Book 2 Chapter 6

Book 2 Chapter 6
“Yes I did, mark the frame and keep looking,” I replied.

Then I started a new page of questions. Some of my partners in the Spanish inquisition may get nervous and I needed to watch for that. There were things that were definitely amiss.

Vicky and I went back to Fort Smith. I carried a set of oversize head phones that played music. The explosive expert was not going to listen to the questions asked of the other. The doc was fifteen minutes early; that allowed Vicky and me private time to question the General. To get even more time, Ed was to delay a few minutes before he brought the rest of the group back and was to call me first.

“How long were you waiting at that location before my convoy happened along?” I asked.

“I’m not answering any more questions until I see the people I asked for,” he replied.

I nodded my head to the doc to remind the General who was running this show. It took three more doses for him to change his mind. And our time element was gone. The rest of the inquisition was here.

I asked the question again.

“Four hours,” he replied.

“How many patrols went by in those four hours that you did not attack?” I asked.

“Three – yours was the fourth,” he replied.

“Why did you attack the forth?” I asked.

He didn’t answer. I nodded.

Minutes later I asked the question again.

“We knew you were going to be in the convoy and about what time,” he replied.

“How did you know?” I asked.

No answer so I repeated the question.

Still no answer so I nodded.

Five minutes later he said, “A Hezbollah informant was following you; at one of the stops you made one of the soldiers made a call that was overheard.”

‘Loose lips sink ships, and got my men killed and almost me and Vicky,” immediately came to mind.

I went back to asking questions about the planned attacks that were being discussed on the web sites and how potential targets were being identified.

I followed that up with who was going to replace him as Intel chief for the IRG.

“General Abdalrahman Kedar,” he replied.

“I know that name; he was known as the Butcher of Baghmati during the Iraq/Iran conflict. Thousands died from chemical weapons he ordered used. Then his troops killed any survivors and looted the city,” General Ingram replied.

“He is devoted to the radical mullahs and is pushing for a much more aggressive terror campaign. He wants it expanded to all areas of the world. They will place him in control. You will pay dearly and soon for capturing me.” General Fayeez said.

“You won’t be able to celebrate any successes they have,” I replied.

“The Israelis took over the questioning and questioned in a lot more detail about Hezbollah’s spy network in their own back yard. Then the feds took their turn.

When we ran out of questions for the General, the equipment was transferred to the Colonel.

I had no real need to be involved in the small rockets and explosives questions. The Israelis, on the other hand, were thorough because they were facing them almost daily. The two DOD people that General Ingram had brought were just as interested.

Director Dorin received a call and carried on the conversation in Hebrew and quickly became very excited. After he finished the call, he came to where Frank, Eric, Ben, Vicky and I were standing.

“Your plan worked; they walked into the trap as you said they would. We have several Hezbollah leaders, two more IRG colonels and several captains. All of them have leg problems. Do you know how hard it was to convince soldiers to shoot for knee caps when they have been trained for years to shoot at body mass?” Director Dorin said.

He walked me off to the side. “If we are unsuccessful with interrogations, may we bring them here?” he asked.

“I’m sure we can work out an arrangement that will be satisfactory for all of us,” I replied.

The Israelis finished and quickly left; Director Dorin and his boss were going back to Israel tonight. They were anxious to get started with things there. Ben-David would handle any more questions tomorrow night.

The feds cornered me while Vicky went to get food again. “What kind of plans and deals did you work out with the Israelis?”

“No deals, just an opportunity to assist in applying a dose of revenge for killing my men and trying to kill Vicky and me. That pissed me off. You know, ‘Never piss off a lady with a knife, gun and an attitude.’ Even Vicky has developed an attitude now; you have been warned,” I said.

While we were waiting for everyone to finish up Vicky sent the list of questions and answers to Robert’s email so he would have them tomorrow when he came in to work. Then we had a quiet discussion. I filled her in on the success of today’s operation in the Golan Heights.

Then we looked at the files Marcy was keeping with all things related to the funerals. JBG was flying any of the security people at any of the embassies or colleges that wanted to attend the funerals. Everyone who worked in our security departments had been through training programs where some of the deceased had been trainers. Every site was sending several.

All had been in the military and all four branches of the armed forces were sending an honor guard. There was also a list of VIP’s who had signed that they were coming.

Reading all that made me sad and mad but the soldier in me kept me moving forward and had taught me to ignore sad and mad. Both of those emotions would cause one to do stupid things and interfere with rational decision making that could get us killed. I could not afford to have one more stupid thing happen.

We were waiting for the two to finish eating; we wanted to make sure all the utensils were collected so there could be no escape attempts. Tonight there was a security guard and a former medic staying in the medical building, in case they needed to use a bed pan. It was easier to do that than clean up the mess.

It was while they were eating that the General starting talking, “You know I am Colonel Faaz Fayeez Mohammad’s father, Balthazar as you know him. How is he; have they executed him yet?”

“No, he has not been executed, he is being held in a federal prison outside of Washington. The politicians wanted to trade him for a couple of people being held in Iranian prisons. But the mullahs refuse to discuss it so they are going to try him for his crimes. He may eventually be executed but it will be a while,” I replied.

“I know you are going to execute both of us. No one knows where we are and the answers we have given you would get us executed at home,” he said.

“You killed my men and almost killed me, no one is going to do that and live, you are the only two alive of the group you were with,” I said.

“We have been studying you for a while; you have a nickname in circles within your government; ‘Lioness’ I think it was, it is appropriate. It is also said that every man that has crossed you is dead.”

“If I wrote a letter to my son would he get it?” he asked.

“If you write a letter I will hand deliver it, I think you are smart enough to know the things you cannot say,” I replied.

“I will instruct the guard tonight to give you a pad and a pen,” I added.

When the guard came I gave him explicit instructions and the pad and pen for the general.

Sleep came easy; my neck was healing. The girls and I could be more affectionate if they were gentle, and they were.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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