Chapter 457

Many of the task force members left in a hurry to return to their own agency to assist in and get updates on the new problem with Namibia.

I was left with my four from the Department of Education and they thought they were going to get to leave.

“I have been told that I have access to the entire Department of Education database through you. I want a series of reports run a couple of different ways.”

“I want a list of all colleges in the US from the largest to the smallest; I want their worth, endowments, investments, tuition, state and federal grants. If possible, I want how much money they get from their sports programs,” I instructed.

“Then do a separate list by state and put them in binders,” I said.

“I also want it in electronic format,” I said.

“I’m not sure the department will allow you the financial information. What do you need that for?” Tanya asked.

Tanya Birch seemed to be over the other three from the Department of Education.

“At some point funding for security equipment is going to come up. We have to develop policy, procedures and eligibility criteria, and a way to convince Congress to get on board,” I replied.

“If there is going to be a problem, I will get the President to make a call to your Secretary,” I said.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Tanya replied.

When I went back to my emails, there was another unwanted surprise. There were two electronic subpoenas to appear, this time from the House Domestic Terrorism Committee. I was to appear with unspecified documents and it was on Friday. I wondered just what unspecified documents meant.

The other was to appear and testify to the Senate Embassy Security Steering Committee. One was Friday morning, the other was Friday afternoon.

I had no time to testify for either committee; and I said that in the reply I sent to each. My time needed to be directed to catching Saif and his associates.

I called Victor to discuss the Namibia situation. It was going to be quick call but turned into a long conversation. We discussed the issues that my men had concerns about at Kampala and several embassies in Africa.

I asked Victor if he was getting nervous about the wedding Saturday?

“Nervous no, excited yes. All three of us are excited, Allie wants to make Joni officially Mom, as much as I want to make her my wife.”

“They finished the last few things on the house a couple days ago; it is perfect. I think Alica is going to be staying a lot on weekends. She and Allie are really close.”

“Any time you need Allie to stay over, she is always welcome, Alica is moving into the room Patti was in. Patti has moved all her things into her new house. The wedding is tomorrow night,” I replied.

I called Eric, while I was talking to Victor several questions had popped into my head that I needed answers to.

“Eric, what happened to Diya’s cell phone and records from it?” I asked.

After a real long delay, “That’s a good question I haven’t seen that report either,” he replied.

“I want to see the complete report on Diya and his SUV, including the complete list of all the evidence collected. The investigators I asked for are to be here tomorrow; they can go over it,” I replied.

“I take it you think something has been missed,” Eric replied.

“Something is wrong; I know something has been missed. We just have to find out what and how it connects things together,” I replied.

“Diya had to have a phone; where is it? The phones on the two vests, what numbers were on them? Did they do test calls from Saif and are they still in the call logs? Saif had to have a phone to communicate with Diya,” I said.

“Have the records of the cell towers around the college been searched for that day? Can the phones be connected?” I asked.

“Where is Diya’s SUV; is it still in the impound lot?” I asked.

“I can’t answer those questions. Call Len,” Eric responded.

Call Len I did; the results were not any better. In fact they were more troubling.

“The SUV is still in the impound lot for a few more days. Diya’s brothers are suing to get it released and have been demanding to get it back almost the next day,” Len said.

“That should have raise red flags galore. I can solve that for you. I want it brought to Washington to the FBI forensics lab. I want it stripped to the last nut and bolt. I just need to figure out how to make that happen,” I replied.

“What about Diya’s personal effects and clothes and cell phone when he was carried to the hospital; where are they?” I asked.

“They are in the evidence locker, we never found a cell phone,” he replied.

“Where are the two vests and the phones that were on them?” I asked.

“The ATF has them,” Len replied.

A call to Marty Coeburn answered several questions and an agreement to help fast track it into the lab and pay for the air cargo charge to get it to Washington.

More calls to Len and Lorrie put the delivery to Washington tomorrow. One of the C130’s would handle it and Len would see that it was carried from the impound yard to the airport.

Dealing with the ATF was another problem. I called a dozen numbers that were listed in the internal federal directory I was given, ending up with nothing. At one point they even denied ever having the vest.

I knew that to be a lie; I had a copy of the report where they had analyzed the explosives in the thing.

Finally throwing in the towel I called Attorney General Dunne; he was in the first meeting with the President but there was no representative from the ATF in my task force.

My call was not well received; he had already been informed that I had made calls to people in his agency.

“What do you want the suicide vests for?” he demanded.

“I do not want the vests, I want the cell phones that are attached to the vests so I can have them analyzed by DHS and NSA. It’s a long shot that there is anything to help but long shots are all we have right now.”

“I will make some calls and see that you get them,” he replied then he hung up.

I had run everything I could think of for the time being about MSU and turned my attention to the Arizona State for the hour that was left of today. My process coordinators began the task of putting everything together while my secretaries converted all my calls and meetings into transcripts for the mandatory permanent record.

I could hold the transcripts for 30 days before they had to be sent to someone to determine the classification, and then to the archives.

I left on time and made it to the house in time to shower and get into my costume for the wedding. The other girls were doing the same thing. it was going to be a small wedding in the Hillchurch community center.

Jason was going to walk Patti down the isle dressed as the distraught father. Lisa was dressed as the devil walking behind with the rubber pitch fork to keep her from changing her mind.

The wedding was a blast even with the crazy theme. Everyone was ready to party and party we did. It was a refreshing break from all the things we had on our plate.

Patti and Purnell were off to Aruba for their honeymoon for two weeks. I wondered who would be worn out first. Let the fun times roll.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof Read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe H. says:

    there is nothing better that getting your meds, even if you have to wait every 4 days for your pill… :smile
    I am surprised BJ made more than 2 calls before going to the top of the ladder for the cell phones.

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