Chapter 449

“Now what,” I thought.

“Yes this is Roberta Jones. Yes, I will hold.”

“Good morning Mr. President, how are you today?” I asked.

“I’m good but let me get right to the point of the call Ambassador. I know you have been in Africa the last week but I am equally sure that you have stayed up with the news of the suicide attack in Arizona State University.”

“Minneapolis and Arizona State University in less than three weeks and now it looks like we may have a serial terrorist from the Mideast targeting our colleges. All this calls for emergency actions. One thing that I am doing is forming a Presidential task force to bring members of all intelligence groups together with a new focus and with new ideas on domestic terrorism. The intelligence groups are and have been stretched to the limit; we need a new approach with these college attacks,” the President said and then continued.

“We started looking for the most experienced people we could find. Your name was submitted by several of the intelligence agencies. You and your business group have been involved with more terrorist attacks domestic and foreign than anyone. On top of that you are already involved with multiple federal intelligence agencies and come highly recommended,” he said.

“I want you to be chairperson of that task force. Crack the whip; get everyone going in the right direction. You will have discretion to go wherever we need to go to catch Saif,” he said.

“You have to know I am not politically correct and what you are asking will be a political football!”

“They told me you would say that, but the job has to get done. What has been done in the past is not working. My people told me you have no problem kicking ass and giving the tough orders to get things done,” he replied.

“There will be some bruised toes when they get stepped on. On top of that, I have numerous contracts with other federal agencies; will this create a problem?” I replied.

“No, those contracts will not be affected. Can you be here tomorrow morning at 8 AM to set up the structure, and choose other task force members who you will work with? We will make the announcement at an 11 AM press conference on the lawn. That will give you time to write a speech. Come to the front entrance; they will expect you,” he replied.

“I will be there and we will have a serious discussion,” I replied then I asked about bringing guests for the announcement.

“Your family – of course, they can take the private White House tour while we meet,” the President replied.

I handed the phone back to Eric, “Walking into the fire with a bucket of gasoline in each hand,” I said.

“Congratulations,” Eric said.

“I’d rather you promise to give the eulogy at my funeral,” I replied with a laugh.

I wrote on a sheet of paper.

To all JBG college security sites: Red Alert is now in effect!!!!

Saif Alawai al-Jawfi is a serial terrorist responsible for explosive devices used at Minneapolis and possibly Arizona State University. Pay close scrutiny to all visitors; consider him and anyone with him to be armed, dangerous and suicidal.

Expect immediate changes to all security procedures and additional equipment will be installed as soon as it can be acquired. Be doubly vigilant. Please take no chances that allow him or anyone with him access.

Please place the photo out of sight of the public and have all employees review it daily, be vigilant.

I expect all JBG sites to be high on his target list.

‘This is no drill.’

I handed the note to Ching Lee, “Type it up and sign it; send it to all fourteen sites – also Cindy – with Saif’s picture and bring me a copy please.”

I wrote another one to Marcy to send to all MAAR sites.

‘Saif Alawai al-Jawfi is a serial terrorist responsible for the explosive devices used at Minneapolis and possibly Arizona State University. We think he has now gone mobile plying his trade. Pay close scrutiny to all visitors and customers; consider him and anyone with him to be armed, dangerous and suicidal. Notify DHS and the FBI immediately if he is seen.

Please place the photo out of sight of the public and have all employees review it daily, be vigilant.

“Send this to Marcy for me please,” I instructed Ching Lee.

Then I sent a text to the girls and my administrators, “I have to be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave at 0800 tomorrow.”

The next thing I did was call Bradberry at East Coast Security, “Get me a price and availability on 30 thermal scanners and facial recognition systems ASAP.”

While I was doing all this Eric, Frank and Kent had been on their phones and there had been several conversations with the other investigators. They were also listening intently to my conversations.

The questions went on for another hour. Then it was Ching Lee and Andy’s turn, and then we broke for a late lunch. We had lunch delivered so we could continue the discussion.

I took a break and stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. I walked to the back lot where the two SUVs had blown up. The caution tape still surrounded the area. The holes blown in the pavement clearly indicated the exact spot.

I guess they were going to wait until the investigations were over to patch the blacktop and return things to normal. The end of the field house had been repaired and repainted.

I called Ben-David, “Thank you for the analysis of the vests. Some of the information will be made public today. All indicators are that Arizona was his work and we suspect much more is planned,” I said.

“After Arizona I knew you would have no choice. The situation deteriorates daily for the US, it seems. On another item my people used the chopper last night and are pleased with its performance. I have been informed that we will keep track of the hours so you can be appropriately compensated,” Ben said.

“After the items we brought back, I owe you a lot more than a little flight time. Thank you,” I replied.

“Shalom my friend,” I said.

“Shalom,” he replied.

I was on my way back to the lunch room when I received a call from Bob’s Construction.

“While you were in Africa, Ching Lee called us about some loose insulation on the south end of the building. It wasn’t loose insulation but a covering for a hidden panel and controls.”

“There were several blueprint containers that I brought back to the shop to investigate. Today I did more investigation. I want you to look at what I have found and give your approval before going further. I did not tell the others what I had found,” Bob said.

“I will be back at 1600, if that will work for you? Tomorrow I will be in Washington most of the day,” I replied.

“OK, I will leave the equipment in place then so you look and I will get the rest of the tools I need,” he replied.

“Eric, can I get press credentials for Hanna Paige and her camera man to cover the press conference?” I asked him.

“I will make the call; it should not be a problem,” he replied.

I sent Hanna a text, “You will have press credentials for a news conference on the White House lawn at 11. Be there in time to go through security.

We were ready to start the next round of questions with Andy’s team leaders when Kent’s rang one more time.

Kent stepped out of the room to take the call and when he came back, he explained, “The governor has instructed me to end the investigation as quickly as possible. I agree with that opinion; the investigative team and I do not believe any further testimony will change the outcome or the final report.”

“The additional information supplied today only shows the severity of terrorism to come and the challenges we face.”

“The report will be completed and made public in ten days. Ambassador Jones, I will see to it that you get a finalized copy before it is released, for your review.”

“I will be looking forward to seeing that report. Thank you for the advanced copy,” I replied.

10 minutes later we were headed to the airport. This time we had as passengers Frank, Eric and Curtis Warren, flying back to the shore with us. Frank and Eric had been dropped off by an Air Force passenger jet that had continued on.

It was for them to wait several hours on the Air Force connection or a commercial flight; they elected to fly to the shore with us. Curtis had flown commercial.

As soon as we were airborne I keyed up my email on the plasma; I wanted to see what the college reaction was to the warning letters. All the colleges wanted to know if the letter meant that overtime was approved. I noted that Ching Lee had answered to the affirmative while I was still answering questions.

Then I went to VCATS to see if there was anything new on the embassy side. The only flag on the system was at the Windhoek, Namibia embassy. They thought they were under surveillance and included were several pictures and stills from the security cameras.

I sent a note to Vicky asking her how she was going to handle this development. After tomorrow, she would likely be running the embassy show without me for a while. I wanted to see how aggressive she was going to be. I closed down the system and turned the swivel seat to join in the talk behind me, only instead to answer my phone.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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11 Responses to Chapter 449

  1. Joe h says:

    damit again another cliffhanger – a phone call to answer!!!!!!!😚😁

    Jack you give the best meds anyone could ever give…

    I hate to have to suffer for another 4 day’s to get another infusion from your hopefully never-ending-story, but I will find away to multe through.

  2. GaryDan says:

    Hmm. I did a reply but it didn’t seem to make it. This is a test one 🙂

  3. GaryDan says:

    That one made it. I’ll paste in the one that didn’t. Please forgive me it they all turn up anyway.

    I am beginning to get the bad feeling that your story here is prophetic. They just arrested a trained bomb maker in the Detroit, Michigan area. The old adage if you kill one rat, there are 10 more you didn’t see.

    Samer el Debek, 37, a.k.a. “Samer Eldebek,” was arrested on Thursday, June 1 in Livonia for “providing, attempting and conspiring to provide material to support Hezbollah; receiving and conspiring to receive military-type training from Hezbollah; use of weapons in connection with a crime of violence that is alleged to have involved, among other weapons, explosives, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and machine guns; and violating and conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA).”

    How do you defend yourself against someone who is willing to die to kill you.

    My father in law was on the New Lexington aircraft carrier in WW2. They lived in real fear of the Jap Kamikaze suicide planes. They eventually did serious damage to the Lex with loss of many lives.

    We’re in for a hot spell here in southwest Michigan (temperature wise). I hope all is well with you and yours


    • jackballs57 says:

      It is nearly impossible to defend your self against some who is willing to die to kill you. Sooner or later they will find a weakness in your security and succeed.
      Thanks for the info and comment, it is always great to hear from you. Jack

      • GaryDan says:

        I may not post here very often, but you can be assured I check regularly for your story. I always look for the “smarter than smart phone line” 😉

  4. jackballs57 says:

    So many things to respond to in your reply. Yes the problems are only beginning and it is already too late. Liberal judges and liberal politicians are only to eager to please radicals that want to come here and are already here. This will not change until the judges, and politicians become victims of terrorist attacks and that will never happen; both groups live in a bubble with all kinds of security on demand on the taxpayer nickel.
    When I started this series of chapters I thought about of using Detroit. Both Detroit and Minneapolis have heavy Muslim populations and both have many blocks where a non Muslim is not safe walking down the street. I read a lot of things in my research and I found there was a guide on how to get non Muslim business and residents to leave an area through intimidation, implied terror, robbery violence etc and they have succeeded.
    What you are seeing in the news is only the tip of the problem hundreds of are cases covered up every day to be PC and not to sway public opinion. Europe is having one heck of a problem, rape, murder, knife attacks, acid thrown in the face of non believers has gone up by thousands of incidents just in the last year.

    We have has a cool wet spring, our first hot days 90+ are predicted starting tomorrow and then a cool down mid week

  5. Chris Nelson says:

    Started reading this story 2 months ago, only reading at breakfast time before I go to work and for an hour or so on the weekend if I get some downtime. Finally today (June 12, here in Australia I have caught up to everyone else.
    Congratulations on a story to compete with the very best! I am thoroughly enjoying the read.
    Thanks for your efforts to make this really interesting.
    As a newcomer I wonder at the references to “Cindy”. It’s a line I am unaware of, can you fil me in please, it might be another source for me to read now I have caught up here.

  6. GaryDan says:

    Hi Chris
    Jack may have responded to you in an email, but in case he didn’t I will provide a little info.

    Along with Jack here, I was one of the long time readers of “Cindy” aka Carniegirl, Cindy Williams, Bonnie Williams. To be honest, I’m not sure her true identity and name was really known, except by her family (Father and Uncle) who provided assistance for her stories. She always responded to comments by each author, and sometimes directly with email. The email I got from her was from Bonnie Williams. She had another website that had some of her stories, but that has disappeared. From what she told us readers, she suffered with a brain tumor that eventually was her undoing. We knew she was struggling, and one day, just disappeared. As far as I know, none of us really knew what actually happened to her. We just knew she was gone.

    The references Jack has made to “smarter than smart phone” was her creation in her stories, and she used that line quite often. Us readers would look forward to reading that line in the upcoming stories. I even began using that term at my workplace, and it caught on with many of my coworkers. I was reminded of “Cindy” every time I heard someone at work use that line.

    She truly was, and considered herself a storyteller (In the southern tradition) and not so much an author/writer, and as she pointed out to us repeatedly, wasn’t a real stickler about spelling and grammar. Her wonderful, raw, unedited versions that she published on this site made the readers feel like they were setting at a table with her, having a cup of coffee/breakfast in a local restaurant listening to her tell us her stories. I will attempt to post links, here if I can that will help you find her stories on this site. Also, a fellow named Walt also copied her files onto a site he hosts in text/word format for readers to download. I hope the links work. Otherwise you should be able to find cindypress here on this site (wordpress) and track down here stories that are still here.

    I hope this helps you out.


    For some reason the fist attempt at posting doesn’t seem to work. I will try it again. Sorry if there is a duplicate.

  7. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks GaryDan I did reply in an email But you supplied a lot more information than I could put my fingers on at the time of the reply. Thanks for the help.

    P.S. SOL site has changed the reader reply email system to their own and it sucks, I no longer get the reader email address to contact them direct and some times they get part of the reply or none at all .

    • GaryDan says:

      Yeah they really FUBARRED ( is that a word, heh ) that really good. I have no idea why it went that way. Maybe handling the email passthrough on SOL was too much for their servers to handle?? It sure sucks now. I have occasion to respond to a few authors that I have read for a long time, and that communication is broken pretty badly now. 😦 I rarely respond to a story publicly, the exception being you and “Cindy”. Many of the authors said that they are not going to read the public responses either, and claim that that format is for discussion reader to reader. I see some authors are responding though, but it is still lame. Some do, but most don’t. Literotica does the same thing, but has an option to email the author at least, and that works. As you can see from my lengthy response (sorry) I’m not happy with it.

  8. jackballs57 says:

    Yeah i have responded and person says they did not receive it or only a part of it. I went in and changed the author settings, i get an email from SOL when some responds that i can reply to and that is not working well either. The email still show active at sol then the person receives duplicate replies. Just a mess FUBAR is damn close. Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. LOL

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