Chapter 519

After a few minutes of social conversation I told the President of my plans to leave at noon, to take a week off and that Ben would be back in charge of Section 12. He did not question why so I did not need to tell him a lie.

I needed to be back at the office for the meeting with the attorneys of the man who was suing JBG. Jenny called this the discovery phase. It was where they pried into all your business looking for anything they could find to support their case.

The girls – along with our attorneys and me – were in the meeting room with several of my security staff when the attorneys were brought in. My security personnel were changing daily. I knew these men but had worked with them very little. The teams going to Africa forced the changes. The team leader today was Ray Boggs and, as usual, they were heavily armed.

Ray had the men checked for wires and brought in two bomb sniffing dogs. “Where the hell did they come from and when?” I wondered.

My men took and emptied the contents of their briefcases on the table and let the dogs sniff the cases and then the attorneys.

The attorneys were livid and let it be known that they had never been treated like this before.

“Has anyone tried to blow you up lately?” I asked.

For the next two hours they tried to get various confidential information that I denied them access to for security reasons. We gave them general information that was available publicly.

After the two hours Jenny asked for their client’s name and what position he had applied for; discovery works both ways.

Malcolm Wicks had applied for a job in the security department when we were adding manpower for the embassy expansions.

There were now five levels for employees in security.

Level one is mall and school security; I did not like that we were doing that but it was a joint effort by Ching Lee and Vicky under Ching Lee’s supervision, although we did not have too many of them yet.

Level two is college security with the team leaders being level three; all of them reporting to Ching Lee and Mark.

Level four is Embassy security with the team leaders at level five and reporting to Vicky, Cindy and me.
Andy, Bill and Ed were senior director level and reported to me or Vicky.

Jason printed off several copies of his application and the results of the initial research into Jesse.
Malcolm Wicks applied for the level four position. The position as posted on our website had several requirements.

1. Must be 21.
2. Must have a US passport.
3. Must have prior security experience, military service or a law enforcement degree.
4. Must be fluent in two foreign languages at the time of employment and willing to learn more.
5. Must be height and weight proportional.
6. Must be able to pass the standard fitness test approved by the US Law Enforcement Association.
7. Must be willing to travel worldwide on four hours notice or less.
8. Must take all immunizations required for foreign travel.
9. Must be able to qualify with handgun, rifle and shotgun with a score of 97% or better and remain proficient.
10. Must pass the JBG self defense course and remain proficient.

I passed the job specs to the lawyer and then the resume that Malcolm had sent in to HR.

“Your client does not meet any of the job specs that he applied for. He refuses to get the necessary vaccinations and he put that it in writing,” I said.

“You could train him in the things he was lacking,” the attorney replied.

“We did not post looking for trainees. We posted for qualified individuals. We needed 800 qualified people immediately. If I remember over 3000 qualified persons applied for the jobs,” I replied.

“I need a breakdown of your employees by race, sex and nationality,” the attorney said.

“We do not collect that kind of information on our employees and, as for sex, that is medical information and we can’t give that to you even if we wanted to,” I replied.

“This is the discovery phase and I am not satisfied with your cooperation. I will get a judge to order you to supply the information. I will see you in court,” he replied.

“Be my guest,” I replied as I stood.

The girls and I went to have a last meal together before I left to pack and then for Africa. After the goodbyes, hugs and some crying I boarded the jet with team six at Morton for a deceptive flight to Polokwane. First we went to South America on Ajax International Equipment Company’s private jet with the first stop at Fortaleza Brazil.

There we were changing to a Brazil Mining & Minerals jet to finish the flight across the Atlantic to South Africa. B M&M had mining operations all over Africa and their plane made regular flights there.

I had met the company officials when I had been ambassador to Uganda and we had become friends.

All of us slept on the flight to Brazil. The change over to the BMM flight was done at their hangar. It was pitch black, a perfect night for the beginning of clandestine operations. I took that a good sign and hoped that it would continue.

On this final leg of the trip we began getting ready for our public appearance. The former Mossad ladies began putting on the marking on the back of our hands and fingers that are prevalent on women in the Middle East and Africa. Our cover was completed with the traditional Muslim burqa and chador; the only thing visible on us women was our eyeballs and the fingers with intricate markings and no polish.

Those marking were different depending on the sects and tribes. We had chosen markings of the tribes from Yemen that were aligned with Iran that Robert’s information indicated were in the smuggling business; another good cover.

It was bright daylight when we landed. Google had lied or the pictures were terribly old. This place was deserted, all but abandoned; there was one operating fuel truck. I was surprised that it was a fairly new one. The operator needed payment in advance; ten dollars American per gallon so he could go to the fuel depot 20 miles away to get the fuel.

We did not need fuel in this plane; it still had enough left to make its next stop to Gaborone Botswana. That was the next stop for it. But the other planes coming to get us out of here in a few days may need some.

I told Andy in Russian to give the man enough money to fill the truck; I didn’t want any of the planes getting the teams out of here having to wait a day on fuel if they needed it. When it became time to go, I wanted everyone gone as fast as possible. Looking at this place I doubted any other planes would come here except for the Prince.

Andy met teams one and two on the tarmac near the plane while we women huddled off to the side. That s that way life was for women in that part of the world.

Their mission was done early; the two different guide groups they were with were led by the two Iranian spies. At the hunting camps over the weekend the hunting guides/poachers had campfire conversations in Arabic that they did not think my people could understand.

They were planning to raid migrant camps for women and young girls to rape and then to sell to the Middle Eastern rich for sex slaves and servants to fund terrorism and their lifestyle. The ISIS tactics for funding were making their way across all of Africa.

Migrant camps moved following agricultural work or game and were always on the move. Several new ones had shown up on the edge the wildlife refuge.

The guides were planning to raid the camps Sunday night and set up a temporary camp until they had enough women to ship to Yemen. Teams one and two killed all the guides with the exception of the two Iranians. The bodies were left in the river for the crocodiles. All their weapons were burned before being thrown in the river to quickly rust beyond use if found.

Teams one and two were leaving on the plane we had just gotten off. In the process the two spies were being dropped off at Hangar 43 where the plane would be refueled for the trip back to Brazil.

I made the call to Frank – it was the top of the even hour – to make sure his people were there and waiting. You can say a lot in five minutes if you talk fast enough.

We had a lot of work to do and it started as soon as the jet left the runway.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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