” she replied.

“You would report to Ching Lee, so she will make the offer. I’m sure that you know bits and pieces but she is going to explain the complete package,” I replied.

The job offer was in a colorful folder with the hi-points in bold print in each section and all the legalese in #2 font; after all, Jenny was still a lawyer.

“Four weeks of vacation and you have access to any of the Florida rental houses at no charge for 1 week as part of the vacation if you choose to use it. The medical plan is $25 co-pay with a max out of pocket of $750. The prescription is by Oxumn Plus, generic is $5 and premium are $20 and you will look at the booklet for experimental and specialty the see how each are covered,” Ching Lee said and then added.

“Dental and eye plan are included, Marcy can fill you in on the JBG retirement plan and the 5% matching fund savings plan. You already know about the 3% home and auto loan plan from Midwestern bank.”

“The position also includes a company SUV. Here are all the pamphlets with the details and the salary offer is on the last page in the folder,” Ching Lee said as she opened it to the last page and slid the folder over to Patti.

Patti looked at the offer – stared at the offer was more like it – and saying nothing.

I knew Patti made $20 an hour and got 10% more when she was upgraded to my position called a temporary assignment. It was just a little more than 40,000 a year on base salary. JBG security directors/site managers worked on a flat salary of $80,000 a year. Patti would be getting a 100% pay raise plus the Suburban with a fuel card – that was a $5,000 perk according to the IRS – that she would have to pay tax on.

“Can I call Purnell; I think I should talk to him before I make a decision like that since we are so close to getting married. I think it is great! He is here today – it will only take a minute,” she asked.

“Sure, go ahead, we can answer questions while you wait for him,” I replied.

“Purnell, can you come to the security office right now? I think I am going to quit my job,” Patti said into the phone and then hung up the receiver before he could answer.

Patti was jerking his chain and giving him a heart attack at the same time.

I could hear the gator coming up the path to the security office at a good clip.

“What happened to make you want to quit your job?” Purnell asked.

“The college has contracted out the security division and I want to go with the new company; here is the benefit package,” Patti said.

Patti went through package just as Ching Lee had, saving the pay for last.

“I am quitting the college to take this job,” Patti replied as he was looking at the pay page; by the look on Purnell’s face he was in agreement.

“There is one slight drawback,” I said.

“What is that?” Patti asked.

“You have had bits and pieces of the self defense program while you have been living with us. As a security employee you will have to take the complete course along with the weapons training course,” I replied.

“The real work is just beginning; we have got to put together a staff and I want you to have a major role in that. Jason and Mischief are going to have to work with KCC HR to find out if any of the current full time security wants to move over to JBG. Then there is the question of the part time people.” Then I added “You need to use up all the vacation you have coming to you; luckily you are taking a lot of it for your wedding and honeymoon before the takeover,” I replied.

Ching Lee and I left Patti and Purnell in the office and went to the administration building to see Bob Jackson; I wanted to start the ball rolling about the future of the current security employees. I wanted to know if the college had any contingency plans for them in the works. There were a lot of assumptions that I wanted clarifications on.

We were back at the office in time to be in on the last part of our daily meeting. I had called to tell Cindy and the security group that we had secured the contract.

When we got there all the security administrators and executive level were there waiting for an announcement from us. There was champagne on ice.

I made the announcement and included that Patti was going to be the site director along with a general overview of the contract terms, the details would be on a need to know basis only. That was the way we had handled everything.

After a round of toasts and congratulations, there was still work to be done. I took Robert off to the side; we were just days away from the Minneapolis attack and I had not seen any updates today.

“There has been little change today, we followed one short message into the dark web and made a little progress. I am afraid we will run out of time before the date they have selected,” Robert replied.

I called Eric, “Any progress on the things you have been following up on?” I asked.

“No, and it is not for the lack of trying. We have had the utility company put cameras on the street lights around his father’s house where he is staying. He is using public transportation to move around. We have even had agents on the buses that he travels on.”

“We have lost him more times than I care to admit. He is practiced and slick,” Eric replied.

“That’s one of the things that bother’s me. Too smooth,” I replied.

The next call was to Andy, “Has anything changed?”

“No, everything is still quiet. Why do you ask?” he replied.

“Information seems to have slowed and Diya keeps giving the DHS following him the slip. I’m wondering if we don’t need to move up to the next level of the plan sooner?” I replied.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe.h says:

    As always, thanks for the morning meds – this is a great thing to wake up to in the morning. Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing for all of us.

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