Chapter 28

Not one of us said a word on the way home. When we got there I pulled Jen off to the side and whispered “Still game for same room, lights on?”

She smiled and nodded yes, “Go get all the pillows off the beds,” I replied.

I got the boys to move the furniture back while I closed the shades. I also turned down the lights. Jenny arrived and threw the pillows into a pile in the middle of the room.

I walked over to Robert, unbuttoned and removed his shirt. I laid it neatly on a chair. Then I walked to stand back in front of him. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and removed the blouse and jacket together, laying them on the arm of the chair. I walked back to him and pulled him chest to chest to me as our mouths met. It was a passionate kiss, hard and tight, our tongues touching lightly at first, then searching for the pleasure we knew we would find.

We broke the kiss and I went down on my knees. I looked up into his eyes as I undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. I pulled the zipper down and kissed his abdomen. I took both hands and pulled his pants down to his ankles and was staring at the longest cock I had ever seen and it still wasn’t fully hard yet.

I looked over at Jenny. She was wide eyed and said, “Better you than me.” He stepped out of his pants and I lay them aside.

I pulled him to me and started kissing his cock, then sucking the head into my mouth. His cock was getting harder all the time. I put my hands around his cock one on top of the other and still had a good 2 or 3 inches past my hands. That meant it was at least 9 inches long. I could get my fingers to touch so it had to be about an inch and a half in diameter. A good diameter to fuck, not fat enough to hurt anywhere I wanted it. I had been able to get cocks that size down my throat without any real problem, but the length might be a problem. I turned Robert so I could watch Jen and Bert while I enjoyed Robert’s cock.

Jenny was topless as I was, but we both still had on our miniskirts. She was also on her knees in the process of pulling down Bert’s pants. I heard her gasp as his cock came into view. She looked at me and shook her head. Bert’s cock wasn’t anywhere near as long as Robert’s – about eight inches – but it was fat; at least as large as a coke can maybe bigger. I was sure with time and a lot of patience and plenty of lube she could take it. After all, I had gotten my hand in her a few days ago but a narrow hand with a few bumps is a lot different than that cock. Over the years I had toys that big and several cocks that big or bigger, but you didn’t do them often and only on your own terms.

I wasn’t surprised when Jenny and Bert made their way over. The guys were standing next to each other. Jenny was doing her best to kiss and suck and jack Bert’s cock. I knew what she was trying to do, get him to cum and hope he wouldn’t be able to get it back up for a while, ‘good luck with that, girl’ I thought. Experience had taught me that big cocks usually were tough to get off.

I was working Robert’s cock into my mouth and lightly jacking it. I was bobbing my head to making it bang against the back of my mouth. I was trying to get my gag reflex to go away. Years ago I had it to the point with Jake that it was gone. I was close to that now. I took it out of my mouth, licked and slobbered over as much of Roberts cock as I could.

I sucked it back in and put my hands on Roberts hips so I could control what was going on. I exhaled deeply, relaxed my throat muscles, tilted my head and pulled on his hips forcing his cock down my throat. I worked my throat and tongue and stroked his cock in and out until I need air. I kept it in my mouth as I breathed several times then I did it again. I got it deeper this time so I used longer strokes, pulling it out of my throat but keeping it in my mouth. I breathed when it was out of my throat. As I got used to it at a depth I would move closer taking it deeper. I still had several inches to go but I was making progress. I had always gotten a secret thrill when I deep throated a guy and had his balls on my chin.

I could feel the end of his cock deep in my chest and I wanted it all but I was losing my ability to stroke it that deep. Robert sensed what I was doing and began to help by thrusting his hips to my rhythm. I took my hands off his hips, grabbed my boob with one and started rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy with the other. A couple of more times and I was up to his balls.

I got that thrill I was looking for; my pussy was throbbing right on the edge of a massive orgasm. Robert started, “I’m going to cum, I’m coming.”

As soon as I felt the first pulse I went deep to his balls and stopped and tried to swallow making my throat muscles massage his cock. I pinched my clit and nipple hard at the same time and then shoved four fingers into my pussy, sending me into my orgasm. It felt like Robert’s cum was squirting directly into my stomach. I came so hard my gut ached, my pussy clamped so hard it hurt, I know my boob would be bruised I had pinched it so hard. I was beginning to black out, I need air now. I closed my lips as tight as I could to get the last bit of his cum and fell away from him, milking him with tight lips as I fell away from his cock.

I was on my butt breathing thru my open mouth. I heard Jen say, “Oh my god, that was hot! How in the hell did you do that?”

“One more thing for me to teach you,” I said smiling.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she replied. “But for right now you have to teach me how to handle a cock this size. By the way, you sound like a truck driver”

“It will be OK in a day or so. Be a jewel and go get all of us a cold beer while I decide how we are going to satisfy Bert’s big cock – it will help my throat, too,” I said.

After we had downed the beer I walked back to Robert, stroked his cock and asked, “Is it done for or will it go another round?”

“A few more minutes and a little help and it will be back,” he replied.

I directed Bert to lie on the floor on his back and Jenny to get on one side. We started licking and sucking, getting it slick and wet.

I asked Jenny “Are you sure you don’t want to try it?”

“Let me stretch with the big toys and we can try in a couple of weeks, if that is alright,” she said.

“That is a good idea,” I replied.

“Sit on his face and let him suck you. I’m going to try cowgirl.” I straddled him and centered his cock and push back and down. I felt myself stretch and slowly take his cock. Two, then three, then four inches went in. I lifted then settled back down again – at 6 inches I felt it hit the opening to my cervix. I started rocking, riding the horse trying to get it all in. I was stretched to the limit; any more and I was sure it would rip me. Jen was facing me and I kissed her, reached for her breast and pinched her nipples as she pinched mine. I put more pressure on his cock. I felt it start into my cervix.

Robert put his cock between Jenny and me. We kissed it, licked it, sucked it all the while using any free hand to squeeze and pinch each others tits. I handed him the tube of lube I had used on Bert’s cock; he knew what I wanted. He put a glob on his fingers, leaned over and smeared it on my opening, then slipped a finger in, then another. He backed away from our mouths and I saw him run a trail of lube down his cock, then spread it to completely cover his cock. He went behind me and I felt another glob being administered to my anus.

His hand on my back told me to lean forward. I was now able to suck on Jen’s tits. I felt his cock touch my ass hole, then pressure. His cock was sliding in. Bert moaned; I knew he could feel it also. I felt him pull back some then push in harder. He did it again and again sliding more into me. Somewhere in all this I felt my cervix pop and I dropped the rest of the way down on Bert’s cock – all of it was in me now! I was firmly resting on his pubic bone. Robert kept sliding in and out of my ass.

I was ready to explode in an orgasm; my time was close. Jenny sounded like a race horse; I knew she was close. Suddenly I felt Robert’s balls slapping against me. He was picking up speed and grunting hard. Then we all started cuming – Jenny screamed into my mouth. From someone I heard “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder.” I felt Bert throb then I could feel his cum squirting in to me. Robert let out a groan and I felt him pumping his cum deep in my ass. Then it was over; we were finished – wiped out – exhausted. Bert and Robert dressed and left. Jenny and I hit the shower and the bed. I was going to be one hurting puppy in the morning. My throat, my pussy and my ass would all be sore.

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