Chapter 448

I was reading one page after another; Ching Lee was doing the same thing on her computer. I was just finishing up when the wheels hit the runway at Minneapolis – St Paul International Airport.

The one thing I gleaned from all that reading was that there was a standard question set they were asking all my men. I was sure those questions had been tailored with the assistance of Curtis Warren and others. I wondered if they would use the same questions for us.

Marcy had the local MAAR send 3 SUVs to the general aviation terminal for us. As traffic was light, we were close to an hour early.

Another thing Curtis had done was to have interrogations held in the big security meeting room at the college; for convenience close proximity to the tragedy. It was also for field review if necessary; all making sense.

Frank, Eric and Kent Dalton were already there. I stuck my head into big meeting room to say, “Morning,” while the rest of my group hit the table of donuts and coffee. Ching Lee, Andy and I went into the smaller meeting room; I wanted to review the two top secret packages. I brought coffee and one donut.

I opened the first package and slid out its contents and a super duty magnifying glass. There was also a handwritten note from Robert, “I was not sure what you were looking for, so I broke it down by every frame, 4 pictures to a second.”

I looked through one picture at a time with the magnifying glass. Ching was almost sitting in my lap looking at the pictures with me. I handed each one to Andy as I was done.

I saw it or I thought I saw it. It was just a shadow but it moved further across each picture. Then there was a ripple in the skin of her forehead that turned into a bump. The next picture was the start of the stumble and the beginning of the explosion.

There was a knock on the door; Eric, Frank, and Len were there, “We are almost ready to start.”

“I’m not ready yet; they will wait. Take a seat,” I said as I pointed to a chair.

In the next picture the burka had started to expand like a gust of wind was under it; there signs of exit material from the back of head and the head scarf was coming off.

The next was of the body disintegrating, pieces going everywhere. I didn’t need to see any more, my question was answered. Someone on the roof put a round in her head to stop her from getting to the building.

“Did you see what I see?” I asked Andy.

“Yeah, I think so, now what?” he asked.

“I know, you know and we don’t know who, so that is the end of it,” I replied.

I looked at Eric, “Do you want a look?” I asked. I was sure they had done the same thing to the video, or should have done.

“Sure,” he replied as I handed the packet over but kept the magnifying glass; make them ask for it, I thought.

They all looked through them and handed them back, “I don’t know what you are seeing, they look OK to me,” Eric replied.

I open the next top secret package; it was from Ben-David. The top sheet was typed.

“I know this is not what you want to hear; it is not good, you have been misled again,” the sheet read.

After Andy and Ching Lee read it I slid it over to Eric and did the same with the following sheets as we looked at them.

There was a news paper clipping from AP with a release from the Defense Department dated almost a year ago.

“Saif Alawai al-Jawfi, senior bomb maker, explosive expert and trainer was killed in a drone strike in western Iraq today. Iraq sources on the ground confirmed the death. Saif Alawai al-Jawfi was one of the most feared IED and suicide vest makers in all Iraq with his products killing and maiming thousands.”

The next sheet was a color picture of Saif.

The next dozen pictures were comparison pictures with the individual pictures Ching Lee had taken of the vest on the two I had disabled, with notes on them and things circled.

Note; the following comparisons are from a dozen captured suicide vests made by Saif Alawai al-Jawfi over a year’s time-frame at different locations in Iraq.

(1) All wiring is done with different colors, coded by its purpose – a systematic design, a strict procedure Saif followed that eliminated errors that kill most vest and bomb makers sooner or later.
(2) Notice the twisted wire loop at the top of each pipe.
(3) Notice that the wiring is tied with string every 25 millimeters with three loops and a millers knot.
(4) Note that the wires at the phone were soldered with gold.
(5) Note the phone is secured in exactly the same manner on all 14 vests.
(6) Note the relays are Bosch.
(7) Note all the pipe caps were drilled and pinned.
(8) Note how the pipes were attached to the belt.
(9) Note the wires to the battery were soldered with gold.
(10) There are all traits that confirm these vests are made by Saif.

The next pictures were of Saif from one of the City’s traffic cams; the first one was of him standing boldly on the corner of the street by the east entrance to the college. There was smoke rising from the rear parking lot.

The street sign over his head left no doubt about the location and the date and time stamp said it all.

The next pictures were of him calmly walking to a car with no plates and leaving.

By now Eric, Frank and Len were agitated.

Kent knocked on the door, “WE ARE WAITING ON YOU.”

“GET IN HERE AND SIT DOWN!” Eric responded, and started passing one sheet at a time to him.

Curtis Warren stepped to the door, “Do I need to be here as a mediator?”

“Might be a good idea before it really gets to be a heated discussion,” I replied.

“I guess Saif has put his skills on the road; that explains Arizona,” I replied.

“That son of a bitch was here!” Eric exclaimed.

“BJ, where did you get this?” Frank asked.

“Frank, they are pictures of the two vests on the two ladies Ching Lee and I disabled. You have possession of the vest. Did you have them analyzed by international experts?” I responded.

“The silence and expressions tell me no,” I replied.

“Kent, did you look at all the traffic cameras you have on the highways and streets around the college on that day?” I asked.

“The silence again tells me no,” I replied.

“I know a girl has to keep some secrets. But damn it, you keep doing this to us,” Frank replied.

“I haven’t done anything to you. I have carried out ‘MY’ investigation as far as conceivably possible with every tool and means at my disposal. You have ten times the means I have, why haven’t you used them?” I replied.

“I have to fax this to Washington; Art and NSA need to see this right away. Somebody has some explaining to do,” he replied as he stood.

“Frank I need it back,” I replied.

“I know, I know,” he replied.

“You do know the Wimpy triplets are going to be screaming for your scalp again BJ.”

“I can handle them with no problem,” I said.

“That is what I am afraid of,” Frank replied.

Fifteen minutes later I started answering questions in-between all the phone calls they were getting.

“What did you know before the attack happened?”

“The only thing I know for sure is that at 12:45 Diya drove into the west entrance and let out two persons that the scanners indicated they were wearing explosive vests,” I replied.

“That is not the answer I’m looking for,” Kent replied.

“That is the only answer you are going to get. I like to deal in facts, not rumor, speculation and the like,” I relied.

Frank’s phone rang a different ring than before “It’s Art returning my call, I guess he has looked the file over,” he said as he stepped out.

Kent and the other prosecutor had finally accepted there were going to be interruptions today.

Then it was Eric’s phone that rang, “Blocked number; Hello, yes this is Eric. Yes, that is correct.”

Eric handed the phone in my direction, “It’s for you; it’s the White House.”

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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3 Responses to Chapter 448

  1. Joe h says:

    Omg – another damn cliffhanger!!! Just as my dosage of meds where starting to take effect I quickly started to get withdrawal symptoms. Now I’m going to have to fidget until the next chapter.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you broke the Richter Scale again Four Points.

  2. Joe h says:

    I never thought an ending paragraph could deliver so many mixed feelings – shock, dismay, bewilderment, taking the air out of the tire! The list goes on. It’s sop unsettling to end with the words “white house” that you know that the next chapter must be a whopper – to mind blowing to imagine. Pls don’t disappoint me!!!!!!!!!

    Where are all the other coments?????

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