Book 2 Chapter 5

Book 2 Chapter 5

The doc was already there and had most of his equipment set up.

“I have already checked them out. I think they are good for at least four sessions,” Doc Burns said.

“Gentleman, meet Guardian Major General Fayeez Mohammad of the Iranian Republican Guard, head of their intelligence division. He is Balthazar’s father if the reports are correct. The other gentleman waiting for his turn in the barrel is Guardian Colonel Abdullah Kassis – also of the IRG – from the military science group. His specialty was small rockets and explosives. These two orchestrated the attack that killed my men and almost killed Vicky and me,” I said.

“Director Dorin, ask your first questions,” I said.

“Who are your Hezbollah contacts?” Dorin asked.

“Do you really think I’m going to answer your questions?” he replied.

I nodded to the doc.

The General screamed and shook the table violently. It was five minutes before he returned to normal.

Art and General Ingram cringed at his outburst.

“Ask the question again,” I instructed.

It took the third dose before the General decided to talk. After that pages of questions were asked and pages of answers were written down. While Director Dorin was asking from his list, both Bens stood off to the side and General Ingram, Frank. Marty and Art joined us in the conversation.

The two military men who came with General Ingram never left the side of the table, writing down the questions and the answers.

“Just how in the hell did you get them out of Hezbollah territory?” Ben Smith asked.

“You know better than ask that kind of question, the answer could cost lives and careers,” I replied.

“Since you put it that way, forget I asked; I don’t really want to know,” he said.

“Sometime over a beer in your private bar I would love to hear that story, I will furnish the first case. That has to be one heck of a story,” General Ingram said.

“Beer and a private bar, I never had an invitation to go there!” Frank said.

“Me neither,” Eric added.

“You need to huddle with Frank, Eric, Art, and Marty and come up with questions for them for tomorrow night. I intend to put him in the furnace Wednesday night,” I said.

Director Dorin was finished with his first round of questions; the three Israelis went to a corner to sort through the answers and made phone calls back to Israel to sort them out.

It was my turn since the feds were still trying to come to grips with questions of their own. For the next two hours I asked the questions that Robert had given me. Vicky was taking notes even though I was recording his answers. Tomorrow Robert could check the answers to see if they were the truth or a lie and if they turned any lights on with the dark web sites we were following.

I pressed the Iranian hard on the websites and the posters and even who the people in the IRG that were running and coordinating the sites. I pressed him for login, passwords, locations of the operatives and the US target list.

The Israelis had completed another list of questions they wanted to ask so I backed away to check off my list. When I did Frank, Eric, Ben and Art cornered me.

“Why all the questions about the dark web sites? Surely there are lots of other things you could ask him,” Art asked.

“What the hell are your people doing with their time? The dark sites are where the organizing, planning and orders are being given. There is a major attack being planned in Harrisburg in the next thirty days, all on the dark web sites,” I said.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about it,” I almost yelled.

I thought Ben, Eric, and Art were going to have a fit on the spot.

Director Dorin announced they were finished for the night. I sent Vicky to the restaurant to get the two a plate of food before we left. She and I were going to feed them and then put them to bed for the night.

“Did the information we talked about get leaked today?” I asked Director Dorin.

“Yes and they contacted Tehran before taking any action and were told to stand down. Tehran is sending a team to assist; they want to make sure Hezbollah fanatics do not get their General killed. We have been tracking them since they left Tehran. The rescue team is to meet at the Golan-Syrian border tomorrow. If your plan bears fruit, as it now looks like, it was a stroke of genius,” Director Dorin replied.

“You can be sure we will take a page out of your book and shoot for knee caps on the high value targets,” he added.

The feds had a surprised look and then one asked, “What the hell are you two planning to happen now?”

“Keep me informed, video would be nice. Revenge is best served cold. That group there would tell you I am an expert at delivering revenge,” I replied as I pointed to the feds.

“Same time tomorrow or do you want to start a couple hours earlier?” I asked.


“1500,” Doc Burns said.

It was midnight when Vicky and I walked in and made the rounds giving sleeping boys and babies kisses, and of course the girls.

Breakfast had barely finished when the calls started. The first one was the funeral home, “The families have decided on Friday at 1100 as the time for the service. The school board is going to bring additional chairs from other schools in case they are needed. They are going to start setting up today,” he said.

“Where are the internments going to be?” I asked.

“Three on the Island, Three in the Cville cemetery and the other three wanted cremation,” he replied.

I breathed a silent sigh of relief; the last thing I wanted was a section of a cemetery to be known as the JBG plot.

“That will make logistics a nightmare, but it is what it is,” I said.

The doc called and asked, “Is there security at Fort Smith to assist him and a nurse in replacing the bandages in the two prisoner’s legs?”

“Yes there is; I’m not really sure why you want to do that,” I replied.

“Sometimes the illusion of sympathy and caring is the best cover,” the doc replied.

Vicky volunteered to go to make sure that nothing was said out of the way by the two; there was no telling what they would try. I was going to meet with Robert and we went over the answers from last night.

There was some good news at 1100; the four who were injured at Portugal were going to be discharged today – one of them in a wheelchair – but they would be home. That alone improved my mood some.

Today’s mail improved all our moods a little more; we had it in writing that the truck stop permits were approved with all the engineering plans accepted.

Engineers from J&J, Bob’s Construction and a dozen subcontractors had spent the last few days surveying, driving stakes and moving in heavy equipment. They were as anxious to get started as Marcy and Lorrie were. Everyone wanted concrete down before the fall rains came.

Next I spent time with Robert; there were some things that were beginning to bother me. We went over all the questions and answers from last night and I had over one hundred more I wanted answered.

One more thing we talked about was the web sites, one of the sites had dropped all pretense and clearly posted information about the attack on my convoy. The operator posted a request to all members in the Golan, Lebanon and no man’s land area looking for anyone witnessing the attack on my convoy.

There were several responses; one was close to the time the plan Director Dorin and I had worked out should have been leaked. The time was close to the time the Iranians started across the desert in Iraq.

The next thing I did was pull up the NSA and CIA satellite data from the day of the attack. Since all the world powers had gotten involved, so many satellites had repositioned in the area that there were concerns of space collisions. I downloaded all the data from about four hour before the convoy arrived at the fatal spot till shortly after we left.

Robert and I each took one and ran it at triple speed, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Almost at the exact same time, “Hey, did you see what I think I see?”

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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