Chapter 30

We suited up completely in the protective padding, including hand protection. For the next hour we tried to beat the living crap out of each other. We both landed some excellent hits; without the protective gear anyone on the receiving end would have been in a world of hurt. We took a water break and then did a rehearsal of some of the things I wanted to incorporate in the rape prevention seminar.

After we had finished Lorrie said, “You two play for keeps! I have never seen anything like that in real life. To be hit hard enough to be kicked off your feet and still be able hit back – wow – I thought that kind of stuff was only movie magic.”

Jen said “BJ was a self defense instructor in the Marines; she has been teaching me how to take care of myself and we can teach you some of the moves if you like.”

“I would like to try to learn some of these things. Before I was raped I was Captain of the girl’s field hockey team and the girls championship lacrosse team at the college. After the rape I didn’t feel worthy any more and felt that everyone was pointing, talking and snickering about me behind my back. I can’t get comfortable in front of a group of people any more,” Lorrie said.

“You can come here and spend the weekend, and Jenny can start by teaching you the basics. After I get up I will work with both of you till I have to go to work,” I said. “In the meantime I am beat; it has been a long and a tough day. Let’s go upstairs and have a cold beer out on the deck to unwind.”

We stopped by the refrigerator. I grabbed a Bud Lite for myself and a Miller Lite for Jen.

I asked Lorrie “Bud, Miller lite or wine cooler?”

“I’ll have a Bud light,” she replied.

I flipped the cover back on the hot tub and hit the controls. “Temp 101, just where I like it,” I said.

Jen and I stripped off and hit the open shower on the deck to wash the sweat off, before we got in the tub. I gave her a quick soap up and she did the same to me.

I was watching Lorrie to see what she was going to do. She finally started to undress by the time I was done with Jen. As Jen stepped out I motioned for her to step in. I soaped her backside from her neck to her ankles and gave her a playful swab between the cheeks with the soapy fuzzy ball. She turned around and I repeated to process including a quick swat at her mound.

She said “I see you two like the smooth look.”

“Yep; feels better, looks better, and is more fun, especially when we shave each other,” I replied.

“I worry about cutting myself,“ Lorrie said.

“One of us will be glad to shave it for you if you like; all you have to do is ask,” I said as I winked at her, to that she just gave a little smile.

We joined Jenny in the tub, sipping on the beer, relaxing in the wonderful hot water. We talked about our day tomorrow. The three of us were going to the college in the morning. Lorrie needed to be there for school and the questioning that was to happen at 7 AM. The HR rep and the college attorney had this confirmed by e-mail. Jenny was going to participate in the search of the suspect’s property.

Lorrie expressed her fears about being interviewed and was visibly upset; I reassured her that I would be with her the whole time and that she would be fine. Her smile at that was welcomed. There was no way I wanted her upset.

After forty five minutes we got out of the tub. Jen and I always made a playful task out of drying each other; we included Lorrie this time. We had a small closet inside of the door to the deck where we kept beach towels for the tub. I had added a pile of over-grown tee-shirts of all descriptions not long after I started staying here. I gave one to Lorrie and Jenny as well as one for myself. Most were mid-thigh; they was great for just lying around after time in the tub or hitting the outside shower after work or play outside. I also had a few that were cutoff that just covered the boobs if I wanted to set the mood for fun. We sat around and made small talk for another hour. We exchanged ideas, thoughts, feelings, expressed our likes, dislikes and learned a lot more about each other. At ten we decided that we needed to get to bed; tomorrow was going to be a long day, especially for me.

I needed to be at the college at seven for the interviews plus I was scheduled to work. It would be a twenty four hour stretch for me, nothing that I had not done a thousand times in the last four years but I still wasn’t looking forward to it.

I showed Lorrie to the other spare bedroom across the hall from ours. I also showed her that Jen and I were across the hall and that we slept with the door open so that if she needed anything she would know where to find us.

Jen and I sat on the bed naked, listening to the news to see if anything had hit the news cycle about the college. No news wasn’t necessarily good news we thought. While we were sitting there Lorrie stepped in the door and began thanking us for all we were doing for her. I patted the bed as an invitation for her to join us, as she came to the bed she removed the over-grown tee shirt.

She said “I just want to be one of the girls when I’m around you.”

She thanked us repeatedly. We expressed how happy we were to be able to be there for her and to help her. She gave both of us big hugs and a kiss on the cheek and said” Good night.”

Jenny and I both chimed in that the door was open if she needed anything, along with, “Good night, we love you, sweet dreams”.

Lorrie stopped in the door and turned around, her eyes filled with tears – the dam had burst.

She ran to us and threw her arms around us, sobbing. “That’s the first time anyone has said I love you to me since I was raped. I love you, I love you” sobbing tears flowing like a river.

She was hugging us both, kissing our cheeks and crying, sobbing, “I love you, I love you.” We were crying and sobbing, hugging her and saying, “We love you”.

An hour later, emotionally drained Jen and I walked Lorrie (with our arms around her) to her room. With final hugs and kisses on the cheek we tucked her into bed and told her again we loved her.

Jen and I got into bed. Jen said, “If I catch that son of a bitch, he is not going to be alive to make it to interrogation.”

I said, “I don’t know who was in charge of her therapy after her rape, but they didn’t know what they were doing and should have their license revoked”.

Some time during the night I got up to pee, I had just gotten comfortable with my arm around Jen when I felt the bed move and a naked female body spoon up to me, putting her arm around me. I took the hand, brought it to my lips, and gave it several kisses. Lorrie squeezed me tight and snuggled even closer. We all slept peacefully the rest of the night.

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