Chapter 518

All three Generals just stared at me while I was listening to the Doc.

“Are you available for the next few days until he or we are finished?” I asked.

“OK, just keep the meter running,” I replied.

“The Doc says that if it does not require heavy doses to get him talking or to get the truth from him, more should not be a problem. If it requires heavy doses, then one or two at the most,” I relayed to the Generals.

“You need to get me a number to bill the DOD for part of the Doc’s services; they come awfully expensive. You know how expensive R&D is. Have your men to the office at the same time and the same rules will apply as last night,” I said.

The next three days at 1600 fell in a quiet routine again and that worried me more than anything. The evenings and nights were something else.

Balthazar was interrogated for three nights in a row, needing almost no drugs. Every day I had people make nice to him as long as he was talking. I let him choose food from the restaurant menu. He received clean clothes and was allowed to shower every day.

The fourth night the DOD men, Ben and Frank took a couple days off to analyze all the information they had. Vicky and I questioned Balthazar for three hours about the Prince and the activities he was connected in.

Balthazar admitted the Prince was behind the attacks on me and the Prince was the paymaster. Things I already knew, but the confirmation was nice to have.

The questions and answers also confirmed that the Prince was acting without the blessings of the King. In fact the King was being shielded from any of the Prince’s actions.

That meant that either there were more who approved of the Prince’s actions or they were deathly afraid to oppose him. The power play in the Kingdom carried life and death penalties, if one chose the wrong blood line to support.

Other answers from Balthazar confirmed the Prince’s support of Al-Qaida and a path for some of the weapons for ISIS. This was not the first large purchase of weapons the Prince had made for his terror connections.

Balthazar also gave up two names from the Polokwane hunting camp groups who were spies for Iran. Andy ordered both to meet with tragic accidents before team six and I arrived.

I asked Andy to hold off until Monday before giving the order. The two Iranians that I had captured in the Kampala Embassy attack had given up hundreds of bits of information to the CIA; Balthazar was giving up so many things that I wondered if capturing the two in Polokwane might be a better thing than killing them.

Robert was still reading through the thousands of emails in the Prince’s accounts. Only two of the accounts were locked and accessible only to the Prince, the other two accounts were also accessed by his assistants and were used for business of the kingdom.

Friday night was the first long business meeting I had with the girls this week. Every night this week I had went straight to the gym floor to work out and train with the Mossad four or have planning sessions with Andy.

There were good things from the meeting; the South Korean housing project for the embassy security employees was moving towards completion. A big backup generator had been added in case things went ape shit crazy there.

The timeline for the men to move in was next week. The men we had brought back from there were finished training and had been given a free week for whatever before they were flying back with the additional manpower for the site.

The new tarmac was now completely cured and being used, alleviating the overcrowding at the terminal and super hangar.

Andy was working with the engineers from Bobs Construction for the next round of improvements to Camp Smith for all the training that was going to have to happen.

The training end was going crazy since all the publicity connected with my Washington venture. Police departments and security groups from everywhere wanted their SWAT teams and departments to go though our training. It was not just from the US, but also Europe, Central America, South America and Asia. Our website training link was being hit hundreds of times an day.

The good thing out of all of this was that after the Africa trip, there would be ninety special OPS men and ladies to use for trainers for both embassy compliance and the law enforcement training. The year was going to be busy and I needed to be here and not in Washington. There were just less than two more months to go.

The down side was the continuing request for me to speak at all kinds of police and law enforcement seminars, conventions and other events. I informed the President’s staff early on that I would do no speaking tours. That was simply not me.

There were some organizations that would not accept no and tried going through JBG. All calls of that nature were directed to Cindy who added the names to a list that I had no intention to EVER look at.

I finished up Friday on the mats with both Ziva and Abra; it took a full thirty minutes in the hot tub and then another thirty minutes on the massage table to work out the kinks and pains. If I did not know better, I would have thought they were trying to kill me.

Saturday morning the girls and I met with Andy, Robert and the men and ladies who made up teams five and six. The girls wanted and were entitled to hear the complete plan at this stage. The final plans would be made as needed. All plans were made to be broken.

Saturday night was subdued but it was still family night. We had a big home cooked meal to save the hassle of bodyguards. We included the Moms and Dads along with Jake and Mindy.

After everyone left and it was just us girls with the boys in bed, the night was filled with intimacy. We were touching, feeling, fondling, kissing, hugging and crying until we satisfied and exhausted. Even then we did not go off to our to bed. We stayed on the big couch all tangled together under a quilt, not wanting to give up on the bonding.

Even though I tried to display total confidence in the mission – as Andy was calling it – there were still huge risks. There were so many things that could go wrong. So many of the pieces had to be pulled off exactly right. I knew the girls could sense it.

Sunday morning we met the family at the church for the early service. Mom had been trying ever since the boys were born for us to be regular members. For some reason this Sunday felt like a good time to go. It wasn’t far so we only took four Suburbans.

Sunday quickly became Monday and I was at Section Twelve early again. Ben and Frank were already there working on Balthazar’s questions and answers, but had not started the coffee.

With the coffee percolating I called them into my office and closed the door.

“Well?” I asked.

“We think one more session may finish all of our questions; the military guys want one more too,” Frank replied.

“Do you have assets in South Africa and access to aviation in Botswana?” I asked Frank.

“That’s a tall order right off hand; no. What’s going on there?” Frank asked.

“That’s classified; you know, need to know,” I replied.

“Do you want two more Iranian spies to question?” I asked.

“How could we not want them?” Ben replied.

“Have your people at the Gaborone Botswana airport Wednesday afternoon, hangar 43, to pick them up,” I said.

“Ben, when I leave today you will be in charge; I will not be back for a week. Vicky is your contact for the Doc and all things connected,” I said.

“The girls will have a way to contact me for emergencies by satellite phone. The phone will only be turned on for 5 minutes on even hours at the top of the hour during daylight,” I said.

“That sounds like something from the Mossad operations manual,” Frank replied.

I just winked and smiled. I opened the door to follow them out to see Troy and the President standing at the coffee pot and raiding the donuts on the pastry plate.

That will save me a trip upstairs, I thought.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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