Chapter 456

“Boss; the surveillance here doubled yesterday; before that there was only one or two individuals watching; yesterday someone was watching all four sides. Today there are two sometimes three or four watching all the sides,” Andy said.

“This is an English speaking country but what we are intercepting is a mix. Some of conversations are in Arabic and others are English. They are using el-cheapo radios like hunters use. They are changing channels every hour thinking they are being secretive,” Robert said then he added.

“What I am intercepting looks like they are planning something in 72 hours. They are waiting on the rest of their people the Arabic speakers have discussed.”

“Planning what where?” the president asked.

“To attack the US embassy in Windhoek Namibia,” I replied.

The room got quiet then sounded like I was sitting in a basket ball game in over time with the score tied.

I wrapped on the table to get everyone quiet so I could continue my conversation with Andy.

“Boss,” I said to Andy.

“Understood BJ,” he replied.

Andy and I had worked out a code the next day after I found out I was doing the task force just in case something like this happened. When I called him Boss that meant that he was in full command of the special ops and rapid response teams and that he had carte blanche at the site in question. His response by calling me BJ meant he understood and accepted the assignment.

He was to continue calling me BJ until he was ready to give up the command; at that time he would call me Boss. My response was to be “Understood Andy,” to acknowledge his release of the command.

“Boss; A1 and A2 are open with no restrictions,” I replied.

A1 and A2 were code word for the armories, the one at Morton where heavy equipment and the drones were stored and the one at the gun club where ammunition and other weapons were stored. No restrictions meant he had my approval to get anything he wanted from either armory.

“BJ, I called all the RRT they are on the way to Morton field; Lorrie says the planes will depart in two hours at the latest,” Andy replied.

“Vicky, don’t forget to send 900 MHz radios and several satellite phones,” I replied.

“Robert; I think the LBB is what you need to use instead of the BBB; Andy may be pressed for time,” I said.

LBB and BBB referred to the encryption codes Robert had developed for the Kampala attack. Little Black Book of codes were 25 different codes. The Big Black Book was 250 codes. Andy didn’t have time to deal with the BBB even though Robert had improved and spread up the deciphering process.

“Understood, BJ,” Robert replied.

I sent Vicky a text, “Load two of the boxes in the Morton armory marked LZ17B on the plane going to Andy. Put on the box attention to be opened by Andy only,”

“Boss I am sending two LZ17B units to you. When you acknowledge possession I will send the manual. Do not attempt to power up until you have read the manual. The results could be catastrophic.”

“OK I definitely will wait on the manual,” Andy replied.

The LZ17B was from Ben David and one of Mossad latest nonlethal riot control devices; they were experimental. They emitted a rapid pulsed high intensity laser flash in broad spectrum 20 to 50 meters wide 10 meters high with a range of 50 meters. They also emitted a directed very high frequency pulse tone over the same area that temporally damaged the inner ear causing massive pain and created drunken sailors on a badly rocking ship.

On the low setting it would temporally blind for 20 minutes and cause disorientation for up to an hour. On the high settings blindness and disorientation could last days.

Anyone using optics that was hit with the pulse the effects multiplied. There were 24 special glasses and ear muffs in each box that the operator and anyone with or behind the operator needed to wear in case the laser beams or tones were reflected back and that could happen with any shiny or highly surface.

“BJ I do have one request, I think it is time we hired another 20 former special forces to add to our special OPS team,” Andy said.

“Vicky, have Mischief and Mayhem get started on that,” I replied.

“OK BJ,” Vicky replied.

“Boss, do you think you can get the men in without being seen and the Ambassador and his family out with out being seen?”

“Yes we can do the personnel transfer in the garage. It is connected to the embassy with a tunnel,” Andy replied.

“Boss” I said.

“I know BJ; you would not ask us to do anything that you would not do your self. I know that tomorrow morning when the sun came up you would be standing on the roof in full gear beside me with out hesitation. Your plate is full; find and KILL Saif. We have this under control we will have 70 men and ladies in here when the rest of the team arrives it will be tight quarters but we will make it work,” Andy replied.

“10-4 if he gets in my sights he is dead but not before he makes a trip to camp Smith if I have a choice in the matter. The doc is willing to do a physical on him,” I replied.

“Boss if they have done any research on us they know that frontal assaults and truck bombs do not work very well. If I remember the embassy has thick walls and they are high. Watch out for an all out mortar and RPG attack,” I replied.

“My thoughts exactly given the location and intercepts,” Andy replied as he closed the screen.

“Lorrie is sending both G650’s the 737 is in California and is not due back until late,” Vicky added before she and Robert closed the screen.

“Mr. President, someone needs to make the decision as to if the Ambassador Eaton and his family stays or returns with the aircraft,” I said.

The president made a motion to his aide, “get the Sec of State on the phone.”

Cell phones started ringing, and text by the dozens by the special tones, laptops came out of brief cases and went into use.

A few minutes later when things settled down Ben Smith said, “Am I the only one that noticed that BJ was having two conversations in one. One was for public consumption and the other one in secret in code?”

“What?” Rex asked. He was the assistant director of the FBI.

“Andy opened by calling BJ Boss at the beginning; then BJ called Andy boss and the whole tempo of the conversation changed and codes were added. Things like A1, A2, no restrictions, LBB, BBB, and whatever LZ17B is must be one bad SOB; catastrophic results.” Ben said as he was staring me down. Then he added.

“What the hell is mischief and Mayhem, WWF fighters? I know one of your training sites is called camp Smith. What else goes on there? A visit to Camp Smith to see the doc, what kind of doc; what kind of physical takes place there?”

“Oh wait a minute; I have seen your medical work. Don’t answer that I don’t want to know.” Ben responded.

In my best sergeant Shultz voice, “Colonel Hogan I see nothing; I know nothing. Commandant Klink will be furious if he found out. It is very cold on the Russian front and you know I do not like cold.”

The President must have been a Hogan’s Heroes fan, “General Hochstetter, there has never been an escape from Stalag 13,” he said in a Col Klink voice with a laugh.

The president took a call from the Secretary of State.

“Ambassador Eaton and his family are to come back on one of your planes,” the President said.

I sent Vicky and Andy a text to make sure that the Ambassador got the word to be ready to fly out when my men arrived.

The more I thought about the conversation with Andy and the follow up with Ben, I came to the conclusion that it would be better if we took Saif alive and did it quietly.

I was sure the President and most of the federal agencies want a big firefight and Saif’s body carried out on a stretcher in a body bag for the cameras.

What we really needed was three days to question and torture him if necessary to get every contact, location of planned attacks and where the explosives were, and then they could blast him away like Bin Laden.

He would never allow himself to be taken alive. Saif would never allow the remote chance that the Hawks would overrule the Doves in our government. Convincing them to look the other way while extreme torture by the Doc could do was carried out on him for information he would readily give after several sessions.

He was not worried about sodium pentothal, water boarding, sleep deprivation, or lie detectors; they were child’s play. People of his level had been well schooled while hiding in the caves; even trained on how to ignore or accept the effects of those things if they were captured.

Doc Burns and I had many conversations when he was checking out how my injuries had healed after my brushes with terrorists.

While he was a great doctor, I also found out his great hatred for murders, rapists and terrorists. The Doc even flew to other states to perform death row executions and never had one go bad. The local doctors wanted no parts of executions; it was a kiss of death for a medical practice. An outsider was always flown in.

I also found out he was a student of history – specifically torture – and had done an in-depth study of Nazi Joseph Mengele.

But it didn’t matter if we caught him alive; he would be lawyer up and be paraded in the media, immediately destroying any hope of exposing the people in his network. They would disappear immediately, only to continue their deadly activity another day.

Then again, maybe not.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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4 Responses to Chapter 456

  1. joe h says:

    lol… i see no cliffhanger, but i do remember the US embassy in Windhoek Namibia that is in the works. lol are planning to drag out the attack for a few chapters to make us salivate ?? 1 last question, is Vickie going in BJ’s place if so:
    1) as a back up to aid Andy?
    2) as a back up Ambassador????
    3) a big no b/c she would only get in the way?

  2. jackballs57 says:

    1 No, Andy does not need a back up.
    2 No, the ambassador question will be played out in the next couple of chapters.
    3 No, Vicky was already involved in the first embassy attack and a bigger role for her is coming, a side of her not yet seen.

  3. ozmoses1951 says:

    Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations.
    Really enjoying your work, thanks again for your effort.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Thank you, hope yours was pleasant as well. Thanks for the comment.

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