Chapter 20

I arrived half an hour early. I went to the HR department to meet with the director Mr. Bob Jackson, who also doubled as head of security. I got the normal welcome aboard speech and rules and regulations.

He complemented me on the uniform fit and said he was amazed at how fast the background check got done and the weapons permit was approved. “We have never allowed security people to carry weapons before but with all that has happened around the country we felt it was a necessary thing. You are the first, so how it works out will set the precedent for all that follow.”

I was issued an electronic passkey for all the College buildings and keys for the security vehicles, a John Deere Gator, an Easy Go golf cart, and a Ford Explorer that was trashed out. I also got a smarter than smart phone that was loaded with pictures of all the students and their ID numbers, as well as their assigned dorm rooms and car parking assignments. It had a complete map with security points, electronic doors and everything.

“Security does have its own office now, follow me, I’ll take you there,” he said.

“It’s a new office; IT just hooked up the last of the systems and video surveillance today. Everything seems to work but some things may have to be fine tuned. Most all of our problems happen in the evening, and 95% on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. That’s why we wanted a full time person on those nights. The security cameras only show exterior views, with the exception of the cafeteria, sports complex, pool, auditorium and the stairs and halls of the dorms. You have full access to all dorms and areas when you patrol. The smart phone has apps that will allow you to access the security cameras from anywhere. The desktop has the same student information, only in more detail, and also has a place for security to add notes to each student file. What we would like is for notes to be added anytime you have any contact with students or staff related to security, no matter how minor it seems,” he said.

The security office had a counter, and seating for a couple of people in front of the counter, like a waiting area. Behind the counter in an overhead that couldn’t be seen from the waiting area, were several large monitors for the security camera system. There were two offices behind the counter; one like an interview room, the other with cubicles, phones and computers.

Bob said, “The day-shift people start at 6 and have been left word to come and introduce themselves to you. They are all part-time and rotate so you will get to see them eventually. An updated work schedule will be sent to you by email to keep you up to date on the who, what, when, and where. Also in your email there is a file that has all the info on the rest of the security team. I know this a lot of information in a short time for the first day on the job but things have changed,” he said.

“The bad news is there was another rape two nights ago, it was a VIP student from California. We cannot have any publicity, so there was no media. We have to stop this,” he said.

I interrupted and asked “Am I allowed access to the files of the investigations of all the rapes and attempted rapes?”

He hesitated then said, “You understand the need for secrecy and I also understand that something in them may help stop this, so yes, but please secure them; no access to anyone for any reason.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

Bob said, “I need to leave, my contact info is loaded into the smart phone, please call me if there is an emergency. Send me an email with anything you need or any questions you want answered.”

We had talked over an hour. I spent another hour playing with the security cameras, learning how to effectively use them. When I got them figured out I made notes in the phone about locations that I wanted to look at when I made my foot patrol. It was nine when I started on the foot patrol.

The layout of the college was simple – four large building that were the class rooms, an administration building, a large cafeteria building that served three meals a day, a recreation building that housed the gym and pool, an auditorium, and five dorms.

Three dorms were female, two male. They were long and straight two story buildings, fifty rooms on each floor, with two students to each room. The buildings were all connected by covered walkways.

The buildings with the classrooms and the administration were locked by electronic locks at 5 PM and unlocked at 7 AM Monday thru Friday. They were accessible with key cards, by authorized personal only, including cleaning crew after they were locked. The exception being the new security office at the end of the admin building that was to be unlocked from 6 AM to 8 PM seven days a week. The gym and pool were opened from 6 AM to 11 PM but required a key card to enter. The cafeteria opened at 6 AM and served the last meal at 8 PM, seven days a week. The dorms were accessible only by card. The security system recorded all carded entries with the time and user ID.

I made a quick check of all the buildings that were supposed to be locked. Then I went to the dorms. I walked the complete exterior of all the dorms and checked to make all the lock doors were locked and all lower windows looked secure. I then entered each dorm building and walked each floor. I introduced myself to each student I saw and made sure to request that they call the security number for any trouble or suspicious individuals and activity. It took an hour and a half to make the rounds the first time talking to the students that were in the hallways. When no students were up it took 30 minutes. I repeated it at least four more times the first night. I also rode the parking lots and the access roads to the college at least twice.

To fill in time in between the patrols I started going through the student list looking at pictures and names. I also sent a note to Bob Jackson:
1: Insufficient lighting at 3 camera locations.
2: Request for business cards with my e-mail and security phone on them.
3: Request stickers with security number that could be installed in every room.
4: Request better flashlights.
5: Asked how soon I would have access to the investigative files we had talked about.
6: Asked about doing a series of self defense rape prevention seminars.
7: Asked about the possibility of a group meeting with all the security people so that we are all on the same page, keeping open communications, and reporting issues.

I also reviewed the files of my fellow security officers and the duty schedules.

At 6 AM the 2 day shift people came in and we did introductions. I asked that they log all events that involved security no matter how insignificant they may seem, until we could come up with a better system.

At 7 AM I left to go home. I called Jen to tell her I was on my way. She asked me to call when I reached C-ville and she would have breakfast ready for me. I called as I passed through the little town, 25 minutes later I walked through the door.

I thought Jen was going to knock me down and squeeze me to death with the bear hug and kiss she gave me. She led me to the kitchen where she had my favorite meal waiting, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, two strips of bacon, orange juice and black coffee. The toast popped up just as I sat down. Jen quickly buttered the two slices and lay on a thick layer of grape jelly.

She said, “I called your Mom last night to find out what you liked for breakfast then I went to the store and got us plenty of food. I hope everything is the way you like it.”

“It’s perfect – you didn’t have to do this – we could go out to eat,” I said.

” I love to cook but cooking for one is such a pain,” she said.

“What’s the stepladder doing by the door?” I asked.

“I put some stuff in the doorbell to quiet it down so it wouldn’t wake you up if someone rang it,” she said.

“Honey, when I’m this tired mortar shells won’t wake me unless they are close enough for me to feel the concussion,” I said.

“That’s one heck of a basement Jake has, you are going to have to tell me what some of that stuff is,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Some of that stuff looks, well, kinky if you know what I mean,” she said.

“OK, we’ll check it out sometime,” I said. I put my plate in the sink as she put the other stuff away.

Jen said,” Come on, let’s shower and I’ll wash your back and hair, I want to cuddle with you until you are asleep then I’ll get up and do some things. When you get up I want to hear everything about your night. I emailed Daddy about the rapes to see if he could get the official police reports as you asked.”

I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower with Jen. She had the water so hot I could barely stand it but it felt good on tired muscles. She soaped both of us up from head to toe with beautiful smelling body soap in some type of soft mittens. Then she stood behind me and pulled my soapy body tight against her, looped her arms around and did it again, this time playing a long time lifting, massaging, and squeezing my breasts. She worked her way down, forced me to spread my legs and played my pussy, losing a mitt, she worked my clit until I groaned and came on her fingers. She washed my hair, and then toweled it as dry as she could, much drier than I would have.

Jen stood, gave me a toe curling kiss and said, “That’s all you get for now – if you want more it will wait until you get up, now go to bed you go.” She slid into bed behind me and spooned tight, placed a kiss on my neck and said, “Good night.”

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