Chapter 29

Wednesday morning I didn’t hear or feel Jen get up. I do remember kissing her good by as she left for work. I woke up around 10 and took another very hot shower. I could tell my pussy was still gaped some, my ass felt alright, but my gut felt like I had done 200 sit-ups. I did 15 minutes of kegel exercises then went down to the gym to limber up the muscles for half an hour. Then I did another 15 minutes of kegel exercises.

I dressed and went to Dover to Lawman Supplies to pick up the practice gear. We had two more weeks to put everything together. I figured we needed at least two full dress run through just to be safe. Jenny was picking up all the moves and throws as fast as anyone I had ever seen; she was a natural. The gear was better than I expected. The cheek and full body padding were great; no one would be expecting the finish that I was planning.

Jenny came home at four. We chatted a few minutes and went to the gym to work out and to try out the new gear. We worked out as we normally would for the first hour. Then Jen and I put on the complete training gear. I wanted to see just how much of a blow we could deliver to each other and not get hurt. I told her what I was going to do and to let me know immediately if the blows were too much. We went full bore for the next hour; some of the blows were delivered so hard that we were being knocked off our feet. Whatever material the body protection was made of was impressive at absorbing the blows.

At 6:30 we stopped and had a chef’s salad for supper and made small talk.

Jen said “Robert and Bert just went on and on about last night and want to do it again soon.”

I just laughed and said, “You have a lot of things to learn before that happens, girl. I don’t think I want two like that at the same time again. One of them is completely yours next time.”

“Yeah, I know and I want it to be that way,” she said.

At 6:45 my phone rang. It was a very distraught Lorrie. Her room mate had been called away to a family emergency for a couple of days. There was no one that she could bunk with. As if that wasn’t enough, a strange man had been on campus asking questions about her and several other girls this evening.

I asked Lorrie were she was at, “The security office” she said.

“You stay there. I will be there to pick you up – do not leave the office!” I told her.

I got an e-mail while I was talking to her. It was a complete report on the strange man including his photograph. He had left the campus in a rush when he was asked for an ID. I showed Jen the e-mail. Jen forward the mail to her office. Jen and I changed out of the sweats into something more appropriate. I also put on the shoulder rig for the 40 cal. and a light jacket to cover it up.

We took the Ford truck and made the trip in record time; that diesel would get the job done when you wanted it to. We walked into the security office to a mouthy local police officer there demanding to take Lorrie and the other girls that had been mentioned by the intruder downtown for interrogation. Jen backed out the door and was on the phone.

“That’s not going to happen,” I told him flat out in a very loud voice.

“Who the hell are you?” he demanded. “I’m in charge here,” he said.

” B.J. Jones chief of security” I replied.

“You are not in charge in here. If they are to be questioned it will be done here with a H.R. rep and our attorney present,” I said.

Jenny quietly came back into the room.

“I have my orders: you will get those ladies here immediately – they are going downtown with me,” he said.

“You need to call your duty officer and have him send the chief here,” I said.

“I don’t need to do anything of the like – I’m going to place you under arrest for interfering with an officer,” he said.

We heard the door open to see four state police officers walk in. One of them was a Major I recognized as the barracks commander; I had met him on my first day on the job.

“I’m looking for Officer Jenny Coles of the Governors Criminal Task Force,” he said.

Jenny said, “That would be me.”

“Officer Coles, I worked with your father years ago on some special cases. He is one of the good guys – you can tell him I said that. Now, what can I do for you? I have read the complaint from earlier today, is there a further problem?” he asked.

It was at this point that the local chief of police quietly came in. The office was getting full.

The local PO, who didn’t know his chief was standing in the corner, ran off his line of crap again – making a complete ass of himself in the process. I stated the college’s position that there would be no interrogation downtown and the terms of questioning happening here.

The Major looked at Jenny and asked “What is the position of the Governor’s task force?”

“I think interrogation is unnecessary in this case when a few simple questions will suffice. There is no need to intimidate these ladies with a trip downtown. What has been proposed should be more than satisfactory,” she replied.

Jenny’s phone rang. She took the call then interrupted the call to ask, “Email and fax number please?”

Then she continued with the call. The fax machine started printing off page after page. Jenny went to the machine and started looking at the papers while talking on her phone.

I heard her ask, “Who is the judge on duty?” then she said. “Have him sign them and fax them to me at the same number. We will wait on them; if there is a problem have him call me direct.”

A few minutes later the fax went off again. Jenny passed out the information on the intruder. He had a lengthy record including peeping tom, several assault charges, attempted rape and violence against women. He lived thirty minutes away; too far for the rapes to have been done there but may have been the accomplice.

The next set of papers she handed to the State Police Major with the following instructions. “Make the arrest then seal the property and place a guard on it. A special forensics team from Annapolis and the FBI will be here in the morning to go over it with a fine-tooth comb. Find his vehicle and do the same. At the very least he has violated probation by being on campus.”

The Major said, “Just like your dad; when something needs to be done, don’t be in the way.”

I reviewed the security tapes from the time, and made copies for all the departments involved. I asked if 7 tomorrow night would be a good time to question the students. Everyone agreed with that. On that, everyone left.

Lorrie came out of my office. I introduced her to Jenny. “Let’s go get you an overnight bag and go home,” I said.

We had a good ride home, the three of us making small talk, getting to know one another better the whole way. I put Lorrie’s bag in the spare bedroom.

We met in the hall Jenny said, “I want to work off some anger in the gym; will you work with me?”

“Yes, but full gear” I said “Lorrie can watch and referee,” I added.

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4 Responses to Chapter 29

  1. cindypress says:

    so are you getting a following now?

    • Goliath616 says:

      I’m a follower now, I started out reading Maxine’s New Life and passed over the Deputy and Sheriff Porter stories at first, but then got into them…I found the link to this story lately and thought to myself…”hmmm is this another good one to read?” and so far it has not been a disappointment (and don’t think it will be either)

      I like the way the story has been flowing, lucky for me it’s been here long enough to have a lot to read to catch up on.

  2. Joe H. says:

    Were ever you are cindpress – i hope you are never forgotten.

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